But unfortunately, you then also went and buggered your phone by dousing it in white lightning or dropping it in your pint of book. Fast whoopsies. Well, never fear, because in 2021 youve got a tiny choice of budget friendly smartphones that are well worth seeking out. Motorola oppo nokia, among many others, offer slick, shiny, slabs, boasting brilliant life, flexible camera, setups and enough grunt to blaze through games like pubg and call of duty for a budget under 200 pounds. Now, ive personally been reviewing as many of these budget friendly smartphones. As i can fit into my pants and so heres, my roundup of the best budget smartphones that will cost you under 200 quid right now in summer 2021 and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers. So one of the best cheapie phones, youll, find at this price point is motorolas moto g30, a handset that both solid specs and a slick clean version of android. As far as luck score, the moto g30 sure in anything special like most budget phones. This is another plastic blower offering little in the way of frills or flare, although it is at least splash resistant. If you have yourself a bit of an accident and what you get here is a very lovable stock, android experience, which has been bolstered by a shed load of bonus, motorola features stuff that we all know and love like that.

Excellent karate chop, torch effort and lots of gesture controls as well. The 6.5 inch ips screen is unfortunately, only a 720p res effort, so its not exactly supremely crisp, but those visuals are reasonably punchy and youve got a 90 hertz refresh. So everything looks buttery smooth the snapdragon 662 chipset can handle fast paced games like call of duty, mobile and mod rollers, dedicated gaming mode can manage resources out of sight and block pesky notifications from buggering up your concentration that five thousand milliamp battery means the model g30. Will keep on going all day long, even with plenty of screen on time, no matter what youre up to basically and also the camera tech is very respectable for this price point that 64 megapixel primary sensor does typically struggle in strong or low light, but it can Otherwise, snap some very decent, looking picks of the fam, although the video mode does top off at full hd resolution and all of the other features that youd really hope would be on board the moto g30. But you wouldnt necessarily expect this sort of price point are present and correct. So youve got nfc for your contactless payments. Youve got a good headphone jack action and youve got micro, sd expandability. So you can boost that storage when needed. So all in all couple of little issues aside like the 720p display, this is a very tasty package for a budget friendly price. Another option at this price point is the moto g50, which, unlike the g30, boasts full 5g support, but it does also strip back some of the specs to keep the ascon price under 200 quid.

So this time around, instead of a 600 series, snapdragon youve got a snapdragon 480 chipset running the show thats fine for your everyday shenanigans. Although you will notice some little slow down here and there, such as, for instance, when youre booting up the camera app. You also get a simpler 48 megapixel primary shooter plus less storage than the g30, although at least both mode rollers support micro, sd expandability. Besides those grumbles, many of the other features are the same as the g30 from the 90 hertz 720p display to the 5 000 milliamp battery and you get that same clean android experience. Although dont expect updates to come flying in one of the only real problems with motorola smartphones is theyre generally, not very well supported in the long term. So if youre, hoping for lots of os and security updates, youre generally waiting a bit longer than you would do from some rivals like nokia as long as you dont mind that too much then theres lots to love about motorola smartphones, especially the askin price, and actually For under 200 pounds theres another modal blow, you can bag yourself in summer 2021, the moto g9 plus, which is a bit more of an oldie but still a goldie. This is another plastic blower with a stock, android experience and an ips screen this time. A flipping massive 6.8 incher with a sharper full hd plus resolution and a hearty squirt of hdr 10 plus support, although, unlike the g30 and the g50, there is no variable refresh rate performance is pretty smooth.

Thanks to the snapdragon 730g chipset, with qualcomms, capable adreno, 618 gpu and motos gaming tools making for very satisfying gaming experience its once again a 5 000 milliamp battery, which again can keep you going all day long, even with plenty of screen on time. Thanks to that efficient 700 series, snapdragon chipset and like the other modules, the g30 and the g50 once again get a headphone jack. You got your nfc support and yeah that tasty bit of micro sd action too. This package is rounded off by a perfectly respectable 64 megapixel primary camera, backed by an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle effort, just like the g30 plus youve got some macro and depth sensor, shenanigans, all perfectly fine for everyday shooting, even in fairly testing conditions, and if the Sound of motorolas motor g9 plus didnt, quite butter, your muffin well maybe check out the mortal g9 power instead, its another hand, filling 6.8 inch plastic blower that lacks thrills and excitement, but more than makes up for it with respectable specs performance is reasonably dependable. Thanks to the snapdragon 662 platform, backed by four gigs of ram, you can even get stuck into some like gaming if you want to blow off some steam by blowing off someone elses face where the moto g9 power really shines is the excellent battery life, the other Mode of the smartphones are very, very good, with their 5 000 milliamp cells, the power ups that to 6 000 milliamps.

