As always, all the links to all the products mentioned in this video will be in the description down below. We always keep the description up to date with information we might not get a chance to mention in this video. We also update the description down below with links to find the best price on each product, so for the most up to date, information along with updated pricing, be sure to check out that description, Music, HP, touchscreen computer, the standout feature of the HP laptop is its 15.6 inch touchscreen HD webcam, with integrated digital microphone for school, professional, Small Business, Online class and zoom. This laptop has excellent Wi Fi connectivity and has integrated Bluetooth to link with compatible wireless devices. It also has a three in one design: stylus, which has a ballpoint pen, a USB flash drive and stylus pen. It has an AMD ryzen, 5 super fast processor, 8 gigabytes of ddr4 RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage users can upgrade it when they need it. This laptop comes with Windows, 11, home foreign, Music, newest Lenovo, Flex, 5.. The standout feature of the newest Lenovo Flex 5, is its 14 inch full HD, IPS touchscreen energy, efficient wled display with a 360 degree hinge. This feature allows you to use your laptop as a tablet performing two functions in one device. This laptop has excellent Wi Fi connectivity and has integrated Bluetooth 4.2 to link with compatible wireless devices. It has USB 3.

1 USB 3.1 type, a and a headphone speaker out Jack. It only weighs 3.63 pounds, so you can carry it with you. It also comes with a built in HD webcam for online classes, meetings and conferences. Halfway of our list, we bring you more products whether you need the best of the best or just the most affordable option will relay all these items, for you stay tuned: Music, foreign, Music. Thank you, foreign, Music, Applause, Music. Thank you, Music, foreign Music. Thank you. Music Applause, Music, foreign, Music, foreign Music, thank you, Music, foreign, Music, foreign Music. Thank you, Music! Thank you.