. I made this list based on my personal opinion and ill try to help. You find the right one for your needs to see the most up to date, prices and find out more information about these tablets. You can check out the links in the description below before we start. I have a question for you guys, which tablet are you using right now and what is your opinion on it? Let me know in the comments number five amazon fire hd 8 best for kids starting off. We have the amazon fire hd. 8.. The tablet has a tough little plastic body at 8 by 5.4 by 0.4 inches and 12.5 ounces, with a decent, but not great, 1280 by 800 189 ppi screen. This is the first generation of amazon tablets to charge via usbc, although that doesnt necessarily mean speedy charging. It just means you can charge it with a cable for your recent android phone. Some nice features in the via hd8 display settings include adaptive brightness, a toggle that optimizes brightness levels according to the surrounding light and blue shade, which reduces the amount of blue light on the screen. Amazons kids plus service locks the tablet into an age appropriate content mode for kids under 12, with content from disney nickelodeon sesame workshop and various popular toy related video and book franchises. The dual 2 megapixel cameras get basic video calling done, but thats about it expect photos in any sort of low light to be dim and indistinct and noise and frame rates to really drop in inadequate lighting.

But thats not a big deal for an inexpensive tablet. For years now, ive recommended amazons fire line as my favorite affordable tablets. The current fire hd 8 continues that legacy so buy the seven inch fire which has inadequate ram if youre getting a small amazon tablet. The fire hd8 is a much better bet. Number four lenovo tab: m8 best budget tablet. Moving on, we have the tab. M8. I really do love this devices style its made from all metal and its also very thin theres a camera bump on the back, and there are also two plastic bars that help in getting the signals, because it cant penetrate metal, theres, headphone jack on top and a Slot for micro sd card on the left side, we get to see volume buttons and power buttons on the right side of this device. If you look closely, however, you can see pixels on the display, and i dont expect it to be as sharp as the displays on our phones as this is a device in a budget category. Its a good screen, though, in a category of budget and its also bright enough to use outdoors, but not in direct sunlight gaming, wise its not doing so well ive tested games like pubg, where i played at low graphics and it wasnt smooth either the system works. Well for simple stuff, in my opinion and thats, what makes me happy for a product i purchase in this price range as far as battery life goes in my test, the results were quite interesting.

I played a video on loop at minimum brightness and i find that the battery lasted for more than 23 hours, which is really nice for a device. At this price range number three samsung galaxy tab a 8.4 best for most people. Moving on, we have the a 8.4 samsung largely gets the build quality right here. The tab is slim at 7.95 by 4.93 by 0.28 inches and light at 10.93 ounces. There are power and volume buttons on the right side, a combo micro, sd and sim card slot. On the left, a regular headphone jack on top and a usbc port and dual speakers on the bottom, the galaxy tab, a 8.4 runs android 9.0 on a samsung exynos 7904 processor, with three gigabytes of ram. The samsung tab 8.4 comes with 5000 mah battery, which can run for about 10 to 12 hours. If you keep the screen brightness at a reasonable level and dont tax, the hardware too much performance wise. This device is great for web browsing and video streaming. It isnt fast, though so things wont spring to life on you as youd, expect on a more powerful device. That said, video plays back fine. It looks great on the display and the colors do look nice on the screen. The device is great for people who are new to tablets or love simplicity. This is because its affordable and also can moderately perform most of the functions that high end tablets perform.

Besides, if youre looking for an extra tablet, you can use during your leisure time to read books play games stream, movies or just surf the internet. This device might be what youre looking for number two samsung galaxy tab. Active 3 best runner up samsung produces an incredible amount of hardware each year among them is the galaxy tab, active3 a rugged tablet, thats aimed at b2b customers and those working in extreme environments. The design of the tab active3 feels like taking a trip back in time with huge bezels and physical navigation buttons below the screen. Both of these have long since been upgraded on consumer focused tablets, but they make a lot of sense on a rugged device like this. The screen itself is an 8 inch 1200 by 1900 lcd display, with a 16 to 10 aspect ratio. Its not quite the 1440p amoled display youll find on samsung flagships, but it feels well optimized for its intended purpose, with rich vivid colors and excellent detail. Its unlikely youll wish samsung invested any more in what is already a very good display. While there are a handful of samsung themed apps that you cant uninstall aka bloatware, all of these are optimized for larger displays, with all the navigation buttons located in the bottom. Half of the display. A rugged device always needs great battery life, but on paper, the tab active 3 falls slightly short of the mark. Its 5050 meh cell is smaller than youll find on many tablets, but you have to remember.

This is just an 8 inch lcd screen and not a larger oled panel. The tab active 3s industrial design, huge bezels and physical navigation buttons, make it quite, unlike any other device. Samsung makes but with good reason, number one samsung tab a7 lite best for the money. The galaxy tab a7 light appears to be a tinier lighter version of the original a7, with a smaller lower resolution 8.7 inch screen in our review of the original a7. We were a little dismayed by how dim its 10 inch screen was, so it would be nice to see the a7 lights display hit more impressive brightness levels. A smaller a7 light also appears to share its predecessors, thin bezels, a nice design touch which can make the screen feel more immersive when youre using it to watch movies or play games. The galaxy tab a7 lite sports an 8.7 inch screen with a resolution of 1340 by 800 pixels, which is good enough for a tablet at this price. The new galaxy tab – a7 lite – is shipping with an as yet unnamed optical processor, packing a quartet of 2.3 ghz cores and another quartet of 1.8 gigahertz cores that could deliver slightly better performance than the original tab a7, which had a similar qualcomm sm 6115 snapdragon 662 Octa core processor, with eight cores that maxed out at just two gigahertz samsung, has yet to provide official estimates for how long the 5100 mah battery in the galaxy tab a7 light will last under sustained use so its hard to say if it will live up to The epic 13 plus hours of battery life that the original tab a7 delivered.

Overall, i can say that the a7 lite is definitely one of the best eight inch tablets in the market buying guide resolution. Most tablets are classified by resolution capacity rather than format size and in cases of hd quality monitors resolution can become an issue. The higher the resolution of the tablet, the bigger the screen size that can be supported by that model. Buttons on a tablet are also a plus, since they save time by letting you program the most frequently used commands in a comfortable way. Cpu, if ram is the key to high performance, then a strong combination with a high end processor is directly proportional to each other. As per your requirements, lets say if youre fond of reading books or journals. Why go for a high end product than just pick the normal one, itll cost you less. If youre, looking for a tablet that you can meet all your gaming requirements with then go for the high end product with a high end, processor, size and weight tablets are designed to be mobile. Accordingly, the size and weight of any potential purchase must be considered in some cases, youll be holding the tablet for long stretches of time. So you dont want the device to be too heavy or cumbersome the lighter the better, but it shouldnt compromise durability. In the event, the tablet is dropped. The dimensions are also key measures as they determine how the device fits in your hands.