This is one of the most popular and well known services available on the market. Let me tell you 5 secrets that a few people know about but which make you truly the best in the best system repair category. I will leave a link to the official website under this video now let’s get started. Music avira antivirus is a german antivirus program used by 500 million users worldwide. Its appeal lies in its simplicity, its huge number of features and a free version which gives you the chance to try it out without spamming ascent. The security tab shows the most important features of a vera antivirus. This is where you will go if you want to scan your computer for malware, although not all features are available to avira free users, there is much more to explore to unlock all the security features. You will need one of the paid versions of avira. You can choose between two scanning options: a full scan and a quick scan. The full scan will check your entire computer digging into even the most obscure areas of your system, while the quick scan will only check the most available areas of your computer. There is also a managed scanning section here: you can keep track of scans already performed on your device. In addition, you can schedule custom scans in this tab, simply select the folders to be scanned for malware and setup scans to be performed daily, weekly or monthly. All versions of avira antivirus provide real time malware protection.

This feature monitors and scans all files that you access, copy or otherwise interact with letting you know whether they are safe or infected. In case of danger, a vira antivirus will prevent the suspicious file from making changes to your device. It will also show you a notification now there are three more options under the tab security, but you can only activate them if you have one of the paid versions of evira web protection. This feature prevents threats such as fission and spam, as well as malware such as router hijackers. If you detect anything suspicious while browsing the web, avira will stop the thread immediately. I advise you to keep this feature on at all times, as even seemingly safe sites can get infected from time to time. Email protection, this feature protects you from viruses in attachments. One thing to remember, of course, is to never open email attachments from strangers. However, sometimes even your friend might accidentally send you an infected file if a viewer detects a file as a thread, it encrypts it and sends it to the quarantine folder. This way, a potentially infected file can no longer harm your device to do the file from this folder. You must delete it manually, otherwise, a vira antivirus will keep it there indefinitely. However, if you are 100 sure that the file is saved, you can restore it to the original location to make sure that avira no longer targets it. You should set it as an exception to exclude it from the next scan.

The software update program is a paid feature of avira’s antivirus software. It will scan your system for outdated applications and suggest updates, keep in mind that it will inform you about risky programs, even if you only use the avira free security suite. However, the free version of the svr software update tool does not update all applications. You need to buy one of the premium packages to have the updates performed for you. This feature is another reason to buy the paid version of avira antivirus, keeping your programs up to date, minimizes the risk of infection and security breaches. All versions of avira antivirus offer a firewall feature. However, this is not an additional firewall. Avira simply lets you control the windows firewall through its application. While this feature may seem a bit useless at first, it can come in handy that’s, because avira’s user interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use, and you don’t have to dig through the windows security tab to find a way to disable or enable the firewall. One of the most interesting features of avira free security is the free, vpn it’s fast and easy to use. You can connect to the nearest server with a click. Unfortunately, it is limited to 500 megabytes per month. Of course it will help you in an emergency, but the data will not last long for everyday use. You will have to think about upgrading your heavier software. In addition to limited data, the free version of avira phantom vpn does not allow you to choose a location when connecting to another server, as it will simply connect you to the nearest one.

After the installation process, you will notice that avira free security comes with a free extension called avira password manager. This password manager will be a great help if you are tired of using credentials to log in to all your accounts. All you have to do is remember: a single master, password and avira will fill in the rest. In addition, the extension automatically generates strong and secure passwords for your new accounts and synchronizes your credentials across all devices. There is also an option to enable two factor: authentication just keep in mind that this password manager does not keep track of things like for affiliate information. If you’re a password manager will work with google chrome, mozilla, firefox, microsoft, edge and oprah, a viewer safe shopping is another browser extension included with avira free security. It can come in handy if you like to shop online and it will help you avoid fraudulent signs and trackers. In addition to security, safe shopping is a great tool for comparing prices, as it displays the best card offers for the products you want to buy privacy settings here, you can apply recommended or customized privacy settings to your device. In short, these will prevent microsoft from collecting and using your personal information, the recommended settings block ad tracking disable location tracking and make your activities private. You can apply or disable these settings at any time. You can also customize your privacy settings. This will give you an even wider range of information that you can hide.

The viewer optimizer will clean your device by detecting and deleting all unnecessary files and cookies. The result is a much faster computer, especially if you’ve been putting off a general clean for a long time. Over time, you may notice that the battery life of your laptop or smartphone gets shorter and shorter and avira antivirus has a solution for that. A virus battery saver can help you extend your battery life by adjusting a few things here and there once activated it reduces screen. Brightness closes unnecessary, amps, prevents, updates and blocks push. Notifications along with location tracking, an outdated driver can become a gateway for a hacker attack. As a result, it is important to update your drivers if you want to prevent bad things from happening. Fortunately, a vrs driver update program makes manual checking of each driver a simple task: just click the scan button and avira will show you which drivers are already vulnerable. Although avira might seem a bit pricey at first glance, when it pays off when you keep in mind all the extra features that come with it, on the other hand, you can simply use the free version of avira antivirus. It offers a few basic features that make your computer more secure, as well as a password manager and a secure shopping extension. However, if you want features like unlimited vpn use, web protection, ransomware protection and premium mobile apps, you might consider buying one of the full packages listed below keep in mind.

That avira has an additional option for american users called avira antivirus pro. This is the least expensive of the three paid versions and is a good budget option for those who want to feel protected, but don’t want anything special avira antivirus pro costs 44.99 a year. This version offers internet protection and email protection. In addition, if something goes wrong, you can contact support by email or phone. If you choose to protect three devices at once, you will pay 57.99 a year and a 5 device subscription will cost you 70.99. A year. Avira prime, provides you with unlimited phantom vpn vip customer support, advanced pc, optimization. This is the version you should buy. If you want everything it’s, a complete package that gives you everything a vera has to offer. Avira prime gives you unlimited vpn data, vip, client support and premium mobile apps avira prime also gives you access to their future products, frees up extra storage space and secures credit card payments. Another perk of avira prime is the constant discounts right now. For example, u.s users can subscribe to it for 99 cents for three months after the trial period. However, the price goes up. You will be spending 9.99 a month. This subscription covers five devices by default. If you want to use avira on an unlimited number of devices, you can splurge a little and spend 129.