That comes with a separate monitor. However, the better option is investing in an all in one pc. This pc costs around the same amount as a high range to mid range laptop with a 17 inch screen. It can cost even less, sometimes with a slightly higher price. You can get the best all in one pc with a larger display too. We have listed the top 5 best, all in one pcs, with their key features, plus the things you need to consider to help you choose the best. One links to all the products mentioned in the video are in the description below. You can also find a more detailed analysis and a comparison tool on our website. Legitpic.Com Applause, Music, number: five, acer, chromebase aio: this is another pc with a timeless appeal and a stylish look. This incredible pc comes with a wide screen, since this unit is powered by google chrome, it provides users with enhanced functionality and drives productivity. It comes with four microphones and a giant 23.8 inch full hd display. It also comes with dual speakers. It has a stunning visual making this unit worth every penny. This stylish chrome base blends seamlessly with all kinds of decor. It also focuses on providing you with a clean environment for working the dual speakers: keyboard, hd, webcam and mouse – provide you everything in a single device. This pc helps in saving space and provides a modern touch to your household. Also, the 23.

8 inch display gives you a cinematic experience with acer chromebase. All your favorite, google applications are already present. You can use youtube, gmail, docs and hangout without downloading them. Furthermore, you can enjoy crystal clear chats with friends and family. Also, the four microphones help in providing you with clear, audio quality. The adjustable hd webcam also ensures that you are able to fit everyone in the picture with ease. Additionally, the display on this unit is adjustable and can tilt from 25 to 5 degrees with ease this ensures you get a comfortable view all the time. The best part is that the display can be mounted on the wall and even be changed into digital signage. Number. Four apple imac, pro apple’s imac pro is one of the most powerful mac apple has ever created. This unit provides extremely professional and ideal features that are useful for business people. This unit is designed for experts and professionals due to its capabilities. Also, this pc is high powered with multi core processing hardware. It has an insane amount of memory and high end workstation level. Graphics, apple, imac pro is specially created for video editors, animators and movie studio professionals. When talking about the design. This unit has very basic elements built in it comes with edge to edge covering and a 27 inch display. The l shaped stand also provides an elevated height to this pc. Also, the adjustable angle display helps in turning the pc to your needs.

The curved and compact metal chassis helps in giving imac an elegant look, even though this pc lacks height adjustment. The wide black basil surrounding the display makes it stand out. The back of the pc comes with three thunderbolt ports and four usb 3.0 ports. You can also get an sdxc card slot, an ethernet connection and a headphone jack. Even though this pc is not user upgradeable, it is a good pc due to its exceptional features. It does not have a touch screen, but it does contain a touch pad number. Three surface studio 2.: this is quite possibly the best thing around for anyone who does digital art thanks to a gorgeous touch screen that drops down low for comfortable touch and pen use the better than 4k display looks amazing. The touch screen supports both the surface pen and surface dial, and the design is top notch. The design alone would make this the best touch screen all in one for drawing, but the addition of best in class pen support takes it up to another level altogether. The updated surface 2 gets b for your processing and graphics hardware switches to all solid state drives for storage and gets an even better vision of the pixelsense display that offers enhanced brightness and contrast it’s, one of the best all in one computers, we’ve seen and our Top pick for media creators and artists number two hp envoy. This one is the ultimate luxury item when it comes to the all in one desktop, it’s top notch display powerful computing and innovative special features, make it both an incredible computer and an extremely fun piece of tech to snag, with its massive 31.

5 inch, 4k ultra hd Monitor no detail goes unnoticed. Colors on this monitor are crisp and accurate, making it an ideal all in one computer for creatives working in fields like graphic design, animation and video editing. The graphics on this are incredible through the employment of the nvidia r, geforce, r, rtxtm, 2060 graphics and nvidia r turning tm architecture. Its innovative use of ai can actually be utilized to speed up background tasks, which is an intriguing advancement for creative technology. The hp envoy has a 32 gigabyte ram, which makes perfect sense since it’s advertised for creative pursuits. That being said, a gamer with a fairly deep pocket would probably have a lot of fun with this computer too, while the one terabyte hard drive may seem sort of small compared to all the other features that this computer boasts it’s still a decent amount of space. Considering many large creative projects done for professional purposes will be exported anyway, to top it all off, it has wireless phone charging at its base. This computer is over the top in the best way possible, so much so that it was actually a ces 2020 innovation awards. Honoree all that being said, it does have a high end price tag, but those who are looking to make an investment in the latest and greatest can rest assured that they’re getting what they’re paying for number one acer aspire. This is a great all in one desktop with a modern design.

It has a great screen good computing. A few great special features that make this a great choice for any work you need to get done, starting with the screen. The acer aspire has a 23.8 inch full hd screen with a backlit display. It has a wide viewing angle, making this desktop perfect for an office environment. Looking for collaboration, the screen also features special protection to reduce eye strain, which is pretty important for those who put in a lot of weekly screen time. Best of all this screen has a sleek and compact design that is aesthetically pleasing for the desk. It provides all the convenience and function of a desktop without cramping your style. The acer aspire has a 9th generation intel core i5 9400t processor with speeds up to 3.4 gigahertz, making this computer just fast enough for things like video, editing and graphic design. In the event of needing to reboot or saving power by turning the computer off at night, reviewers have found that this all in one computer reboots fairly quickly. There are a few special features, also worth noting when it comes to the acer aspire. A built in hd webcam comes in especially handy as video meetings are in peak popularity. Reviewers also really enjoy the built in stereo speakers with dolby audio premium and acer. True harmony, audio technology, making this a great computer for people who enjoy listening to music while working or streaming their favorite movie or tv show from their desktop.

While this is one of the more expensive pics on the list, its computing quality and special features definitely make it worth your while, when shopping for a new desktop like one of the best all in one computers on the list, it helps to have a clear idea Of what your intended uses are for the new system, if you are after a basic machine for web browsing, there are plenty of budget systems that will fit the bill, but more demanding uses like editing photos and video or even creating new artistic content will demand a More powerful system for most users, we recommend looking for something with a core i5 processor or better, with at least eight gigabyte of memory. But more demanding users will want to opt for something more powerful, like an intel core i7 and more ram will translate into faster smoother operations. You may also want a discrete graphics card if you want to do any sort of gaming or media work. Storage is also a major consideration, while many of the systems on our list offer one terabyte or more of storage. We find the best option is a dual drive system that offers a larger hard drive for file storage and a faster ssd for storing the operating system and programs. All in one computers run the gamut from affordable to premium pricing. Budget friendly systems can be found for less than a thousand dollars, but will generally be limited to full hd resolution displays and low powered celeron and pentium processors.

The best all in one desktops can cost two thousand dollars or more and boast 4k displays the latest intel core i7 processors and discrete graphic cards from nvidia and amd.