So, if you go away for an entire weekend, you dont want to bother packing your charger. No worries and this model is fine for media streaming too. Although the ips screen drops from full hd to 720p resolution, while the stereo speaker setup has also been cold, but thankfully not the headphone jack. Meanwhile, that triple ns rear camera, spearheaded by a 64 megapixel sensor, is unsurprisingly limited and you lose the plus models. Eight megapixel ultrawide angle effort. Although the moto g9 power can still take good, looking picks in respectable lighting, helped along by the ai smarts now another brand that offers straight laced stock android smartphones is nokia this time with the added benefit of regular, dependable os and security updates, and the nokia 5.4 Is definitely one youll want to check out at this sort of price point at around 150 ish quid in summer 2021., this 6.4 inch smartphone suffers from standard nokia tropes like the fat lip harbor and some needless brandon plus that always pointless assistant button, but this dusk Model is rather fetching in a moody, emo kind of way. Thankfully, the nokia 5.4 has now been updated to android 11 and youve got a good bit of android 12 action to look forward to later in 2021 or possibly early 2022, depending on just how quickly nokia gets its skates on with that one plus youve got three Years of security updates look forward to as well, which is rather reassuring.

Youve got nfc support here in the uk and dual sim support, plus a separate microsd slot to expand the storage. Meanwhile, that ips screen is a mere 720p panel, but its fine for streaming youtube on browsing the old internet power and precedence is the snapdragon 662 chipset again and once again this is fine for gaming on the go while the 4 000 milliamp battery is near impossible To drain in a single day, unless you really punish this thing and slap there on the back end of the nokia 5.4 youve got a 48 megapixel primary camera sensor. This proves absolutely fine for shoes and everyday photos. Although the video quality was a bit of a mess, lots of focal pop and other issues, so if you want a smartphone to shoot lots of horror, movies of the kiddie winks or whatever, i would definitely say, look elsewhere now, one possible alternative, also from nokia, is The nokia g20, which i havent unfortunately had the chance to test out yet but 135 quid. It does sound like a fairly solid budget, offering the nokia g20 sports a 6.517 inch display yeah thats right 6.517 inches precisely thats nokia, going into full on teenage lad. Measuring his thingy mode right there, its a 720p panel, not full hd, sadly, and the g20 – is powered by a mediatek helio, g35 chipset, which seems to be all right for simple everyday use. The nokia g20 5050 milliamp battery is a match for most budget rivals, while the quad lens rear camera is headlined by a 48 megapixel main sensor, with a simple eight megapixel, selfie cam up front supposed to say.

Sadly, i havent had the chance to personally test out the nokia g20 just yet, but hopefully soon make sure you pop subscribe and ding that notifications bell to see that hot content when it goes live. But if youre looking for a nice, simple stock, android experience for everyday shenanigans like messaging stuff, like that youre not gon na, want to lead too heavy on the likes of the camera and youre. Certainly not gon na want to do any gaming or anything. Then it looks like the g20 might be a respectable option. Personally, though, id probably rather grab myself an oppo a53, which costs as little as 130 quid right now. This phone is a proper superstar, offering a smooth everyday experience, two days of battery life and the standard stuff like nfc and expandable storage that displays a mere hd one once more, but its not bad at all for kicking back with some youtube or whatever and impressively Youve got a 90 hertz max refresh for it too, not to mention a stereo speaker, setup and strong audio chops. However, its not all good news, oppo is being very sore with the android update and, of course not, everyone will get on with the color os launcher. As well, which is quite a big fat, heavy one sat there on top of android design. Some great features, but also can be rather clunky in places the a53 snapdragon, 460 chipset and 120 hertz touch response rate means i stood a reasonable chance against the hordes of unwashed school kids when stumbling my way through online slog fests and that 13 megapixel primary camera Does a decent job of daily snaps, certainly for this asking price now, next up in this roundup of the best budget smartphones costing under 200 quid is the excellent poco x3 pro from xiaomi and yes, admittedly, the standard price for the poco x3 pro is just over 200 quid, but xiaomi regularly puts on sales where it dips to just a nat pube under that price tag and its well worth waiting out and grabbing it.

