They started as a simple replacement for high priced windows laptops and are now considered as one of the top class laptops before we get into the video make sure to subscribe to our channel also don’t forget to hit the bell icon to get notified every time we Post a new video time, some of the chromebooks have shaken the tech industry with all of their features. Low price portability and ease of use. Some chromebooks have swooned many people, their beautiful and versatile designs are hard to ignore. Some of the chromebooks are even two in one, which means you can easily convert them from a whole office setup to a portable entertainment place in today’s video. We will be talking about the top 5 best chromebooks available in the market without any further ado. Let’S get into the video google pixel book go so far. Pixelbook go is one of the best chromebooks ever made. It is sleek, modern and versatile let’s get into the amazing features the pixelbook has to offer. One of the main reasons you need to buy this laptop is the battery life. It’S got an amazing battery life which can beat all the windows laptops. You can carry this sleek laptop anywhere and practically forget about recharging it. You can easily complete a full day at work or school without worrying twice about recharging it. What else could you ask for it gives you enough coverage throughout the day the model is very simple and minimalistic.

Unlike the other flashy laptops, the keyboard is phenomenal. It’S very quiet and comfortable to use you can easily produce creative content with the easy to use and silent keyboard. Okay, you are going to bowl your eyes out after watching this beautiful two in one chromebook lenovo has done an amazing job here. This laptop is phenomenal. You must have heard about the jam pack 10 hours long battery life, but lenovo offers a battery timing of 22 hours. Now, that is amazing. The laptop is extremely portable with its lightweight. You can carry your whole workstation anywhere if you are not willing to spend a lot of money on a chromebook. Lenovo ideapad is the best option for you in the market, so go ahead and check it out, hp, chromebook 14. Well, we do have a hp chromebook in the rundown. We all know that, from the best business laptops to best chromebooks hp has always left a bit of an impression. The 14 inch laptop is a two in one and allows a full 360 degree. Flip, your creativity and productivity are just a flip away now, with its outstanding performance and long lasting battery life, the chromebook will make its way to your heart. Another very impressive thing about this new laptop is its sleekness. The laptop is very lightweight and you can carry it around all day without getting tired. The heavy laptops are such a turn off these days. So you definitely need to opt for this easy to use.

Chromebook asus chromebook flip the asus chromebook flip is one of the most premium chromebooks available in the market. The thin stylish chromebook is a statement on its own with a full hd display. You can easily edit all your videos and photos without any trouble. The performance is outstanding and the thin metallic chassis will make you gasp in awe. The model is well built, thin and very modern. The battery timings will last you all day so carry on without getting worried about recharging it. The chromebook is very affordable and portable. So go ahead and check it out: acer, chromebook 314, if you want a crisp vivid display, opt for the acer 314. The chromebook is an amazing tech piece which is an absolute joy to use. I personally suggest you go and check it out in the market, though. The price of this chromebook is pretty low as compared to with competitors, but it’s going to give you a phenomenal performance. How could we forget about the touchpad and the keyboard? Both of them are amazing and beautifully built work all day with that comfortable keyboard without getting tired, that’s it for today’s video. If you like, this video make sure to give it a like and share it with your friends, we will be back with more videos.