Wireless headsets with microphone brand jlab model name, go work; color black form, factor on ear connectivity; technology, BlueTooth, 3.5, millimeters, aux top 5 Amazon product. Welcome to my Amazon product review. Channel number one jlab go work: wireless headsets with microphone; 45 plus playtime, PC, Bluetooth, headset and multi; point connect to laptop computer and mobile wired or wireless headphones with microphone. Dual connectivity with Bluetooth multi point connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to your PC, Mac, mobile and more or plug in with the included USBC to 3.5 millimeters, cable plus with Bluetooth, multi point technology. You can connect to any two devices simultaneously transition from Mobile to laptop. Without touching any settings clear calls C3 calling uses dual microphones, One mic picks up your voice and the other eliminates environmental sounds around you so that your voice remains Crystal Clear, anytime anywhere all week. Playtime and comfort youll get a full 45 plus hour work week on one charge and all day, comfort with Cloud foam, ear cups, rotate the boom microphone for listening, only and back down to take a call or video conference. Total control, quick mute indicator be in complete control to play pause answer, reject volume, mute and track control with the convenient multi functional buttons located on the headset or choose between two EQ settings, work or music mode quickly. Toggle the mute function via the controls on the headset, a red LED at the end of the boom mic easily indicates whether mute is on no more of the dreaded.

Youre muted on video conferences includes: go work, Wireless on ear, headset type, c, charging, cable type c to 3.5 millimeters aux cable for Wired use jlab 2 year. Warranty, jlab audio is an award winning designer of personal audio, including bluetooth, earbuds headphones and speakers founded in 2005. Our mission is to enhance how you go through life, with Incredible sound, inspired design and Innovative technology without the Rockstar bill. True to our Roots, hashtag team jlab embodies the SoCal life laid back upbeat, energy and an active lifestyle. No matter your passion, we keep you going with high quality gear, inspired designs and world class hassle. Free customer support it doesnt matter how you go just go, enjoy ultimate comfort with form fit ear cups, Ultra plush Cloud foam cushions and the adjustable headband go work or play all day with our longest 50 plus hour battery life jam out to oldies, todays hits or Even a podcast with jlabs custom eq3 sound, listen to your tunes all day, like a pro without anything, stopping you. I use these as my go to work, headphones for teams meetings, the occasional recording session and listening to videos or music for work purposes when Im on site and dont want to bring my 200 jabras from home lets be clear. These are not a competitor for two hundred dollars: jabras, however, they hold up against the competition in their class. The good jlab created a good product for everyday work, use combining a robust headpiece that stands up to daily use with comfort features like wide padded on ear headphones.

I find the ear cups soft. The padding, especially welcome with the pliable netting, positioned right. They create a limited noise. Canceling effect. I can hear myself speak without too much outside interruption in an open plan. Office controls are easy to use and understand press a button to mute the headset or easily adjust the volume up or down with the Press of a button. I have no problem pairing the headset to my HP work laptop. The jlab performs reliably in most tasks and its got outstanding. Battery life a charge lasts me at least 12 to 24 hours, depending on usage, sound quality, the microphone works, fine for teams, meetings and similar conversations. The received sound quality is quite good in meetings. Everyone is clear and understandable. Listening to video or music, I get a full range of sound without any obvious tinniness or lack of bass. It can do what I need, though, Im not a sound engineer: the meh, the jlab microphone a subpar for recording, especially using any standard Adobe software, snagit, articulate or the like. I would give it two fifths for that. I simply dont bother recording unless I absolutely must, due to how flat one dimensional and distant the microphone recording quality comes out. Ive tried multiple different software and its not me its. You Jayla number two Lorelei X6 over ear headphones with microphone, lightweight foldable and portable stereo base headphones with 1.45 M no tangle wired headphones for smartphone tablet, MP3 quarters, space, black immerse yourself into the beat these headphones with microphone, adopt high definition, 40 millimeters driver and compact Ear cups, design which deliver exceptionally clear, sound with full dynamic range and Rich bass and crisp mids, effortless style and powerful sound.

