We got a bunch of different accessories for the iPad Pro that I think, will be very beneficial to you. We got a stand, we got a case. We have some adapters that well talk about. We do have a writing device, we got some OTG adapters, a mouse storage and also a keyboard over here. So these are just a few of the devices that I use on a daily basis. So lets talk Applause, Music! Thank you. So Ive actually moved a lot of this stuff to the side. You can kind of see it hanging out. Uh. First thing we want to talk about is one of my favorite newest items. This is a stand from the company Banks. Now I did a full review on this and I did a short and I want to appreciate everybody out there who watched that short. But a lot of people had further questions, so this does not work with any case for an iPad. I do have a moffed magnetic stand sticker on the back of that. It will work with that on there. So if you do have any of those from moft using their stands, uh go ahead and just snap it on now a lot of people said: do you hold this base, and I just I did demonstrate this in the full video, but you dont have to hold The base, while you turn it, you do not have to hold the base as you tilt it going up and down you.

Dont have to hold the base Im just holding the base. To give me some Leverage, but you dont have to hold that base. This is a fully multi directional device. This thing flips all the way up. It goes all the way down to the table. It twists all the way around its probably one of the best most versatile stands out there. I think these stands are really good. Just in case you want to use stage manager, you can prop this thing up. You can turn it in all different kind of angles. It does hold like this, but when you bring it down a little lower, it does not support that weight. There is no way to tighten up any of this, so what you see is what you get. This is a Infinity Stan Pro for your iPad Pro and its from the company Banks. Nice portable folds down flat, just like so goes in your bag. Doesnt take up much space; it only weighs a little bit over two pounds. So I think this is a great stand for you to pick up full aluminum construct and its one of the best ones out there that you can get right now. So a lot of us take this device everywhere that we go and we also own Apple, watches and airpods, so sometimes on the go, your devices may lose their power. This is something you can probably invest in now I have an Apple Watch.

Ultra never had an issue with the stained. Dime battery lasts me, probably around three days or so before I have to charge, but just in case you get into a pinch. Satachi has you covered now. This is an Apple Watch charger and basically, all youre going to do is plug it into your iPad and Im. Just going to take my Apple watch off, lay it on there and we get a charge so its going to charge your device as youre on the go. Now. Lets put this back on its not going to give you the same amount of power or the same rate of charge as when you have it connected to a wall, though so just keep that in mind, but it will charge it airpods plug this bad boy in Sit it on there and you see the light it will charge. So if your devices go dead on the go, these are some great accessories. Some great adapters that you can have from the company satechi Ill be sure and drop a link below. So you can check both of these out full construct, no moving pieces on these USB type c, connectors on both of them and these work with these types of devices, as well as your computer and things of that nature, as well, so just plug them into your Computer theyll work no issues same as with the iPad alright, so this device is very small, yet it is very handy and it comes in in a pinch, this is an on the go adapter from the company Aki.

So this is a USB type, A to USB type c connector. Now you may be wondering why would you need this? Well, if you got some old thumb drives laying around you plug these thumb drives in plug them into your iPad, and you can take advantage of all those files and all those pictures, and things like that that you have so its always good to keep an on The go adapter if you dont get one from Aki. There are tons more out there. I like this one came in a three pack and Im going to drop a link below. I think I paid like 10 bucks for a two or three pack for this, but I will drop a link below so you can check this out. Any old thumb drives just plug them in hit them in your iPad and youre good to go and what would your iPad be without external storage? So, in my hands right here I have three generations of the Samsung SSD. I got the T5 up top. The t7 touch in the middle and the new t7 shield on the bottom T5 is one of my favorite thats. One of my first um speeds come in at about a thousand uh on the read and right side as well. Both of these also about a thousand to like 10.50 on read and write, this one has extra layer protection with the thumb print or the fingerprint scanner. I use my thumb thats why I said thumb, but fingerprint scanner embedded into it now.

The only drawback to these is that you cannot set up security from your iPad. Security will have to be set up on another device, but when you do get the security set up on the t7 touch plug it into your iPad touch it it unlocks on. Here. You cannot actually access the security, so if you do have any like security passwords where you have to type it in these are not going to work with your iPad, so I suggest t7 touch t7 touch. Reason being is, you can still access security features and things of that nature, but if you want to use the t7 shield, which is the more rough rugged version, this thing is water resistant dust resistant and its drop proof up to three meters go by and check This one out, you can use it with your iPad. You just cant set that security up and if you do have security set up on it, you cant really use it with the device itself. Now you can actually bypass security and store things on it, unsecure. If you have secure files on here, you wont be able to access them on that iPad, but with this one you can still access these secure files through the fingerprint scanner built into the front. All three of these use USB type c, so you dont have to worry about any other cables. All your cables will work that you already have and they come with their own USB type c C cables as well.

