If you’re looking for a cheap windows, 10 oem license, then look no further. Bobkeys.Com is a website where you can purchase all sorts of keys and licenses for very affordable prices with a tech notice discount you’ll be able to get the windows 10 pro license 25 off to purchase the license. Click on the link in the description or search for windows 10 license on warpkeys.com, then add the product to the card and press proceed. Checkout, remember to add the 25 discount code and complete the order once you have the license. Key click here here paste in the license and you’re all done check out porpkys.com in the description below so recently, i created apollo on my youtube channel and asked like what are the most important features that you want for your motherboard when making the creator pc and Looks like over 50 percent of the people want to have as many m.2 slots for the motherboard as possible for storage as ssds. Second place was 21 as as many usb ports there as possible and then third of all about 13 of people wanted 10 gigabit ethernet or at least 2.5 gigabit, ethernet and then. Finally, eleven percent of the people want the wi, fi and bluetooth uh built into the motherboard now here i have three and then we’re going to talk about this a bit later because that’s like another level of a motherboard over there, but these are three motherboards over Here and different motherboards here, they there’s different features on all of these three that really excite me and think wow.

This is amazing feature. There is no such thing as a perfect motherboard, but hopefully this will give you like an option that okay. I think this will work best for my build, so what i’m gon na want to start with is this motherboard over here? This over here is an msi b550 unified motherboard. One of the most exciting features for this motherboard, which should excite most of you guys, is that there is four m two slots on this motherboard now usually to get four m.2 slots on the motherboard. You’Re gon na have to pay quite a bit of a premium to get quite high end stuff over there and i’m, not sure if there is another b550 motherboard with a b550 chipset that has four m.2 slots on the motherboard. I know that there is some high end, msi and gigabytes, and even asus boards that have a x570 chipset, but this is b550, which means it’s a little bit lower down, so you’re gon na save a little bit of money. So, first of all, how much does this motherboard cost this one over here in the uk cost 179 pounds 180 quid, and that is amazing in the u.s price – is a little bit more mental, because this one in the us costs 290 dollars, which is a little Bit bonkers to me, because it’s like more expensive in the us, usually it’s the other way around things are cheaper in the us and more expensive in the uk.

So apart from these four m.2 slots, what are some of the features then on this motherboard? Basically, i think this could be like the motherboard that covers most of the people out there and most of the needs for people out there, because it’s got all of them, except one which is 10 gigabit ethernet. If you need that you’re, just gon na have to buy an extra nick and put it down there there you go extra hundred dollars, but not a lot of people need that. So if you don’t have a nars or things like that, this is like the perfect option for you, because four ram slots over here, which is good and one of these and the two slots, is pca, 4.0 and the rest of them 3.0. There is six sata parts as well, but if you want to use all of the sata parts and the m.2 slots at the same time, that is not possible. So if i’m correct. What happens is that if you use all of the m.2 slots, you lose two of their sata ports over here, so you can only use four of them, which, for me, is perfectly fine. I don’t think a lot of people use that many hard drives anymore, and if you do, you should be really moving them onto a nas for a safer storage option. Then you have all the good motherboard options that you would like this one over here is a front panel, usb c port.

This is a usb 3.2 gen. One part we have a debug led light over here, so you can see your cpu temperature straight on here or some of the you know debug. If there is a problem on the motherboard, something like a boot option, whatever it’s going to give you an error code over there, there is a power on and reset button on, the motherboard. If you want to use this on a test bench or if you want to turn the motherboard on you’ve got pretty good heatsinks for your vrams over there. That’S really good you’ve got two four plus four uh cpu powers over there. So if you want to overclock your cpu, this is amd board. So if you want to use like a precision boost overdrive for your cpu over here, you can actually get that extra power from your power supply. Interestingly enough, this motherboard actually has a pcie power connector over here as well, that you need to connect, probably because there’s so many m.2 slots and they require power as well. So it needs a little bit of extra power, so make sure when you choosing a power supply for this motherboard that you do have an extra pcie power support there as well, which should really be a problem. But if you very much want to cheap out then get one of the cheapest parts, then you know you might not have that there let’s have a look at some of the i o of this motherboard.

Then, first of all, you can see an hdmi port over here, which means that if you use one of those ryzen 4000 series g processors, if you haven’t seen that video before on my channel and you want you can’t – have a graphics card right now. You can actually get it working with this one because you can use this over there and use it without the graphics card, integrated graphics. This is like the best apus on the planet right now and you can use the bios update usb over here as well now. Secondly, people wanted a lot of fast usb ports and, as you can see, you get quite a few over here now. These four over here are usb 2.0, but then you also get four usb 3.2 gen1 parts, which are 10 gigabit connections over here. One of them is usbc as well. If you wanted to, and you get a 2.5 gig lan port, which is amazing, and we have wi fi six and bluetooth 5.0 built in as well so it’s literally ticking. Almost every single box of you know the craters, and you know some of the very old keyboard and mouse connector or some kind of drawing pad this over here is over here available as well. If you needed to you, know bios and cmos clear buttons, and obviously all your audio buttons over there now set that all to this motherboard i don’t know if there is a motherboard with the same price that covers all of this.

