As you see, i have a box. I have ordered this from Inside it is Lenovo 300 FHD Webcam In today’s video. We will unboxing and review it as well as see using it.. Apart from this, we will also see this webcam by comparing it with Logitech C922, But before starting the video, If you haven’t, subscribed to our channel yet So subscribe it so that you can get the notification of our new videos first.. So let’s start the video first of all open it. This Lenovo webcam comes in such a packaging. Product image is shown here, and here is the Lenovo branding. All its details are given on the back side of the box.. Its model number is 300 FHD webcam, Its MRP is Rs.5310, but This time you will get it on Amazon for Rs.2700, So let’s open it and see how this Lenovo webcam is Music. This is its user manual. All the details are given How you have to install it, how you have to use it all these details are given in this user manual, And this is its warranty card 3 years. Warranty is given on this webcam. This is Lenovo 300 FHD, webcam, Lenovo’s branding is shown here. It looks great. Its quality is also good. You will get it in two color variants: Black and Gray.. This is a full HD webcam. You can do live streaming from it at 1080p, 30 fps. You can also do video recording It has a dual stereo microphone in built.

Stereo microphone is provided, And here is its power indicator. This LED will blink when connect it, and this is its lens, and the coolest thing is. We are also given a cover over the lens when you’re not using it, Then you can cover it in such a way that dust will not go on the lens. You can easily mount this web cam on your monitor or laptop. Here’s a great mechanism, And here it is cushion on both sides. Due to this, your monitor or laptop will not be scratched. Great grip found its excellent quality. Apart from this, the best part is that you can also mount it on a tripod.. There is also an option to mount it on a tripod.. Apart from this, you can also use it by keeping it on your desk. Webcam wire length too long and quality is also good. It is also very easy to use. We have to connect it directly on our USB port.