We started our redesign by considering the user and their environment and how a display interacts within that space. We were inspired by the dynamic elegance of floating glass. The challenge was maintaining the beauty of something so thin and fluid, without sacrificing any of the performance and power we desired. This led us to separating all components that weren’t directly powering the display itself and engineering them into the base. The result is one of the thinnest all in ones ever made. The 34 inch curved screen has a micro edge border on all four sides, creating an illusion that is floating in mid air. The visual impression is starkly beautiful. The impact immediately immersive the result is an all in one product with refinement to complement any environment. We amplified performance with industry, leading intel core processors and sped up data transfer with thunderbolt technology. We engineered some exceptional capabilities into it like the hp privacy camera it tucks nicely behind the screen and with a simple push. It displays both camera and microphone for you. It delivers a degree of privacy when the camera’s, not in use and with up to 16 gigs of ram and storage options, ranging from hybrid drive to ssd. You have all the power and space you need to stream videos, game and browse the web, with optional, discrete graphics, from nvidia and hdmi in and out as the world’s widest curved all in one, with an ultra wqhd display at nearly 5 million pixels, an audio custom Tuned in collaboration with the experts at bengals, the new envy is entertainment at its best quad hp speakers with audio dial.

Let you adjust volume and skip songs with a touch of a finger while passive radiators produce more bass for sound that you can feel it’s a one of a kind user experience inside a device with a real sense of its surroundings.