What you need, like i don’t know, what else do you need 10 gigabit ethernet, okay, get that card over there and you sorted amazing amazing speeds over here now. Next of all, i want to talk about this bot over here. I have made a complete different video about this board on my channel as well, but i think it’s worth the mention, because it’s very much one of a kind and a lot of creators might need this, especially if you’re a music producer. You might need a thunderbolt port for your motherboard and, if you know amd processors are most likely better option right now for all the creators and to get the amd motherboard that has thunderbolt ports it’s, not very common, especially if you want thunderbolt 4.0. This is the only motherboard on the planet right now, thunderbolt 3. There is an option from gigabyte as well, which you can check out. I’Ve got another video of that on the motherboard on my channel, but this one over here is quite amazing as well. We’Ve got two pci and the two slots, one of them pca 4.0. These and you have thunderbolt four parts and you have usb 3.0 two ports as well so kind of the same. You get a lot of connectivity and dual 2.5 gigabit lan, which is quite you know, amazing as well. If you wanted to connect to like an internet and a nas. At the same time, this one doesn’t have a wi, fi or bluetooth 6 built in which bluetooth 6.

I don’t think that excites the wi, fi or bluetooth fire built in if you need that you’re gon na have to get an extra part of that so that’s. Why i’m thinking this msi board, if you don’t, need those thunderbolt ports might be a little bit of a better option over there? So if you do want the thunderbolt 4 for amd platform, this motherboard is the only option out there and you’re gon na have to pay a little bit of a premium for that which, in the us is 299 or in the uk, is 219 pounds. So if you want to check them out, the link for these are in the description below and last of all, i want to check out this motherboard over here, which is probably like the best bang for buck in a lot of different ways like okay, there is A lot of drawback that there isn’t uh, wi, fi or bluetooth, built in you, can still use the ryzen 4000g series processors, if you want to over there, but you do need another processor to upgrade this, because there is no bios flash button on this motherboard. So you can’t use a usb flash to flash this motherboard, so you can need another motherboard to do that or if you check one of the latest out there. Sometimes they update the bios and it might already be updated from the bio, the bios and you can use the 4000 series processors, but not likely so then you’ve got quite a bit of like usb 3.

0 ports, but not a lot. This lan is only one gigabit port, so not really good for nas. You can use it for nas, but it’s, probably gon na struggle there a little bit only megabytes per second maximum transfer speeds, but that’s that. But what is good about this motherboard is that it is x570, which means you’re going to get pca 4.0 slots and they’re both that both of these slots are pci 4.0. If you wanted to do that, and you’ve got four ram slots, you’ve got four sata ports. Actually, eight sata ports if you need a lot of hard drives. If that is what you need, then that’s this over here and this one is the cheapest cheapest off the bunch which is 170c now, if you’re in the uk right now, then this one costs 207 pounds, and if you remember correctly, this motherboard over here is cheaper And, as you can see, features so much more so right now, i think this over here is the best bang for book motherboard for all the features you’re gon na get, because even this that used to be like the cheapest out there has raised in price. So much and it doesn’t have a front panel, usb c port. So if your case has one of those you can’t have it in here: no wifi built in no bluetooth, so you’re gon na have to have these all extra. But if you do need pca 4.

0 speeds and two of them at two slots in that speed, it’s very, very good motherboard over there. So now let’s talk about something which is this one over here and i don’t have it in outs over here because i’m, actually using this in my personal rig, and this one over here – is the msi prestige creation motherboard, and this one over here has like all The bells and whistles that you you need so if you look in the back, you’re gon na get absolutely tons of usb ports and if you need one of those, you know go check it out, because i don’t know if there is any other motherboard that has That many usb 3.2 ports it’s absolutely ridiculous. You have m.2 slots on the motherboard, you have two underneath there and you also get an expansion card with it that you can add another two on the expansion card, and then you can have four altogether and all of those four can be pcie 4.0, because it’s, An x570 chipset, which is ridiculous. You get a 10 gigabit ethernet built into the motherboard you’re thinking whoa, to get all that. That is ridiculous. Plus you have wi fi and bluetooth built in, and you also get one gigabit lan port and 10 gigabit lan port. So both of these together, which is amazing now, if you want to check this motherboard out, you have to act fast, because this is the end of this motherboard lifetime, which means they don’t produce these motherboards anymore.

Whatever is on sale, you can get them, and but there is nothing like this motherboard out there. So if you can get that just get that i’m gon na leave the link in the description below, because this is amazing, motherboard and it supports all the processes. If you have one of the ryzen 5000 series processor, then you might need an update for this, but you can do that with a usb flash. So, in conclusion, this msi b550 unify over here is probably the best bank for work for most people, and i don’t think you need anything more and if you do need something more, then you know get the uh 10 gig lan and then you should be it. Hopefully, this video helped you decide and see some of the best motherboards that i think are out there. So if you want to pick up any of these i’m going to leave the links in the description below now, also, if you choose to build yourself, a pc right now and you’re looking for motherboards, i recommend you check the latest pricing below in the links below, Because the prices go up and down all the time, so sometimes you might get like a better motherboard for cheaper or uh. Cheaper motherboard is actually more expensive now than this one, as you can see, then definitely check out the latest pricing or, if you come back to the video, just go and check out the latest pricing in the description below thanks very much guys for watching hit that, Like button, it actually makes a difference.

Thank you very much. If you choose to do so, if you have any other questions, leave a comment below i’m going to meet you down there. Also, if you do think, i missed some kind of motherboard if you’re into pc parts, then let me know in the comment section below what is like the best motherboard for creators. You think i’ll meet you in the comment section below subscribe.