It does come with 6 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage, and that starts at just 349 euros. The screen in this is AMOLED as well. It offers also 48 megapixel camera so in this particular review I'm going to go over this phone in detail and just to point out that, yes, this was actually sent out to me by Xiaomi. Okay, I've got this and then the me Note 10 light they are to reviewing it's my first review units ever from them, but is that gon na change? My reviews, my style, not at all, so do not worry about that. Let'S. Take a look first at what we get in the box, so we have a twenty two point: five watt charger. This phone also supports power, delivery, the respec and quick charge. For now, the charging rate of the phone is only actually 20 watts and more on that later on in the battery life and changing time review portion of this video type c to USB cable. We also get a user guide warranty card and there is a cemetery tool, of course, and a TPU case is included. So this case does offer good protection for the phone and it fits it perfectly, of course, coming from the manufacturer. So, according to my scales here, it weighs 197 grams and it is approximately 8.5 millimeters thick that is measuring it in the middle now the camera does protrude by an additional, almost two millimeters, the phone comes in three colors, two of which I can show you.

So this is the cosmic grey that I have and then there is this blue, almost green or a color that they have as well, which I have with the zoom Edition, and the zoom is just showing. This is an inputted Chinese model and I do hope to see an EU release of this one. It has a 5 times optical periscope camera, otherwise it's pretty much exactly the same as this model right here so on the rear of the phone we've got some curved glass. That means in hand it does feel very nice. The front glass here is Gorilla Glass, 5 and you can see where the fingerprint reader is located. For me, it should be a bit higher about here, that's what they normally do. Even the AMIA notes. 10 light does actually have the fingerprint read about here and there k 30 pro and the poker f2 pro as well so it's just a little bit lower down, but it does work very well it's, very quick face, unlocking as well as excellent. Very there no problems now these power button, this power button here and the volume up and down that is made out of plastic. The frame around the outside is actually all plastic too, as well with this one it's, a very solid hard plastic and the paint job and finish on the outside makes it always feel like it is metal, a very dense plastic that they have used now, the bezels You can see that top and bottom they're, not the slimmest there, but I don't think they're too bad and a front facing camera.

Well, this one is 16 megapixels. It does have a status LED next to the earpiece, as you can see it lights up white only with this particular one here and then okay, this SIM tray down the bottom. It takes two nano Sims. There is, unfortunately, no micro SD card support with this one. Now the type support this is USB 2 spec, no video outs to be expected and we've got a downloads flying microphone up the top. We have a secondary mic for noise cancellation and used in video for stereo, and then we've got a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with very good quality out of this one, and it managed to include also an IR transmitter which is really good for controlling various different home Appliances like air conditioning, for example, so covered in glass here are the four rear cameras. We'Ve got a dual tone LED flash now. The main sensor is a 48 megapixel Omni vision sensor, and this one has an aperture of f17 9. We have an 8 megapixel ultra wide, which is probably the weakest camera out of all of the cameras on this one, and it has a field of view of 120 degrees and an F 2.2 aperture there's. Also, 2 2 megapixel cameras. One is for depth information, the other one is for macros. Now we have a fantastic display in this particular phone. It is very good, I'm very happy with this one. The brightness stops out to be 720 notes of brightness under display settings right here.

We'Ve got all typical options, but what isn't? Always there is the DC dimming? So this is hardware DC dimming for this full HD super amoled, sorry AMOLED panel here and the color schemes you can tweak it if you're not happy with it out of the box. So I've noticed that original kernel, for my eyes looks the best, but a lot of people would stick it on auto, which has more of a bluish tint to the whites. But of course you can adjust it the white balance, if you prefer it a little bit warmer than that is all there now. The edge detection sensitivity very good on the screen as well, and what about accidental palm rejection touches, and things like that. So palm rejection is also good to find two ticks that if you're holding it and your palm happens to get in the way it won't actually register that that's. Another good thing to have there now when we go under here into got reading mode as well. You'Ve. Also got a brightness level there too, and dark mode all in the settings, and your typical scaling is all there now real world images do look very nice on this particular panel. I love the fact that this is actually a flat screen as well. We'Ve got a curvature on the me note Tim light, and I prefer this flat panel. I think it's actually a lot better than that one. So, on the original mode, the camera is somewhere between about 2.