Let you tune into your own rhythms, with the set of on ear headphones designed for maximum Comfort. Ultra Soft ear cushions and padded headband provide you a fatigue, free listening experience, even wearing these on ear headphones during a long session. Adjustable slider helps you achieve the perfect fit without constraint. You can easily use these stereo headphones for your workouts job commute or just for listening at home, durable and folding design. These headphones with microphone and bright colors are built meticulously, with strong and sturdy plastic for long, lasting resilience and durability. Premium 1.5 meters, nylon, braiding, cord doesnt, tangle or Kink suitable for adults and childrens lightweight and foldable design, make these wired headphones easy to put into your package and Take Along anywhere easy in line control with microphone friendly, inline microphone for making calls and skipping tracks forward. And back these on ear, headphones with microphone support a wide range of devices like cell phones, computers, laptops, mp3 mp4 players, other 3.5 millimeters audio jack devices for Jim listening to music and games, happy customers, we are committed to serving customers with reliable quality products. Lorelei continues to deliver the best user experience with Innovative technology from a trusted brand. Please feel free to contact us. If you have any request, we will solve your problem within 24 hours. Im not sure my headphone volume was not working on left side and the right side was slowly fading out. I did receive a speedy refund and told to trash by seller.

If the two year old will sit still, then I think so they are adjustable. I got them for myself, but I have tried putting them on my one year old. It stayed in place, but it wasnt snug and the second. She started squirming and grabbing them. They came right off my daughter needed headphones for school, but did not want earbuds as she found them to be uncomfortable. I was hesitant to get earphones because I thought they would be too bulky to wear or carry to and from school, but these are really great. They are collapsible easy to store, carry in a standard backpack and come in great colors for number three special feature: lightweight volume, control, microphone, feature, form, factor on ear, included, components, JBL, tune, 510bt type c; charging, cable, warranty, warning, quick, start guide safety sheet connectivity technology, Bluetooth, 5.0 connector type USB type c, the tune 510 BT wireless headphones feature: renowned, JBL, pure bass, sound, which can be found in the most famous venues all around the world. With wireless Bluetooth, 5.0 streaming, you can stream wirelessly from your device and even switch between two devices. So that you dont miss a call for long lasting fun, listen wirelessly for up to 40 hours and recharge the battery in as little as two hours with the convenient type cusb cable, a quick five minute recharge, gives you two additional hours of music easily control your Sound and manage your calls from your headphones with the convenient buttons on the ear cup, Siri or hey.

Google is just a button away activate the voice assistant of your device by pushing the multi function button our JBL tune, 510bt wireless on ear headphones with purebase sound doesnt. Have the active noise canceling feature the 500 lists for 150 and the 510 lists for fifty dollars? They are similar, but not the same. The 500 is over the ear and the 510 is on ear. The 500 has larger drivers. The 500 was on sale last Christmas for forty dollars, so price is something to keep UI on no our JBL tuned 510 BT. As a pure wireless headphone, and you can only use a 3.5 millimeters aux cable for a wired connection, our JBL tuned 510 BT wireless on ear headphone has a better battery life of 40 hours versus the e45 BT 16 hours. A newer Bluetooth version 5.0 versus the version 4.1 of the latter. The t510bt also features voice assistance like Siri and Google Assistant. Please visit our website to know more about this product below is my day of review. I really like these a lot, not being noise. Canceling isnt an issue at all, but they are really making my ears hurt. Ive never had this issue with headphones before I wear headphones about half the day, so Im used to wearing them. Often Ive made them as large as they go, but they dont widen only lengthen, so it hasnt helped Im going to finish out the week with them. I really hope they loosen up Im guessing they are too tight.

