This is from the minis forum and it’s. The u820 let’s go and check it out now, while this mini computer is tiny and fits in the palm of my hand, don’t let its size fool. You let’s check out the specs we’re talking about an intel core i5 processor right, four cores and eight threads. It also has an intel, iris, plus graphics card, and the graphics card gives you the ability to support three monitors at the same time, which is pretty impressive for something this small now. This mini computer also has a whisper quiet, silent fan and it also is running windows 10 pro and wi fi. Six pre installed now from a memory perspective, you’re talking about ddr4, with eight gig of ram and also, as i mentioned, the three monitor support. They all can support 4k 60hz that’s impressive. Now from a storage perspective, you’re looking at a 2.5 one terabyte sata ssd drive. Now, in addition to having your hdmi, cable, a displayport, cable and your power cord, you get this mounting bracket, and when i saw this, i first asked myself what is this for? Well, this is a mounting bracket that allows you to mount this pc. This mini pc behind your monitor. Now imagine that kind of setup not seeing a cpu at all just having a keyboard and a monitor and that’s it. Now, as we take a closer look at this mini pc, it is packed with actual expandability and connectivity, so you have usb ports too.

You have video out two types. You also have lan out. You have two lan outs right: 2.5 gigahertz. You also have the power, which i found interesting, that it uses usbc to be powered and then, as you flip it around, this is all the venting that takes place in the front. You have two more usb usbc right. You have a mic, so it’s going to be picking up audio as you speak, you have a headphone jack out and you have a power button and you have some really nice venting that’s going all the way around and the venting, as you can see here, is Really designed to keep the unit quiet and cool as it’s operating, because, as you know, if your pc gets hot, no matter what size it is, the hotter it gets the slower it becomes now, if you want to see the internals check this out, all you do Is push right here on the sides bam and it opens, and all you do is lift it up like this, and then here you can see some of the components right here, so this is going to give you an idea of how cleanly designed everything is really Really, nice very compact: you can see some of the memory right there already. You can see the wi fi uh it’s, just a clean design. You can, like, i said, also uh, remove some of the screws on the other side and actually lift this entire chassis out.

But for the most part, you’re going to have everything you need right here, i really didn’t see any need to expand it to alter it, but if you’d like to, there is still some room to grow. I went ahead and connected the minis u820 to my lg ultrawide monitor uh. This is typically where i do all my desktop editing uh for the videos that we do here on the channel and what you’ll notice is uh. First of all that this has a licensed version of windows – 10 pro. You can see this right here, windows 10 pro – and the neat thing about this – is that you can upgrade this to a different version of window if you’d want to just by switching the key. But still windows 10 – pro, i think, is definitely good enough. You can see the specs as we discussed earlier, so you see an intel core i5 uh here’s the speed that it’s running right. You can see that i have 16 gig of ram and that the operating system is at least this version of windows is 64 bit, which is also pretty good on the right side. Here of the screen. You’Ll notice that the hard drive that i have is a relatively small hard drive. It is a 230 gig, hard drive of which only 33 is used. Now, keep in mind that you can upgrade this, you can expand this using an external drive. If you want, or you can even install another ssd drive now, the operating system itself is relatively bloat free.

So you have standard microsoft, office, installs that come with windows and pretty much that’s. All there is to it there isn’t anything else, extra or anything out of the ordinary here. It’S just standard windows really really clean, install nothing extra. Now we also ran the user benchmark software test. I also installed chrome as well, because i prefer that, as my browser and the findings are pretty interesting. First of all, this is going to be a fantastic machine for those of you who are looking for something that could do word processing powerpoint. If you want to stream stream youtube and we’ll see how youtube streams, uh and, i would say even like gaming, even though the gaming area here only scoring at 18 it’s still something that you could use depending on the type of gaming that you are looking to Play and not hardcore gamer in any way, uh from a workstation perspective. If you’re, looking to compile let’s, say code or let’s say do video editing you can get by with some of it, but it is going to be a little bit slower because it’s really doing really well in the desktop space. Now next we’ll take a look at some of the detailed results of this test, so we’ll scroll down a little bit and we’ll. Look at this area here which is showing us a cpu. So, from a cpu perspective, it ranked pretty well we’re talking 76.1 percent that’s, not bad and as we go further down, you’ll notice that the intel iris plus graphics card, that’s kind of not so good, and this is why this is probably not a a gaming rig.

Even though it’s saying that it’s performing above expectations as we go down and look at the actual, solid state drive 192 percent it’s outstanding and then, as you, take a look at the memory, it’s uh saying that it’s also doing really well 103. So all in all you’ll see that there’s certain areas where the mini computer is not going to do extremely well, specifically in the gaming area. If we go back to the top here and on the workstation, but as a desktop, it works really well now. The next thing we’re going to take a look at, is how well does it perform browsing on the internet? How quickly can they retrieve content now i’m, just going to hit, play and see what happens? Hey guys worked really well and let’s launch something we’ll go here and we’ll go into uh. The videos and we’ll choose a video that hasn’t been pre cached. So this is a video that we just did a couple uh days ago uh. This is really looking at a alr screen review that we did for vava let’s go ahead and launch it. You think i’m, not fast enough, and that was pretty fast. Even though it’s a commercial it loaded really fast, let’s try another one: let’s go let’s get out of here and we’re going to try uh this one right here, which is a 3d printer review that we did let’s go ahead and click on it and we’ll.

Look to see how quickly it loads, even if it’s a commercial all i’m looking for, is the load speed that’s pretty good. So this is what i’m saying that this is going to be a great machine for someone who’s looking to have something that they can do. Word processing they can do browsing, they can do streaming and given that it has multiple outputs, you know video outputs that you can have up to three devices connected at the same time or three video outputs.