You can also go through the different color spaces like that, but the absolute best thing you know what the absolute best thing is: well it’s, also a time machine, yeah, that’s right. I kid you not. I found out by accident. So what you do is you go into time, machine mode and then you set the date. Let’S say 1964 there and then go 1964. huh. I don’t really like the look of this. Maybe let’s try something else: 1984, maybe there and go yeah this. I like more 80s revival, so there you go the hot key, puck, slash time, machine, really: cool Music, wow. Okay, i think that’s enough 80s revival for one day, let’s just come back to 2021.; okay, guys so back to business. What do i have for you today? This video is a review of the new benq sw271c, a 27 inch professional 4k photo and video editing monitor. Now, why do i specifically say photo and video well that’s, because these days, a lot of people, including me, are doing both content creation is a thing. Hybrid cameras are a thing and the popularity of video is still growing. Camera companies are putting a lot of money in developing both photo and video features. So, ideally, if you’re going to buy a monitor today, it might as well be some kind of hybrid monitor right. A monitor that allows you to work in both video and photo color spaces and that’s really important for me.

Adobe rgb, srgb, rec, 709 hdr, so benq sent me this one. The sw271c asked me to try it out and make a review about it, but of course they didn’t ask me to glorify their product. This is not an ad. This is my honest opinion. After a few weeks of using and testing this monitor and all of this from my point of view, a content creator, i can already tell you it’s – been quite a revolutionary experience. Okay, so let me just start by saying it’s, not the most modern, looking display out there these days, everybody wants the screen to go all the way to the edges. You know super thin bezels slick and clean. The bezels here are not super thin, but it also doesn’t look bad. I kinda like it and you shouldn’t pick a monitor based on looks anyway, so the build quality is really good. A heavy and sturdy stand made out of metal. The material surrounding the screen is plastic, but it almost feels like metal, and it looks great and then there’s also this the handle now, depending on how high you want the screen, you might or might not see this. I don’t mind it sticking out at the top, and i also really love that handle because i’m, someone who likes to reorganize my workspace from time to time or even move everything to another room and if you’ve ever tried to move a 27 inch imac. For example.

Well, you’ll appreciate this handle even more. You can’t see it now. I think no, but anyway it’s a really nice feature to move this monitor without worrying, about dropping it or whatever. You know the monitor, also swivels, and you can rotate it to a vertical position, so build quality and design no complaints at all. It feels durable and sturdy. The screen is also anti glare, it’s matte, but not super matte, so in a bright room, you’re, probably gon na want to use the shading hood that comes with it. Then, on the back, we have all the ports, the classics, two hdmi ports, a display port, but also a usb c port and i’m. Actually, using that usb c port right now and it’s also powering my macbook, which is a really nice feature. I just need one cable to connect my macbook to this monitor. Now the output of that usbc port is 60 watts. So, depending on what kind of device you connect to the monitor or depending on what you’re doing, if you’re, rendering a 4k video, for example, you might still see the power percentage going down slowly so keep that in mind, but for regular use, no problem, it’s charging, Then there’s the usb hub with two usb 3 ports and an sd card reader, but it’s on the back, so especially the card reader it’s a bit hidden, i don’t, know i’m, not sure i will use that very often, but it’s there.

Overall. This looks and feels like a premium product, so this is a 27 inch 4k display that supports 10 bit color. Now, that might seem like overkill and for a lot of people. It is, but if you’re a professional or an amateur who wants the best this is it remember my video, where i compared a commercial shot in 1080 to a commercial shot in 4k, 10 bits and 4k 8 bit and most people didn’t notice, any significant difference when Watching on youtube? Well, if you’d watch that commercial on a 4k display like this, the difference is huge colors resolution. Everything looks amazing that’s when you realize how bad youtube compression really is. This monitor allows a super wide gamut, 99, adobe rgb and 100 srgb and rec 709, the color accuracy, a delta e, less than 2 means well. The colors are super accurate, that’s, what it means, it’s, also an ips panel, which means that it has a wide viewing angle and it really feels like a hybrid monitor, because i used adobe rgb for my photography, but i can easily switch to srgb. So that means that i can edit in adobe rgb, but when i’m editing for my website or for instagram, which are both srgb, i can easily switch and see what that photo looks like in both color spaces and then for video editing, i’m, usually in rec, 709 Or srgb for youtube – and that brings me to the hotkey puck this little thing you hear it might seem like a gimmick, but if you’re a hybrid shooter and you’re working in different color spaces.

