This is one of the most popular and well known services available on the market. Let me tell you five secrets that a few people know about but which make you truly the best in the best system repair category. I will leave a link to the official website under this video now let’s get started Music with this popular antivirus. Software avg is a well known name in the computer and mobile security industry. What is new, however, is their recently launched. Vpn called avg secure. Avg is a very well known brand in the antivirus software industry, with a high reputation for security and performance. You can choose from one of the company’s three products which provide various security, privacy and tools to improve your pc’s performance. Avg is also one of the most affordable options on the market, meaning with it. You get great protection for multiple devices at a good price, plus with its excellent security tools. Avg offers you reliable protection without slowing down your computer overall it’s a great option. If you need affordable protection in tests of antivirus products in major labs, the company always comes out on top. These lab tests show that avg has detected and blocked every threat and even 99 of attacks against which protection has not yet been developed, known as zero day attacks. This is important because all the time your computer is being attacked by are now viruses with new tactics that antiviruses do not know about.

The company has also received excellent scores from virus ballerin and is an honorable member of the vb 100 list. Avg ranks as highs avast and even higher than big brands like mcafee and kaspersky. The powerful avg antivirus is your first line of defense against hacks and malicious attacks. Protecting you from many common exploits avg. Antivirus scanner is always on and monitors any changes you make to files and folders ensuring that nothing happens without your knowledge, more importantly, with turbo scans, it can speed up scanning right away by ignoring folders and files that have already been checked and no changes have been Made if avg antivirus detects a problem, it sends it to threadlab to analyze it in avg’s, secure virtual environment for the most part, avg is more than just an antivirus. The company also provides an advanced firewall that prevents any suspicious activity or traffic from accessing your computer or device and, most importantly, avg protects you from ransomware a tactic that is becoming more popular every day and is very dangerous. Rounds of air protection includes regular scans and a special folder for encrypting information, where you can store all your most important files photos and more to make sure no one can steal them. You can even choose which programs can make changes to these files. Another avg feature is payment protection. The company products check your email for all sorts of spam that can hide fraudulent software. If avg detects that a website you visit to make a purchase is suspicious, it will notify you immediately and help keep your personal information and passwords safe.

One of avg’s best features is its email shield tool which protects your email from phishing attacks, spam and other fraudulent threats, email shield scans, all incoming emails with attachments and will let you know if it detects any viruses or other malware, regardless of the sender of the Email, you can also use the link, scan or antivirus feature, which will keep you from visiting questionable websites without going to them. Avg also provides you with a special anti spam system that prevents you from receiving suspicious emails of unknown origin. Hackers are more of a threat than ever before, and protecting you from any unknown intruders is one of the main tasks of antivirus. Avg gives you a powerful firewall that blocks 100 of all incoming malware and other attacks according to av comparative score lab. This is a great achievement, resulting in avg being rated better than several of the biggest brands on the market when you turn it on the firewall monitors all incoming web traffic to your computer and can block malware such as keyloggers that copy the password and data you Entered to detect vulnerable information in your files, antivirus protection against ransomware, which is solely needed today, as they attack, becomes more widespread. Avg, protects your files, folders and media, and prevents questionable programs from getting into them. Plus you can even choose the programs that get access to your files, unlike many antivirus competitors that offer protection for more than one device at different prices.

Avg’S paid features allow you to protect as many devices as you need. This is a big plus. If you have a home computer, a laptop tablet and smartphone, if you have a family and multiple computers at home, you can also have peace of mind, knowing that your kids are safe while surfing the internet. Avg is pleasantly surprised by another of his features, webcam protection which blocks, and he knows he uses from accessing the webcam on your computer or other devices preventing them from spying on you. Webcams may seem like a perfectly safe device, but hackers can use them to steal your personal information or even illegally film. You in your home computer performance problems are often more than not due to viruses, so it was nice to see that avg did a good job on the customization tools. One of the most notable features of the antivirus is the program’s own demand technology, which puts russell’s intensive programs into smart sleep mode, reducing their impact on pc performance. By several times, you can also run tune up a pc, cleanup utility that scans and removes old, temporary files, junk cache and log files, unnecessary file, copies and other data that can slow down system performance. Avg tuneup is also available for android devices and mac computers. It does an excellent job of improving device performance, so it would be nice to see a similar tool for ios devices as well. There are five large map, icons on the program’s main screen that tell you how well protected each area of your pc is.

These are not buttons, but they simply indicate the status of each category. When a scan of a particular sector is complete, the maps are updated immediately. You can start scanning simply by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen. You can also customize the skin by specifying the frequency of the scan, the thoroughness of the scan and the automation of the scan. It would be nice if going to each category was directly from the big maps on the main screen, but overall avg is very easy to install and use avg offers two levels of technical support. Basic and premium basic support includes an information section about the company’s products. A section with answers to common previous user questions and problems. It also has an excellent forum that allows you to communicate directly with other users to find answers and share notes on existing problems if you’re a premium user. You also get access to free 24. 7 premium support and a helpful chat room. The support team was well prepared and answered my questions completely, but i wish that all users, without exception, would get premium support. Both free and premium users can also contact technical support directly through the form on the avg website. You will have to wait a few days for a response, but it usually provides all the information you need to solve any problems. The internet, security and ultimate plans allow you to protect as many devices as possible, which gives you great savings, plus, if you’re, only interested in avg antivirus protection, you can choose the free version of antivirus, which is likely to be your best choice, although it will only Protect one device, if you spend a lot of time, browsing the internet and want improved protection tools.

Internet security can be a great choice because it offers great tools to protect your online activity. If you plan to use the ultimate plan, it will cost a bit more for the optimization tools avg offers, as well as access to premium, support and chat.