3 and 2.4, more I'd say 2.3 here, which is not bad. After to point to that, we ideally want so this one does come with Android 10 we've got me ooh. I 11 at the time of this video, so it's not shipping. Yet with me, I twelve that's going to be a while away yet before we see that now the performance of it it's, very quick, it does feel nice and smooth. It does feel fluid most of the time now, occasionally, if you're doing something very demanding so you're in camera, and you decide that I'm gon na record say 4k video get out of it and you go up to recent tasks or apps you'll see that sometimes all Hang on that wasn't, quite a smooth animation that occasionally it does happen with this one too and I'm. Seeing this a lot with me too, I never got the six gigabytes of RAM here to believe we have a run about half of that is free to us and I'm. Just going to clear memory at the moment now notice that a couple of times it's happened. Just very very odd, but I will mention it as it sometimes when I've just gone while being in a different application, gone up and swiped up and seeing that all the icons just disappear for a split second, and then they appear again as if me, why just Relaunches in a split second, but overall, it is a very good in terms of performance, but I'll get onto now some benchmarks, so the charge time of this one is over an hour, as I mentioned at the Stabbin, just how long well look at this 84 minutes To go from 3 to 100, with that 20 watts charging that this one does have now.

I'Ve also tested it out just to get to 32 percent here what the 30 percent is gon na take about 20 minutes, so that's not actually too bad it's. Still a very for the size of this battery, which is 4116 milliamp hours via, and this does give us some really good battery life now. This is actually a better score than basically the same phone, which is the me 10 youth Edition that I reviewed in the channel. They'Ve got a bit less here, but almost 16 hours puts it right up the top there it's, almost Nick and Nick, really with the poco f2 Pro and the K 30 Pro in terms of Bello. So this is the definite 2 day. Mobile phone for most people and even really demanding use will still make it through a full day. Now a very good signal, strength here with GPS, we get a good average and you do see a lot of satellites. I mean 69 and view 26 in use and you cannot get any better than the three meters of accuracy. Unfortunately, with the Qualcomm chips now wireless for a mid range phone, very good maximum speeds right next to the router, just just to see the maximum throughput here. 567 megabits per second and my typical spot, where I measure this is downstairs quite a way away from my router it's still getting over 200 meters per second, you can see, on average there's, actually very good for a medium spec phone and to to score great, not Bad at all, for what it is.

This is a really good performance, and that means the phone doesn't feel like it's, definitely not low end it's, quite a good performer here. According to Geekbench school here as well, keep your inch v. I mean it's good that's good, for what is the chipset so got. Uf is 2.1 storage here and very good, sequential, read and writes a really good speeds and the random reads and writes so that it's not gon na, be a bottleneck. All of this, not at all this particular phone, so we've got camera 2 API level 3 support. This means look in the future for some Google gkm port. So, if you're interested in that in a wide vine level, one set, of course, with this one now the other model – I reviewed, because it was a Chinese web didn't have it, but we do have it, of course, with this being the global version, global ROM, so That means Netflix and all those sort of things in Full HD. So why am i showing you this advertisement about motorbikes? Well, this is one thing it's still in the system apps, so the cleaner Apple are the apps you use. You will see this and I don't particularly like this. Why do they need to put the adverts in me UI at least they're? Not the kind of ads that I I was seeing earlier on. You can see that's just come up there when I cleaned out some of the bloatware.

This does come with, so there is actually about 1.4 gigabytes of pre installed stuff that you can easily remove. You just go into your applications and you can just uninstall them and once I did that and that's where another advert popped up there. So you have about a hundred and nine gigabytes free on the 128 gigabyte version here, and there is right here you can see that I am on the latest version two of the software as well, and the security patch level is April with this one on to Our audio now so I have placed a few voice calls. After all, these are phone's, so call quality what's it like good, no problems, no problems whatsoever. The other side said that I sounded fine too, and they did as well. The earpiece quality is acceptable, great, actually it's, not a problem. Now, what about wired tick, so I've tested out some headphones, any er ones and they sound excellent. This is one area that she'll me differently for me excels in in it as the analog audio output and I've also tested out sound Bluetooth earbuds. These are the elite, 75 T's and for some random reason they did actually disconnect Omni, which doesn't normally happen. I don't know why that was it. Just hopefully was just a one off kind of thing there, but I thought I would report that now loudspeaker down the bottom, just a single one. It actually does sound very good, as you hear, from the sample there's a bit of bass to it, and the volume is also very good and it doesn't distort Music Applause Music.

