I’Ve been testing this fully yesterday that’s the ln mbbs really difficult name. The model type is p 401, it has a really nice screen. It has high resolution of 1920 by 1200, full hd or even a little bit more. It has an octa core cpu, three gigabytes ram 64 gigabytes. Rom has two cameras and fast wi, fi, bluetooth, large battery everything is included currently it’s only around 130 dollars. You can see it comes even with this nice case here, which you can use as a stand. The stand is just a little bit wrong, designed or i’m using it wrong because there’s the buttons on the side here down and not on the top, but maybe we can change that. I don’t know. So almost everything is really good. I’M, not doing a full review here, i’m, just going to show you a quick game play and just very few things here. What i wanted to show you is this thing here, which is a disadvantage here: yeah i’m, on the wrong side. Here we have to speak because we have actually two speakers – i guess it’s stereo, but and we have one left and one right as long as you’re holding it like this. But when you’re holding the tablet like this in front of you, then both of the speakers are on this side. This is a little bit of a disadvantage, of course, but it’s still better than a lot of tablets which have the speakers down here and when you have this tablet on your lap, then it’s totally blocking the speaker outlet.

So i prefer this thing here and you have this 3.5 millimeter check that’s somewhere here that you can use for headphones. Yeah i’ve seen it here yeah, i think it’s here at the corner, so we can use that and have full stereo, and it has everything, and the very, very good and important thing is here that it’s not a fake tablet. A lot of these tablets in this price range are fake, and this is not fake. I’Ve been testing this here, i’ve been testing cpu the ram that everything – and it has been confirming everything i mean it – has only 64 gigabytes of rom. So you have to be a little bit careful what you install. You cannot install 100 games, but still 64 gigabytes, i would say, it’s decent. It has three gigabytes of ram and it has confirmed everything there’s, nothing which has failed and also very important. It has a full android, 10 version, which is not faked. This is really important. A lot of these cheap tablets have faked, android versions have faked ram and rom and everything, and we can change the whole control to gesture. You can see you can control everything without these silly buttons here and it’s really fast. Also for browsing. We can see a little bit of news here. You can see how fast this is. It’S loading really fast, usually really really interesting, and also gaming works really good. I’Ve been testing the geekbench 5 also, it is not a very fast cpu.

I have to tell you, but it is about uh on a 50 level over helio p 90, which is still really good and it’s performing overall everything really really good. I mean the camera. Is very limited, i’ve been shooting couple of images. Yes, the midi camera is very fast. Can show you a couple of images from yesterday, but the focus is not really good. It has a lot of fork and these things. So here you have a couple of images from yesterday and you can see i mean you can make pictures it’s really fast, but there’s a lot of fork uh, especially depending on the light. The front camera i mean the face. Camera is pretty good. It’S it’s it’s about on the same level as the rear camera and it can be used for the face detection, it’s doing a pretty good job for face detection uh. As long as you have enough light, i mean you can make picture, but it’s not really good. One it’s more like for browsing, email and a little bit for gaming and there’s. One last thing which i wanted to show you before. We start the gaming that’s, the gps test and i’ve been testing this yesterday already, and it has even found a gps fix here inside inside this home. We have normal ceiling and then we have the normal roof on top of that, and it got a nice gps fix here inside you can see it’s still trying i’m, not waiting till it cut, gets the fix, but outside it’s really no problem super fast.

If you want to use that, for no navigation could also work so let’s, go then to the gaming here i’m trying the asphalt 8 here. Of course, loading takes quite some time here, but there’s also an option usually for a quick game, and this can be loaded without within a couple of seconds only so here we have the game. We click on play here to show you i’m just doing a quick solo race here. Let’S. Do this thing here, cliff top. I hope we can do that. Yeah everything, the the loading i would say for for the tablet, and this price range is still pretty pretty good and there are almost no legs. This is amazing here. So let’s start with this thing, and you get already an impression how good this thing is. So let’s start here. Applause i mean i’m. Definitely not a good driver just want to show you a little bit the graphics here and that there’s, absolutely no legs or so yeah i’m really bad. Here. I hope i can catch up a little bit. This disguise here and stay in front of the camera that’s a little bit difficult here to concentrate here on everything, but i think you get the point you can see how good this is with these detailed graphics. Here this is really amazing. I mean this is almost like playing on a pc. I mean it’s, not an i7. Also, but let’s say you want to buy this for you, or especially as a gift, it’s really important, then to buy something which is not disappointing.

I mean there are so many fake tablets here now i miss this thing. I’M super slow. There are so many fake tablets and when you buy something – and it turns out it’s a fake tablet, everything is fake, the rom the ram, the android version, and then they cannot install uh all the latest tools and games it’s, so disappointing, and this won’t happen with This uh tablet here because it’s absolutely no fake, i mean i haven’t found anything. It has uh passed. The fake testing with absolutely no findings is absolutely amazing. In this price range, and – and i would say this is quite some tough competition yeah. Now i hate this thing here this quite some tough competition, even into the mid range, where we have some lenovo and some dragon touch. I mean i’ve been testing a couple of these things too, and usually they are even much slower than that. I don’t know how they managed to do that here: it’s, pretty amazing how this thing is performing. So this is my buying tip. Definitely in this price range, absolutely no question about that and i’ll put down the link to the amazon listing down into the description. So you can check it out or the drive from there if you like it and i hope i’ve been able to help you a little bit with this video.