This is the 8500l by db power. I want to thank the guys at db power for sending this over to review on the channel it’s. Currently 260 bucks on amazon, but there’s. Currently, a 30 off coupon, so i’ll leave a link in the description of the video with current pricing and more information don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel. If you haven’t already, it really does help the channel out and making more videos. Just like this one, so this is going to work with just about any smartphone laptop pc, dvd tv, ps4 or other gaming and streaming devices, and this one is 1080p native resolution. It’S also 8500 lumen, with 10 0001 contrast, it’s adjustable from a 50 inch screen. All the way up to 300 i’m, pretty sure that’s, the largest i’ve had on the channel. It also has wireless wi fi screen mirroring for ios android ipad, and it also has four point keystone correction, and it also has built in dual stereo speakers. So let’s go ahead and open it up and see what we’ve got so here’s your power cord. You also get an hdmi cable with this one, so that’s nice to see audio and video adapter and then, of course, the user manual and warranty information Music. You also get a pretty small, remote control here, probably similar size to my fire tv, remote, pretty nice fabric material. Here on the top. I know this seems to be pretty popular with projectors nowadays definitely makes it look.

Nicer. You’Ve also got the controls right on the fabric material sort of has like a rubber coating on it. You’Ve got your power button exit, key, okay or enter, and then up down, left and right here on the front you got a cover for the lens right in the middle. Is your infrared, remote sensor and your adjustable foot here on the side is where you focus the lens and then you’ve got the air filter and then on. The other side is just some ventilation, and then there in the back, is where you plug the power in another remote sensor: two usb ports, a headphone, jack audio video jack and the built in speaker, and then you can see the feed on the bottom. Stick out a little bit with the rubber pads and then just like a lot of projectors out there. You can just pop off the little rubber feet on the bottom. If you want to mount this to a ceiling on the remote control, you’ve got most of your typical stuff, such as power source direction, buttons menu home page, your volume controls there’s, a mute button, there’s also a button to flip the screen play pause, directional buttons and Then return previous and next now that we’ve got most the basics covered let’s go ahead and get this connected. Let’S go ahead and try this out on a few different devices and of course we got ta test some gaming on here.

Okay, so once you get this hooked up, you can see the screen with all the lights on, but that’s not really ideal for a projector like this. Once you turn all the lights off, everything is nice and vibrant. The home screen setup is actually pretty simple and straightforward: you’ve got the ios cast for apple devices and mirrorcast for android. Now you can only use those once you connect to wi fi, then you’ve got four shortcuts here for movie music photo and office suite. However, if you go to click on those it’ll pop up saying you need a usb drive in order to read from then up in the corner. You have your settings, which includes wi fi settings, projection image, setting where you can adjust orientation of the screen. Keystone adjustment and digital zoom you’ve also got language system update other setting, which currently is on standby, for your power on option and then you’ve got about. On your left hand, side of the home screen is where you get your inputs, such as hdmi, 1 hdmi 2, and then your av output overall it’s, a really nice simple setup. That makes it easy to access pretty much everything you would need, but what’s really important on a home. Projector is what does the image quality look like well, i’ve got to say this thing really surprised me. I tested out a few different games on the nintendo switch streaming apps on the new google chromecast, and i could tell right away.

This thing looks really good in person i mean at first glance you would think you’re just watching a large tv. You can see how good the image looks in this video here, but it definitely looks better in person and i’ve just got it on my wall here about 100 to 110 inches. So you can imagine how good it looks once you use this on an actual screen. Not only is this great for watching movies or youtube videos, but it’s also really good for hooking up tablets, ipads or even your phone for a presentation. The text on here looks nice and crisp, and you can even hook up a bluetooth controller to play mobile games on and all of this without any noticeable lag. I used an hdmi at a usbc adapter here, which should work on an ipad or android device. So i’ll leave a link in the description for this specific one in case you’re interested fan. Noise on this one is pretty minimal, in my opinion, compared to the other projectors i’ve tested and the speaker on the back of this is nice and loud with pretty good clarity, even at higher volumes, Music, there’s, so many options when it comes to projectors and this One is nice and compact, so it’s pretty easy to take with you, even though they don’t include a case. I reviewed a handful of projectors on the channel and i can honestly say this is one of the best ones i’ve tested, so whether you’re looking to create a home theater in your basement or, if you’re, just wanting to add some fun to your game room.

I could even see this being used in a bedroom to replace your tv if you’re looking for a smaller projector that you can take with you or you just want to use it. Your house, you should definitely put this one by db power on your list. Music skills, Music, Music, gotcha Music, so if you’ve made it this far into the video, you may want to say thanks by subscribing and don’t forget to give a thumbs up. If this video was helpful, this is brian from fishbee productions.