So it comes with their game turbo. You can add your games in here and they normally automatically added. So there is an option to boost a performance and what it's basically doing is just clearing out memory and enabling us to have more memory, then for gaming. Now there are settings in here as well that you can set up a do not disturb mode. So if you're in the middle of a call, the duty gaming session or mobile agency, you don't get interrupted, then you're able to do that and various other little tweaks on there. So you can also do screen capturing so recording footage at the actual native screen resolution. At 30 frames per second up to 20 megabits per second, as the quality you can record, and it actually does come out pretty good and look quite decent. So what about the actual gains performance? The gaming performance, a Call of Duty I've noticed, runs at 45 frames per second on the maximum frames per second option medium to high setting. It does perform really well now Shadowgun legends, a more demanding game. Doesn'T here suffer from the issue I saw with the Snapdragon 765 G in the meeting youth that one is seemed to strop it down to about twenty thirty frames per second, this at least performs a lot better. It does as a result, get a little bit warmer I've noticed, but nothing that's actually alarming in terms of temperatures, so this is of course I passively called mobile that after one hour of gaming, it will start to heat up and get warm on the back around Forty or so degrees is what I have seen up to about forty one, forty two again.

This is actually normal onto our cameras. Now that probably a lot of you are interested in so right here we got a whole typical photo mode. You can do it two times: digital photo, which does degrade the quality a little bit. Forty, eight megapixel mode. Now you normally gain a little bit more in terms of detail, but a little bit more noise and a larger file size and honestly it's not really worth it. I think portrait mode night mode also works with the front facing camera. An interesting one here is pro mode, so pro mode shutter rate goes up to thirty seconds, max ISO up to 6400 max you can choose which lens you want to shoot. You can also shoot pro mode with 48 megapixels and there is no raw. Unfortunately, here with the pro camera now pro video mode, two Handy's, that you can tap and hold to lock the focus and exposure which is quite good to stop it from shifting out on you, you can also set those individually too. If you wanted to and then you've got your typical other modes and they're like AI mode and things like that, which does kind of oversaturate it a little bit, and I wouldn't really use that one ai camera and also macro right there let's have a look. Now add some samples shot on the meat 10 light 5g. So this is the main. Camera can shoot. 4K 30 frames per second max, oh no, 4k, 60, and it does have really good electronic image.

Stabilization you're probably hearing a little bit of wind noise and if I do sound muffled it's, because I am wearing a mask that I have to do by law here now when I pan you'll see that sometimes we get a few little jealous. But I'll try and take it really easy here. You can get some excellent results, so nice, sharp 4k video here good quality and we'll take a look now at the ultra wide. So the ultra wide also has that excellent electronic image stabilization quality now not quite as good it's, 1080p maximum that we have with this one, and I just jog ahead. You see that stability is so good as long as you just take it really easy easy. No real fast movements as bells come out really nice. Now, if you're wondering, where am i shooting this, this is in Daniel US or Oto's I've, now tapped the ultra steady mode, so this should be even smoother and they just jog down these steps here, it's, not too bad video now with a front facing camera. So it's 1080p maximum with this and yes, there is no electronic image stabilization with the front facing camera, so the crop isn't too bad. As a result of this I'm holding this out at a normal kind of distance, I can extend my arm a little bit more. So if they were to – and hopefully they do this as an electronic image stabilization – the crop would probably be about here – then it brings it in a lot closer.