All these use 3.2 technology, except for this one. This one is 3.1, but I have had no issues with these and I keep all my files on stuff like this. Ssd are the way to go fastest, most portable way to transfer your files and data so go by and check these out Im going to drop links below to all three of them all right. So not everybody is going to go out and buy a magic keyboard. If youre in the need for a keyboard, This is the k380 from Logitech. Now they make a different version that works with any kind of device. But this one specifically is going to work with your Apple devices, so they make up Apple specific and then they make a regular version as well. You do get the option of having three devices connected at one time: uh iPad, iPhone and Mac thats my setup right. There and then you get a full corded keyboard up top. You get full shortcut row thats going to control your brightness as you can see in the back its also going to control your volume, as you can see that in the back as well, that little volume rocker going up and down and lets turn that brightness back Down to a nice level, it also gives you access to all your music toggles as well, so you dont really have to worry about too much all these buttons work, the commands the function, all that good stuff everything will work properly and you can set this keyboard And kind of map it out how you want, depending on what youre going to be doing with your iPad, so key control is really good on that device, but an iPad is not an iPad without a mouse.

So the mouse that I like is the non. The best non apple mouse is going to be this one, the MX Master III. Now this is one of the best peripheral devices that I have just because it can be mapped to your iPad. Specifically, you can toggle these buttons. They can do different things. You can each one of these buttons can be toggled button here. A button here button button button button button. All these things can be toggled and theres also a button right here that can be toggled as well. That takes you back through those apps that you just use. I dont think I have a home button toggled on here right now, nope, so we just got the swipe to go home but, like I said, all these buttons can be toggled notice, the its not as smooth, though as a an apple Mouse, an official Apple Mouse, But you do get extra features and, like I said this stuff can be toggled, so Logitech makes some good devices for Apple theyre, one of the most compatible third party Apple uh companies out there, so very ergonomic feels good in the hand can be toggled and set Up to your liking on this device, so I want you to go by and check this one out. If you dont pick up a MX Master 3 theres also it make other MX devices that you can go by and check out. All of them work the same.

So you just go by and pick up one of these. If you want a mouse, if you dont have a magic keyboard, this is going to be a good bet. These normally run you about 70 80 to 100 bucks, just depending on where you pick them up and what time of year you get them, but I think its one of the best third party mice for your Apple device and, last but not least, my favorite um. One of my favorite accessories is the case. This is the zugu case for your iPad um microfiber lining throughout the inside of this. It actually has a flap where you can pick up and lift with one finger has a spot for your apple pencil up top. It also has a spot for your pencil on the back. It has a nice deep camera cut out and groove and its super magnetic. When you put your Apple iPad in here, you dont have to worry about it. Flapping down doing different things. The magnets are going to stick and its going to shut. You do get vents in here for breathing for your iPad, so it doesnt get overheated. This supports Auto sleep. Wake like it has nice rubber, bumpers, it doesnt add a whole lot of bulk or weight to your iPad and I think its one of the best cases out there on the market. If you found something better. Just let me know, but Ive been using these since I got my iPad, I purchased a bunch of these for my family.

My wife has one my kids use them, so this is probably one of the most Innovative cases and it gives you different standing angles as well. I think its about nine different standing angles lets count them two three, four, five, six, seven, eight! Nine Im. Sorry, forgive me thats ten different standing angles on the Zulu case, so it goes all the way up from almost a 90 degree angle, all the way down to a full drawing mode or a productivity mode where you can get some stuff done. So one of the best devices that you can so one of the best accessories that you can pick up to protect your device, its an investment, so you should have one of the best. These cases are going to run you anywhere from about 60 to 80 bucks, depending on what type of print you get. This is the executive Brown. It also comes in red purple, blue black. I think they do a green and the pink was a limited time deal. So I dont think they have that one around anymore, but go by and check their website out Ill, be sure and drop a link below. So you can do that and for those of you who do not want to go out and buy an apple pencil. This is from the company Logitech. Now this is their new Logitech crayon. This is the generation two. It actually looks exactly like the generation one, except for it has a toggle here for the on off and it now works with USB type c, the old one.

You had to use a lightning cable to charge it up, but this one you can charge using the cable that came with your iPad, so big Innovations here for Logitech. We, like the smoothness, the fluidity, its not going to have pressure sensitivity, but it does have tilt recognition. It has Palm rejection and it does everything else that your normal apple, pencil, Gen 2, will do with the exception of the hover feature, that is on the M2 iPads. It does not work with the hover feature, but everything else. As far as your quick notes. As far as your screenshot, it also works with scribble really well, so no issues, no complaints go by and check out. This live Logitech crayon Gen 2 for your iPad Pro, so thats been it. These are my favorite third party Apple iPad accessories. Now, if you want to see some of my favorite Apple accessories for this iPad, be sure and drop a comment below, let me know Ill get that video out to you soon. There are a bunch of them that people may not know about so Ill. Try to do that for you, but we do have our storage covered. We have our alternate pencil covered. We have our keyboard and our Mouse covered on the go adapters, a stand as well as a case and different adapters for charging or other Apple devices. So cant go wrong when youre checking. Some of these out, like I said, leave a comment below if you want to see a video thats, strictly Apple accessories for this device.

But hopefully this has been able to help someone out Ill leave links below to all this stuff.