If you plan on traveling or maybe youre, somebody that just doesnt have the space to be able to game on a massive gaming pc because you might live in a small apartment or dorm and just cant find a place to fit that massive gaming box inside the Door and for many of us, the thought of getting a gaming laptop can be quite a daunting task, as the cost of trying to afford one can have us falling back on our gaming chairs and seeing those thousand dollar price points. Well. Not to worry because today were going to be going over the top three most popular budget gaming laptops which will allow you to still play all your favorite games, but without breaking your bank starting off on our list. We have the acer aspire. 5.. The user aspire. 5 comes packed with the latest amd ryzen 3 3350u, which delivers desktop class performance and has an amazing battery life and a slim. Notebook with precision boost youll be getting up to 3.5 gigahertz for your highly demanding applications, making it no matter where you are and what you throw at it. The acer aspire 5 will be able to handle it all. You will be able to see everything on screen on a stunning 15.6 inch, full hd display with 82.58 screen to body ratio, a 16 by 9 aspect ratio and narrow bezels, giving you the most full and immersive experience that you could have with a laptop.

What is super nifty as well is that the backlit keyboard and fingerprint reader, which is built into the acer aspire 5, will give you amazing security protection thanks to the biometric fingerprint reader and windows, hello, sign in options so as to keep your acer pc secure inside Youll also find a whole four gigabytes of ddr4 onboard memory. A 128 gigabyte nve solid state drive with one hard drive bay available to be able to store all your files and media and be able to have a solid experience, while working or playing that will handle whatever you throw at it. And what is also super cool is acers purified voice technology that features enhanced digital signal processing to cancel out background noise, improved speech, accuracy and far field pickup, which only makes calls clearer but makes talking to alexa easier than ever before. Now you wont have to sound like youre muffled in a tunnel or be unable to hear somebody on a video call. Thanks to this amazing feature, not to mention that youre going to be getting a secure operating system with windows, 10 home s mode. That comes with advanced security features built right in like protection against phishing and malicious software. So that way you dont think twice when navigating to a new web page or downloading an app by the way todays sponsor is total av. Total av is consistently the top choice to protect all your household devices, computers, laptops and smartphones from any sort of viruses, malware and hackers.

You can check the description of our full review along with an exclusive 80 discount if youre interested next up on our list. We have the asus vivobook 15., coming in with a 15.6 inch, full hd display a 4 way nano edge bezel display with a stunning 88 screen to body ratio. Youre gon na be able to see everything in stunning high quality, no matter if youre, watching your faves series or playing your favorite games, youre going to be getting amazing, visuals each and every time plus the asus vivobook 15 comes compatible with google classroom and can run. Google classroom on microsoft, edge or internet explorer 11 with ease all thanks to the latest 10th gen intel core i3 processor, which has 4 megabytes of cash and up to 3.4 gigahertz speeds, along with a full 8 gigabytes of ddr4 ram and 128 gigabytes of nvme m2 Ssd youll be able to do it all with the asus vivobook 15, without having a hitch in any program that youre on not to mention that the ergonomically backlit keyboard with fingerprint sensor activated via windows. Hello is perfect to be able to see in low light settings, along with being able to give you that added security so as to keep any prying eyes away from your personal info. Thanks to the exclusive ergo, lift design, youre going to be helping yourself and your posture have a more ergonomical typing position, assisting you in being able to have less strain on your hands and wrists when typing.

Now, if youve got a lot of media that you need to use while on the go, the asus vivobug15 comes with multiple comprehensive connections, including usb 3.2 type c, usb 3.2 type, a usb 2.0 and hdmi all while having super fast internet with their gigabit wi fi. Five and with windows, 10 homes edition, which comes equipped on the laptop youre, going to be getting the most advanced security features built right in like protection against phishing and malicious software. So that way, you dont have to think about navigating to a new web page or downloading an app last and most certainly not least, we have the lenovo chromebook flex 5.. Now, if youre looking for the latest in high tech laptops that will absolutely having you feel like youre from the future, then you need to look no further than the lenovo chromebook flex. 5. lenovos 13.3 inch ideapad flex, 5. Chromebook is honestly just so cool in so many ways, because its also a two in one laptop, which doubles as a tablet with the flex 5 youre getting a larger display, a full size, backlight keyboard and better everyday performance. With its 10th gen core i3 processor, and while most chromebooks that are similar to the flex, 5 typically have smaller, displays all plastic bodies and slower processors. The larger 13.3 inch display, combined with the 10th gen core i3 processor, helps to make a big difference when scrolling through learning sites or just whenever.

You need more of your work or game on the screen. All at once, plus youll be getting a super, helpful, usi or universal stylus initiative, pin, which is enabled that works well and will have you wondering why you didnt have this sooner? The keyboard is comfortable with a pleasing snappiness to it, plus its backlit, which is something you dont find on most other models in this range. The touchpad has minimal lag and is just big enough to not feel like its super cumbersome, but its large enough to really feel like a full screen. Computer, the lenovo chromebook flex 5, does come with 4 gigabytes of memory, which wont be giving you any sluggishness. While you work or play streaming, videos or music or doing basic photo editing as well. The lenovo chromebook flex 5s battery life is pretty solid too coming in at 11 hours and 22 minutes when streaming practically non stop, but for more typical work and play use its expected to get you around seven to eight hours, but as with anything else, that all Depends on how hard youre gon na work or play so there you have it folks. Those are our top three picks for the most popular budget gaming laptops, which one do you want to go out and dominate the gaming space with it, while not having your money. Get burned up and are there any budget laptops that we missed that you think should have been on our list.

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