But then the footage wouldn't shake around because you can see is if I start to walk you'll, see that it does trim around and move around all over the place that, to my electronic image, stabilization with the front facing camera would be really good. Now the audio bitrate is somewhere between 92 and 96 kilobits per second. I hope they can improve upon this, because other manufacturers are using 320 color bits per second like show me on their flagships, but their mid range and low end phones. They don't tend to do this yet, but hopefully that is going to change. The quality is very good for 1080p video it's. Just we really do need that electronic image stabilization Music, Music, all right. So what do you think about those camera samples there? A lot of people are worried about that Omni vision, sensor and, I think it's somewhere really between, say the Samsung sensors. We typically see all the Sony's. The Sony's are still going to be better there. The I MX series that we get now it does offer very, very good video stabilization. I am impressed. They are making definitely some improvements and they're able to be a stabilization. It just looks really really good very smooth. Now the sharpness isn't quite there because of the a IES crop, even that's 4k. It still is very good and captures so much data there. So I wouldn't worry too much about that. The weakness with the cameras is the ultra white.

I feel because the ultra high cameras – 8 megapixels, the lens they've gone with it – is okay. Don'T get me wrong. I love my ultra wide cameras it's just when you do crop, and you will see that there is a little bit of store Shin on the edges, which is typical. Now the software does correct a little bit of there, but you get a little bit more noise and it's, just not amazing quality there. Now that 2 megapixel macro the macro camera. I think a lot of people were probably agree with me on this that I really wish that Jeremy had gone with, perhaps say a does 2 x optical or something else. I think a lot more people would use a zoom over a macro there anyway that's just my input on that one there. So what about the rest of the phone? I think the build quality. A lot of people could again be concerned about the plastic on this. It is a plastic frame around the outside gorilla glass on the front glass on the rear and it doesn't feel cheap at all. This is a very good build quality. This is a typical Xiaomi, a really nice screen on this as well. Six point: five, seven inches AMOLED, very, very good. The fingerprint unlocking works quite quick and fast it's working a lot better for me, then the note 10 light which will be up and coming in the channel soon that to keep review now the location of it.

As I pointed out, I think it's just a little too low. I really wish they'd move it up. They'Ve done that with a lot of their phone, so that a note 10 light actually has it at a high position and then their premium poco f2. Okay, their flagship sand in the case third approach. Well, it does it have it having a better location, that's, just a minor little complaint there rear. We have so much on offer here for the price the base spec. For that 349 euros. Really I mean we've got IR blaster 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, really good quality, good battery life there's just so much on over here. I think they've really done it. This is a very good really it's. Just the software optimization. We do need those typical things. I point out: I hope that show me now that it was sending me review. You it's, I hope, they're watching this review as well. It would be nice to get some electronic image stabilization on that front facing camera just to make that footage a lot more usable for us. We may lose some sharpness, but I think a lot of people will agree of me that's, the trade off that I think a lot of us will actually be willing to to take there now the audio bitrate, 96 kilobits per second or sometimes 92. I really wish that they would up this to 320 or even 100 in 92, something a bit higher just to give us improved quality there with the audio that's.

One of the minor complaints that I caught often keep repeating in my videos there and then me. Oh I'm EOI is running very well on this, but the occasional little glitch still does appear. I noticed it. Sometimes it will do that split. Second, you just lose everything that's on the screen and the icons will also move flashback and it's I'm talking about a millisecond it's, very, very quick bit, but it's there and sometimes the occasional little lag. So optimisation is all just really down to software. So if they focus again, they can prove the software which I'm sure they will work. These firmware updates coming through. You have a fantastic phone here for the price I mean that's, never Dragan, 765 chip, it's really good. I think a lot of people gon na be very happy with that. A lot of people don't actually need the 865. They don't need the flagship performance you don't play a lot of games and even for gaming, this is still really good. As I showed you, it does get a little hot to the touch, but didn't notice any of the problems of its a throttling down that they did with the Chinese release, which is the meat in a zoom Edition. Now I hope soom Edition is also coming to Europe. That would be really great for those of us that want the periscope 5 times zoom camera so in the channel soon will be the review of the me Note, 10 light and there's a lot of releases from Xiaomi and I hope to cover more of them.

I hope that sherry will send me out more review units as well. So let me know in the comments I wouldn't think about this phone.