When you see it at that sort of discounted price, the poco x3 pro is essentially a reinvigorated, updated version of the original poco x3 nfc from last year. The main update being a massive performance boost courtesy of the snapdragon 860 chipset that is packed inside, so the poko x3 pro can handle everything you want even a bit against an impact on low to medium settings that 6.67 inch full hd, plus ips display, can pump Out sharp visuals and reasonably punchy colours, plus the adaptive refresh rate maxes out at 120, hertz theres, a decent stereo speaker, setup, plus a headphone, jack and reliable bluetooth streaming as well. When you want to go wireless youve got nfc support for your contactless payments. Youve got a responsive edge, mounted fingerprint sensor. Youve got all day battery life. Basically everything you could bloody well need, and i really like the pokos 48 megapixel main camera sensor, which captures short pictures of even the most squirmy of subjects, as well as respectable 4k footage. In fact, beyond the slightly garish design, theres not really much to dislike about the poko x3 pro its proper lush, of course not everyone will get on with xiaomis miui 12 launcher, which is still very divisive indeed, its quite a heavy launcher throws in quite a lot Of great bonus features, but it can also be a little bit quirky at times, shall we say and theres generally a lot of crap wear stuffed onto poko and xiami smartphones too.

You also dont have the added reassurance of the guaranteed updates the os updates from the security updates of those nokia smartphones, but as long as you can put up with all of that, then theres a lot to love about the poco x3 pro. As far as the hardware and everything goes, if you find your budgets a little bit too tight to stretch up to that poco x3 pro well, an alternative option, thats a lot cheaper – is the poco m3 pro 5g, which just freshly launched here in the uk. This serves up another highly respectable and slightly smaller 6.5 inch, ips screen, plus headphone jack and reliable bluetooth support, so media fans will love it, especially when streaming video over a 5g network gaming is certainly possible as well. Thanks to the dimensionless 700 platform, which adds that 5g connectivity, while a 5000mah battery means all day play no worries at all, weve got another 48 megapixel primary. A camera sensor slapped on the back of the poco m3 pro 5g as well, and this is decidedly limited when the conditions on grid, but otherwise absolutely fine for just simple everyday snaps and horror, movies and yeah. There are definitely a few quirks to this pocket smartphone. As well as youd expected this sort of budget, a price point again so go check out my full in depth. Review for all. You need to know now before i bugger right off id, also like to throw a bit of love at the realme 8 5g, which these days summer 2021.

You can pick up for just a shade under 200 quid and it offers some pretty respectable specs for that price, including, of course, a good bit of 5g support again, as the name kind of heavily suggests. The real me 85g isnt, as fully featured as the nifty realme 8 pro, but that mediatek dimensionally 700 chipset makes for respectable performance. Youve got a 90 hertz ips screen, which is slick and sharp, and that long lasting battery life means zero stress when youre out and about again check out my unboxing for a full tour of this blower and ive got videos live here on techspa with all of These budget blows, except for the nokia g20, as i mentioned earlier, hopefully going to cover that one soon. So definitely if any of them uh, particularly butted. Your muffins then definitely go check those out and its perfectly possible to get a handful of other budget smartphones for under 200 pounds right now. In 2021, for instance, samsung offers a selection on the likes of amazon and its very old website as well. But whatever you do steer clear of the samsung galaxy a12, it may look very enticing with its low asking price in sort of all right specs, but it is very, very clunky and just generally annoying so anyway thats my pick up the best budget smartphones. You can grab for under 200 pounds right now in the uk, but if i missed out youre, not particularly famous, if you include me in down in the comments below please do plug subscribe and ding.