But first let’s start with the unboxing. The HUAWEI MatePad Pro’s box comes in white with a text of HUAWEI MatePad Pro in the middle and the size of the tablet towards the bottom left. Then, at the side of the box, you will find the specs and the color variant that you choose. Opening the box, you will immediately find the tablet inside Underneath there are two smaller boxes where the box towards the right. You will find the SIM ejector pin on the outside, where in there you will find the USB A to USB C cable and a USB C headphones. Dongle, Then towards the box on the left. There is the HUAWEI Supercharge, 40 watts adapter. As for reason, number one is the viewing experience. The HUAWEI MatePad Pro comes with a 12.6 inch OLED FullView QHD Display with a resolution of 2560 x, 1600 pixels, where it comes with a really high 90.1 percent screen to body ratio and also a really narrow, 5.6mm, bezels And what’s nice is that compared to other Premium tablets out right now. This tablet is pretty light at only 609 grams, making it very durable, where the variant that I have is in Matte Grey. Now, as for the next reason or reason, number two would be the immersive entertainment on demand So complementing the 2K QHD Display. What complements the tablet is the enjoying experience when it comes to viewing video content on the tablet, especially with the DCI P3 film level, color gamut, where you can get really accurate colors when it comes to watching videos on the tablet.

Now this is very apparent when it comes to watching videos on YouTube through the HUAWEI’s browser or even apps, like Astro, Go and even Netflix, which you could always get it on the Petal Search Widget. Now, on top of that, you can really enjoy a great audio experience, since the tablet has up to eight Harman Kardon speakers and a total of four microphones as well And coupled with HUAWEI’s own ClariVu, Display Enhancement technology with the Eye Comfort Mode, which makes it not Only great when it comes to watching videos for a really long time and also when it comes to browsing on a day to day basis And as for reason, number 3. It is the exceptional seamless connection. Experience Now like other devices. This HUAWEI MatePad Pro allows great multitasking features where, for example, I can have my Notes app on the side and have the browser on the other side to ensure an easy, multi tasking experience, especially when it comes to writing scripts. Then there’s also the App Multiplier which comes in handy to adapt to its various orientations, since not every app supports a tablet in landscape mode, where this feature uses the horizontal display to show two instances of the same app, Then the HUAWEI Ecosystem or the HUAWEI Share. Also takes the tablet to a new level when it comes to connectivity, where it allows seamless collaboration with smartphones and laptops, especially with the amazing Multi screen Collaboration, which I’ve mentioned over and over again here in this channel, where you can always connect both devices on a Single screen Now with this files, can be shared easily between both of the devices where you can easily just simply drag and drop to view or share devices as well And speaking, of which I’ve actually gotten very interested with the brand new HUAWEI MateView.

As you can share your screen, wirelessly through this amazing 28.2 inch 4K UHD Screen, And there are many other great features of this HUAWEI MateView monitor such as the touch screen menu and having lots of additional IO at the side and also at the back of the Monitor And of course, the ability to charge and monitor your laptop with an extended display with a single USB C cable was also a huge plus as well. So with this, do let me know if you guys are interested for me to do a dedicated video review on this HUAWEI MateView Monitor in the comments section below Next looking at. The fourth reason is the creativity options with HUAWEI’s second generation M Pencil, So in conjunction with the release of this tablet, HUAWEI has also introduced the second generation M Pencil, where, besides being a great tool to write notes, it is also great when it comes to navigating The overall latency has been vastly improved to a really low 11.2 milliseconds and also a 4096 pressure sensitivity, including title sensitivity as well. So with this, you will have a REAL pencil and paper, like writing experience where you can use with apps like WPS Office and Microsoft Office. Where, again, you can easily download from the HUAWEI App Gallery And speaking of which you can easily download other apps over there. That will be very much catered to being really creative, with this pencil tool over there as well Other than that.

The pencil also supports the Double Tap to Switch tools where, if you guys are drawing or handling documents, you can double tap to switch between the Eraser mode and also the Pen mode instead of manually, changing it in the app And last but not least, there are Also other features like Instant Shape and Instant Table for people like me, who can’t really draw a straight line thanks to the amount of coffee that I drink every single day, as it will automatically give the shape that you want by just drawing pausing and letting it Go in the app Then, as for the second last reason, is the tablet’s Robust Performance Looking at the specs, it comes with the Kirin 9000E processor, with the 22 core Mali, G78 GPU, and the variant that I have is the 8 gigabytes of RAM with 256 gigabytes Of storage and a massive 10050 milliamps of battery – And this is the very first tablet from HUAWEI that includes the new HarmonyOS which, based on my first impressions, it was really nice and clean with pretty fluid navigation and lots of versatile features, and it is surely a Refreshing experience trying out a brand new operating system, which I am looking forward to experience this HarmonyOS even more So, of course, stay tuned and subscribe to Adam Lobo TV. If you guys haven’t done so when I create a video to dive in further into that And speaking of performance, it ran great on games like Asphalt, 9 and PUBG mobile.

However, if you guys are not really into high intensive games and prefer to play fun, multiplayer games with your family or friends, especially during this MCO period, there are tons of multiplayer game options which you can again find it on the HUAWEI App Gallery, as mentioned earlier, Including games like Garena, Free Fire, Slam, Dunk and many more Then, as for reason, number 6, … I’m sure you guys would enjoy this … is the amazing freebies during the pre order. Firstly, when it comes to the price, the HUAWEI MatePad Pro is priced at RM’99 and it is available for pre order from now until 17 June 2021 on the HUAWEI Online Store, Shopee and many more online platform where you can get amazing. Free gifts worth up to RM1747, like the Second Generation HUAWEI M Pencil, the HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard, the HUAWEI CD2 Classic Backpack 3 months of 50GB HUAWEI Cloud storage and 1 month of HUAWEI Video VIP Access. Now, THAT is a lot of freebies, Alright guys. Those are my 6 reasons for you guys to get the brand new HUAWEI MatePad Pro, And with this do let me know what you guys think of the tablet at the comments section below Aside from that. Thank you so much for watching. My name is Adam Lobo and I will catch you guys …