Dont know why else they would hurt my ears. I wish the company could reply to this. Maybe Ill leave a question see if they have an idea how to fix this. Otherwise, though they are perfect phone calls. Computer works great on both and as it should, if I have to be on a phone call while listening to computer, I know Im making this review really long. I apologize for that. Just want to keep them. They are great, except for the painful ears like behind my ears, at the top, where they connect to my head feels almost bruised. It goes away after not wearing them for about 15 minutes, but it takes that long for the pain to stop number four headphones over ear: 60 hours, Playtime foldable lightweight wireless headphones, HiFi stereo, with 6 EQ modes bass, adjustable headset with built in HD mic, FM SD Tf for PC home brand, two integer color black form factor over ear connectivity technology; Wireless wired, Bluetooth, 5.0, Wireless communication technology, Bluetooth up to 60 hours of play time with up to 60 hours of listening time of our over ear headphones in Bluetooth mode triple as much As other Bluetooth, headphones, youll always have music to inspire. You come with a 3.5 millimeters audio cable, regardless of whether you want to use wireless headset or wired headphones to integer. Bluetooth headset can satisfy you, Hi Fi stereo headphones with high definition, stereo headphones and devanced. Bluetooth. 5.0 chip are foldable headphones aim to deliver you Superior sound quality with High Fidelity, deep bass and Crystal Clear treble, lose yourself in immersive music, even in the lowest volume levels.

The goal that provide customers with outstanding sound quality as our constant Pursuit, optimized sound quality with six EQ modes, two integer adjustable headphones have six EQ modes, which you can freely switch between bass, Jazz voice, rock pop classic sounds each mode provides you with a CD quality. Sound two integer portable headphones is always up to date for better sound effects and a better listening experience, Bluetooth, 5.0 and built in microphone built in 240, millimeters, large bezel driver units and Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Our overhead headphones can offer more stable transmission, speed, lower latency and better audio output, which give you wonderful, music enjoyment and built in microphone of our lightweight headphones, enables a hands free, clear phone communication which, like talking face to face with your friends, comfortable and foldable design. The on ear, headset are designed for long term Comfort. The soft over ear pillows have advanced ventilation and a unique ergonomic fit for an individual fit for every head shape. They are foldable and adjustable which makes sure that the ear is snug around your ears for a better sound experience and immersed in the full. Sound tuitiger is the best choice for home office, School travel and Sport by unisex kids, teens and adults. The computer USB port does not provide enough voltage to charge them all the way you need a charging block that plugs into the wall with 2.1 V or better. I love these headphones. While they are not advertising as noise cancellation, they do very well for me.

I can hear some sudden or loud outside noises, but not easily understand what Im hearing outside of the headphones, its absolutely perfect for a busy homeschool Mom. It drowns out the noise of our busy household, while still allowing me to realize when things are getting out of hand. If I keep the volume down, I can actually hold a conversation, though not well. If you are looking for true noise cancellation, I recommend you spend more money on something that advertises its noise canceling technology. The sound quality is truly better than anything else. Ive tried, I tend to not spend much on earbuds OT headphones FYI. I do love the six options of EQ as a someone with an untrained ear. I can still pick up major sound differences in three to four settings, but at least two sound very, very similar one makes music, podcasts and TV shows sound, very muffled, but I dont know what I would use that one for so Im assuming its desired. For something specific, the look is Sleek and pretty I have the silver one. The fit is comfortable. I have a fairly normal sized head and it fits well enough when adjusted somewhere between the smallest and largest setting. My son has an enormous head. We frequently have to return or modify clothes to fit over it. These headphones adjust to fit just fine. I do struggle with the fee of eyeglasses and headbands on my head, but these I can wear for a few hours on a good day.

I have sensory issues and crave headphones to give some ambient noise or to Simply drown out the background noise. These are great for that. My only criticisms are going to non consequential for most. The blue light that shows its on is terrible. Its a large circle of neon blue that lights up my bedroom at night and blinks, which cant be fun for my husband, but I can easily cover it if Im laying in bed but its in my peripheral vision when I dont cover it, I have light sensitivity Enough that this is an issue and Im brainstorming, a few ideas of covering it up. The other issue I have is that I struggle to push the proper buttons on the headphones without taking them completely off some raised. Symbols would go a very long way to remedying this issue. Im sure it wont be a permanent issue and will become easier. As I become more familiar Howie.