If you’re, looking for a shared family, room, pc or a basic desktop for your new home office or classroom, there’s, no more efficient use of space than an all in one pc, these pcs combine a good size, monitor a fast enough computer, a basic webcam and speakers Into the same amount of space as a typical computer monitor occupies, and they do it with fewer cables. We think alan one percent provides the best combination of screen quality performance and value. We review five best. All in one percent, 2021. number one acer aspire: c27962ua91aio desktop the aspire; c27, all in one pc, packs all the essential computing features. You need into a slim space, saving, design, that’s simple, to use, functional and looks great on your desk. This pc features the latest 10th gen and i core i5 processor, offering more possibilities than ever before, via performance, connectivity and entertainment enjoy a crisp and clear experience on the full hd display, while the impressively thin bezels give you more to look at wireless keyboard and mouse Included acer aspire c27962u, all in one desktop. Pc comes with these specs 10th generation intel core i5 1035 g1 processor. One zero gigahertz with turbo boost technology. Up to three six gigahertz windows: 10 home 27 inches full hd widescreen edge to edge, led backlit, display nvidia geforce mx 130, with two gigabytes of dedicated gddr5 vram 12 gigabytes, ddr4 memory, 512 gigabytes, nvme, m2, ssd integrated one zero, mphd high sense, webcam, ten one hundredths, One thousand gigabit ethernet: 802 11 ac, wi fi, bluetooth; five, zero, two built in stereo speakers; 2, usb 3, two type out: gen, 1 ports, 2, usb 2, zero ports, 1 hdmi port 1, ethernet rj45 port wireless keyboard and mouse 17 19 pounds.

Seven eight kilograms system unit only one year, parts and labor limited with toll free tech support, dq, bdpaa number, two asus aio, all in one desktop pc the asus aiov241da, all in one desktop computer, delivers powerful performance for home computing tasks with a sleek and stylish design. That looks good in any room featuring an amd, ryzen, 33250u processor, eight gigabytes ram and 256 gigabytes ssd. This workstation is an ideal solution for everyday computing needs like surfing the web and watching videos enjoy an immersive entertainment experience. Thanks to the 23.8 inch full hd anti glare display near invisible nano edge, slim bezel, design, powerful asus, sonic master stereo audio system with two front facing high quality stereo speakers elegantly designed to coexist alongside modern decor. This space saving all in one desktop pc, is remarkably slim and lightweight, with a weight of only 11.9 pounds. An advanced array of microsoft, cortana compatible microphones that are specially designed to filter out distracting background noises and a 720p hd camera make this desktop a great choice for family video calls with ultra fast gigabit class wifi, to ensure reliable connections while chatting streaming and more number. Three hp business desktop pro 1600 g5, all in one computer. The hp pro 1600 aic is a sound investment that can be quickly deployed into demanding environments with a micro edge, anti glare display, strong security and comprehensive manageability features, windows 10, pro or other operating systems available. Sleek modern design, featuring extensive cable management and a sleek design.

This aio suits the front desk or an owner’s office. The micro edge anti glare 21.5 inch diagonal ips display, provides plenty of workspace, manufacturer, hp, inc manufacturer part, number 7yb24ut, aba brand name, hp, product line, business, desktop product series, pro 1 600 g5 product name, pro 1, 600 g 521.5 in all in one business, pc product Type, all in one computer, processor and chipset, processor, manufacturer processor, model, g5420, processor, speed, 3.80 gigahertz memory, standard memory, 4, gb, maximum memory, 64 gigabytes memory, technology, ddr4, sd, ram, number of total memory slots; two number of occupied memory slots; one intel, octane memory ready; yes, storage, Total hard drive capacity, 500 gigabytes optical drive, type, dvd writer optical media, supported, dvd plus or minus r, plus or minus rw display and graphics screen, size, 21.5 screen resolution 1920×1080, touchscreen, no graphics, controller, manufacturer intel, graphics, controller model, uhd, graphics, 610, graphics, memory, technology, ddr4, sd, Ram graphics, memory, accessibility, shared network and communication; wireless lan; yes, bluetooth; yes, input devices, keyboard, localization, english built in devices webcam; yes, total number of usb ports; five number of usb 3.1 ports, two number of usb 3 one gen; 1 ports, rear 2, usb type c. Yes, usb type c detail: 1, usb 2.0 type c displayport rear. Yes, software operating system platform, windows, operating system windows; 10, pro english operating system, architect number four idea: center, aio3, 24 inches all in one computer with the lenovo idea. Center aio3 powerful performance meets stylish engineering in an all in one computer.

This aio desktop pc handles demanding apps with ease thanks to the ultra fast responsiveness of an amd ryzen mobile processor, 16 gigabytes of seamless, ddr4 memory and 512 gigabytes. Solid state drive, storage, you’ll love the elegant stand and near borderless display and because it’s an all in one. It gives you more desk space too, whether you want to work watch or video call someone the ideacenter aio3 as an all in one pc, that’s, perfect for home users, busy college students and anyone looking for a reliable windows, desktop that looks as good as it performs. The eye catching design of the ideacenter aio3 will look great anywhere, while the stylish stand and base have a small footprint when you connect smartphones, digital cameras and other devices to a pc. You usually end up with a sea of messy cables across your desk, not so with this all in one desktop, which has a cable collector, built into its stand, to give you more space to work and play with a seriously sleek performer you’ll enjoy a 23.8 fhd 1920 display a720p webcam is included and you can use the true block privacy shutter to physically close your webcam, with just a flick of the button. Number five latest underscore dell inspiron 7000. All in one desktop 27 10th generation intel core i510210u processor, 6 megabytes cache up to 4.2 gigahertz 27 inch fhd 1920 by 1080 anti glare, narrow border non touch display with wide viewing angle, ips windows, 10, home 64, bit english 8 gigabytes, ddr4 266 megahertz ram a Pc comes with a free one year subscription of mcafee security, 128 gigabytes, m.

2, pcie, nvme, solid state drive boot, plus one terabyte 5400 revolutions per minute: 2.5 sata hard drive, 1x usb 2.0 type of 3x, usb 3.1 gen, 1 type of 1x, usb 3.1 gen2 type c. One xrj45 ethernet 10, 100, 1000 1x sd card reader, 3.0, 1x microphone, headset, jack 1 x, dc power, 1 xh dmi in 1, xhdmi out 1.4, 1x security, lock slot for buying best all in one pc links are in description.