Do you own a macbook or a laptop? They come with pretty limited amount of usb ports. The macbook, especially you, only get two ports and one of them you need to use it to charge the macbook so you’re. Only gon na have one slot left, which let’s be honest. That’S that’s, not enough with this you’ll, be able to triple your available usb ports. This usb hub supports usb 3.0 and is also backwards compatible. It has four usb ports, so you can plug all your keyboard. Mouse flash drive, or whatever else you guys have over here, is a led indicator that lights up when the usb hub is powered on the cable is two feet long enough to. Let you place it anywhere, you want, and if you don’t, like the messy look of long cables, it also comes with a cable tie, which is always welcome. This thing is extremely thin and light coming in at only four tenths of an inch and less than two ounces that’s. Why i like this thing, it’s quite inconspicuous, you can easily fit it into your laptop case and bring it on your trips anker states that charging is not supported but i’m, not really sure what they mean by that. From my experience, you can plug your phone into this and it’s definitely gon na charge. Although you won’t be getting blistering fast charging speeds from my test. I had my iphone plugged in for around 40 minutes and only got 10 charge, so it’s not exactly fast charge for the best performance.

It is best to limit the devices that you plug into it. Connected devices should not exceed a total of 900 milliamps. Some common usb devices include mouse and usb flash drives coming in at 100 milliamps each camera at 300 milliamp keyboard at 500, milliamp and external hard drives coming in at 900. Milliamps to test this, i filled the usb slots with a flash drive mouse keyboard and a dslr connected to a capture card and ran multiple storage drive, speed tests, no matter what combination of these devices i threw at it. The results always came back to be about the same. There are some minor variations which can be seen even if you run the same test multiple times. Even when i connected my external hard drive, the western digital, easy store, the results stayed the same, but this is an externally powered hard drive, so you’re going to have to take those results with a grain of salt. There are some things that i’ve noticed in my day to day usage when i record these videos i plug both of my mic and my camera into this usb hub. There seems to be some kind of white noise that is introduced into my audio. That is not there when only my mic is plugged into it. At the same time, there seems to be just a little bit of extra lag that is being introduced into my video streams. There are a few variations to this little device from anchor alone.

There are many variations depending on what your needs are. There are ones with not just usb ports, some have ethernet ports, micro, sd card slots or even hdmi ports, no matter what you need, they probably have it. If you want something simple that doesn’t take up a lot of space, then this is the one that you want. I know this is a short video, but there just isn’t much to review about this little guy that’s. All i’ve got for you guys today, like if you liked the video subscribe. If you want to see more future content and if there’s anything else that you want me to review uh do leave a comment in the comment.