This thing is amazing seriously. First of all, you can access the menu super simple, but you can also program these three custom buttons to do whatever you want. I usually have them set to srgb rec 709 and adobe rgb, but you can even do black and white and it just speeds up your workflow. I love this thing. I also like the 16 to 9 aspect ratio of the screen because i’m, not into those super wide screens. I don’t know why it just doesn’t appeal to me editing in photoshop and davinci resolve in the 16 to 9 aspect ratio. It looks great everything is where it should be: there’s a lot of space for the timeline, a big playback window. This is perfect for me and then on top of all that there’s also hdr, now hdr it’s, not yet where it should be it’s, not a streamlined thing yet, but davinci resolve now has a hdr editing tab. There are youtube videos in hdr, so it’s becoming a thing more and more that’s. Why? I also like that this monitor supports hdr, it’s future proof. Let’S talk about 4k for a minute because when you switch from a 1080 screen or even a 2k screen to a 4k screen, there’s a big difference, some people say that 2k is the limit. 4K overkill. I don’t know if i agree with that, but it’s true, that on a 4k screen and you don’t scale anything the text is all super small low resolution photos are also small, so you’re gon na have to find the settings that work for you that you can Still read the text but i’m used to mac os and i didn’t encounter any problems.

Davinci resolve looks great photoshop. Also the desktop safari scaling all that on mac os just works, but yeah 4k. What can i say guys? It looks great photos. High resolution photos. Look amazing and honestly, once you start editing, 4k footage on a 4k monitor, there’s, no way back but yeah. If you’re, not editing, 4k footage or high resolution photos. I don’t think you should buy a 4k monitor unless you really want to watch 4k content. But then you shouldn’t buy a professional photo and video editing monitor like this. This is what makes this monitor a professional monitor hardware calibration so instead of calibrating through software, only there’s actually a chip built in, and you calibrate the hardware in the monitor. That, of course, will give you the absolute best results. Now it comes factory calibrated, so you can use it straight out of the box, but you should definitely calibrate a monitor like this regularly, and it also means that you’re gon na have to buy some kind of calibration device. Music i’ve used monitors like this. In the past, but they were all targeted at professional photographers and not so much videographers, and then i started traveling and i got used to using my laptop for everything. Also editing. Then i came back home from traveling and until recently i was still using my laptop for everything because i had gotten used to it, but now that i’ve been testing this monitor for a few weeks, man, i don’t know why i was still using my laptop.

I realize again now that, if you’re a professional and you invest a lot of money in the best tools, cameras lenses well, the monitor is also an important tool just as important as your camera and your lenses. The difference between this – and this is massive – even typing – a script in a text editor is so much more enjoyable but, of course, editing in davinci, resolve and photoshop being able to switch between color spaces with super accurate colors is for me the biggest game changer. It makes my workflow a lot smoother and it’s, just more enjoyable to look at your work and the screen for hours and then i’m, not even talking about this little hotkey, puck, okay, guys so it’s a few days later and as you can see my enthusiasm for This monitor all gone because i found out the price no i’m kidding, guys i’m kidding. I mean i’m kidding and i’m not kidding because i still think it’s a beast of a monitor but it’s, not cheap, it’s, expensive, it’s, 14.99 euros or around 1599 us dollars. That’S. Not cheap and it’s also quite a bit more compared to the previous model. On the other hand, you do get more features. The usb connection that powers, your laptop hlg support, third party calibration support, also for hdr third generation, color uniformity, technology, color, consistency, technology and some more video editing features for the full list. I recommend you to go to the benq website, but it’s definitely an upgrade and it’s.

Also, definitely a professional photo and video editing monitor but that’s the thing it’s targeted at professionals or amateurs who want the absolute best. You do get a lot of features in one monitor, including hdr. So all those features in one monitor will please most hybrid shooters and that’s exactly my point, it’s only worth it if you’re going to use all those features, so i think it’s a monitor for people who need perfectly accurate colors, but also people who print their work And also shoot video and also need hdr support for those people definitely recommend it. If you’re never going to use those hdr profiles or extra video features, then another model might be more suited for you at a better price. You can compare all the models on the benq website. My advice, as always, is if you’re planning to buy something list, all the features that you need and compare different models: different brands, different price ranges, because, just like cameras and lenses, there are a lot of great monitors. But you have to find the right one for your workflow and your needs just because this is a great monitor. Doesn’T mean that it’s, the right one for you and that’s it guys. Thank you so much for watching and see you in the next one.