Thank you for joining me today. On this video i’ve got the ring powered spotlight camera. This is the one that you don’t have to mess with batteries. It plugs directly into your house. It’S got the spotlight built into it, so it detects motion that trips on this will be an unboxing. It will also be an install on this video it’s right here, it’s going to be pretty cool, so let’s check it out. Okay, it’s time we unbox this ring camera and see what we got here in the box. It’S the spotlight, cam wired outdoor security camera. There is a link in the description. These things, these things are really cool, i’ve used them before so let’s get this thing unboxed and see what we got here: Music, so Music. So one really nice thing about these uh ring spotlight wired cameras. Is they come with everything that you need in the box? It comes with the little specialized screwdriver that has the security bit attached to it. It comes with the instruction manuals has the qr code for the downloadable app and all the instructions as well right there, all the little um wire guide pieces for your uh wire management and stuff the back plate little level built right into it. So everything that you need is literally right there and even the concrete bit that you would need right there too, for stuck over concrete or masonry okay. So before we even mount this ring camera outside or find a place for it to go.

The first thing they want you to do is install the app, so you just scan the qr code, which they include in the instructions. Here is the qr code and you um right there qr code and then i’ve already got it on my old phone here. So i’ve got the app installed and i’ll go over the app installation and everything in another video that i’ll end up doing so. Once you’ve installed the qr code, they want you to plug the new ring camera into an outlet so i’m just going to go ahead and plug that in Music, and it is going to come on spotlights and all turn that away. So we don’t blind the camera here and you just simply follow the instructions so plug in your spotlight. Cam into an outlet set up the spotlight cam on the ring app, which we’ve done. Okay and so i’m gon na go ahead and find it on the ring. App welcome to wrest, follow the instructions in the ring app to continue, and it even talks to you pretty cool, so the ring app you can just go set up a device under security cameras got a little spotlight camera and again it tells you to plug it. In it says, press the button on the top of your spotlight cam a little hidden button here, i’m just going to go ahead and press that all right. It is in setup mode and now it’s asking to join your wi fi network and just follow the instructions along there.

Pretty cool to join and rain wants to find and connect to devices. On your local network, i mean let it connect your other ring devices. Sure spotlight, cam is connected to the ring app and it found my local network so i’m, just gon na, say. Okay to that spotlight, cam is now connecting to the internet. Just a moment. Rome wasn’t, built in a day and ring even has its own sarcasm. Your spotlight cam is ready to go with ring, you’re, always home okay, so it gives you a little confirmation. There says everything is looking good, so you got it continue all that good stuff success continue. You can invite other users on there. It says ready to install your spotlight camera now, you’re gon na, say yep, and then it show on my other cameras, showing my current cameras and hey there. I am right there looking back at you and it is officially working and yep. It has officially joined the camera crew right there alerts and all i just got an alert on it. Okay, so it’s set up and we can go outside and install this thing now, all right, just a couple of more things before you begin of course, this stuff all comes with these uh ring spot like wired cams, the screwdriver, the phillips bit the drill bit mounting Bracket install screws wall anchors and cable clips it’s a quick little diagram. How all this fits together very helpful, so also very important is you’re going to want to select an install height.

They kind of show you it’s about nine feet is where you’re gon na want. This thing, and also um, this will swivel or turn and it kind of gives you a very uh panoramic. Look so um you get kind of the fishbowl look when you mount the camera. It gets a very wide angle, and so before you actually screw this thing onto the wall outside your house, get up there on the ladder and just kind of hold the thing up, get your cell phone out and just kind of hold it up power it on And take a look through the thing before you actually attach it to the wall. Word of advice, okay, so next you’ll want to find where you’re going to install your camera. So i’ve actually got a bit of a blind spot here on the house, and so you will want to install it up under your eaves or somewhere. A little bit out of the weather and out of the rain and you’ll also want to make sure you’ve got a power source nearby or a place to plug in the actual ring camera, and you will need a step stool. So the other thing worth noting on this camera installation is there is not a network cable i’m going to plug into out here. So i am going to use the wireless function it’s, actually not there very far away from the router, so just another option there. These will plug into ethernet cable, but i am going to go wireless on this install because i don’t want to drill a hole through that stucco, okay, so i’m going to go ahead and get this camera mounted.

First thing you want to do is get a pencil and mark your holes where you’re going to put your screws in all right so to mount this camry get your base plate, make sure you have it. So the right side is up i’m gon na get it level there that little bubble so it’s perfectly level and then you’re once level. You’Re gon na go ahead and mark your four holes there with pencil, go ahead and just put a little mark in each of those four holes right there and that’s, where your screws are gon na end up going right in those four holes right there. So, like i say, make sure you’ve got it upright bubbles level get your pencil mark. Your four dots and you’re marked out. Okay. Now that your four holes are marked, you can go ahead and either pre drill those or you can just put your screws through those get your plate back up there and go ahead and put your screws through those all right. So, as you can tell i’ve got my screws started there i’m just gon na go ahead and tighten these up, and then we can put this camera on here, be nice and close to the overhang. So it should be out of the weather somewhat and protected. Let’S. Get this done: Music, okay, so really the last thing to have to show is how these cameras drop into the uh the base here so on the back of the camera.

You’Ll notice there’s these pegs and these pegs literally slide right down into the back of the base. Camera just drops right into the base plate, make a few adjustments and it’s just a much better vantage point right there: okay, now that the camera’s up don’t forget you put your special locking screw on. They give you a special tool for it, readjust your camera. Once you get the locking screw onto your camera, let’s go power it on and see how it looks alright. So now that the new ring camera is all installed and mounted, and the software app is all set up just going to go in and verify that it’s actually working i’m going to open up the ring app, there are the existing cameras and there is the new Camera, i just called it side we’re going to skip the tutorial for now and we’re just going to go, live here and there it is and go full screen right there and it is working. I might need to go and adjust it a little bit just to get a little bit wider angle, but that’s it right there, it’s watching that side, door and the gate and uh yeah it is working. Things are looking good, so just follow the instructions that come with these ring cameras, they’re very simple, to mount. Anybody can go out and do this. You shouldn’t have to pay somebody to come in and do it or you know, quote professional or something very straightforward installies.

As you can see, it only takes a few minutes to get these things up and going they’re great cameras, um be sure and watch my review. Video when that comes out, i will talk about uh, some of the mounting limitations that these cameras come with.