This list has been put together after hours of research based on quality, price and reviews. So before we get started make sure to subscribe to the channel, so you won’t miss any of our videos. Do the novo is expanding what’s possible in a new class of yoga laptops, co engineered by lenovo and intel to think smart with ai smart responds to your voice from across the room smarter pro actively optimizes battery life based on your work, habits, upscale streaming resolution to Give you the best entertainment experience for your pc and more the yoga c940 laptop offers, an intuitive and personalized experience, thanks to the smart 10th generation intel core mobile processors that dynamically adjust performance based on what you need. Moreover, it offers the brilliant color and clarity with the touchscreen display and ultra narrow bezels at up to 500 nits brightness it’s, 50 percent higher than standard sdr displays. Your visuals will be ultra vivid with improved color accuracy and final resolution for optimized pixel size and tone Music depth. Microsoft. Surface book 3 remains one of the most unique laptops available with effectively no real competition. There are very few convertible twin one laptops that support inking and have such powerful gpu. While this latest version does not mess with this formula, it’s easy to lose sight of how powerful this laptop has become, since it first debuted in 2015.. What is new, or at least new, for the surface book 3, is the 10th generation intel processor, the most powerful one being the intel core i7 with the quad core chip with 1.

3 gigahertz base, clock and 3.9 gigahertz maximum single core boost frequency it’s a chip primarily Built for efficiency rather than big performance, but with four proper intel cores on paper. It should be able to cope with serious computing tests, rather than only being good for light web browsing and watching video Music. In addition to being the smallest 13 inch, two in one laptop from dell, this xps laptop, delivers 2.5 times the performance of the previous generation. It is also equipped with the new 10th generation intel processors in an 8 thinner form factor. This two in one computer is their first system to use adaptive performance based on the latest intel dynamic tuning technology. Thanks to this new predictive and adaptive engine, their laptop actively changes the power of its processor to optimize your specific workload for an increase in performance. When you need it, the dell eye safe solution intelligently manages light energy at the source, reducing harmful blue light in an ad hoc fashion and distributing it across the light spectrum. The unique solution combines hardware and software rgb settings to provide more effective protection against blue light, while maintaining vibrant colors featuring a 14 inch. Ips display and 180 degrees hinge, allowing it to lay completely flat. This slim laptop weighs just 1.3 kilograms and measures 18 millimeters thin, designed specifically for mobile professionals, who want to maintain a stylish and modern look with a spirit, resistant keyboard and an up to 15 hour battery life that can be rapidly charged to up to 80 percent.

In just an hour, this rugged laptop is engineered with stand, drops falls and water. The shock, absorbent corners has been independently certified to meet any kind of impact resistance. The asus zenbook flip s is one of the world’s thinnest convertible laptops designed to be available anywhere anytime. It offers a blend of sleek sophistication and versatility with its 360 degrees rotating screen, the ultra slim ultra light convertible is both a stylish laptop and a practical tablet. Its intel core i7 processor allows you to easily manage your daily tasks. Zenbook flip s is a timeless masterpiece. Crafted from solid aluminium the frame is forged from a single block of metal that has been carefully sanded to a thickness of 10.9 millimeters, with a weight of only 1.1 kilograms. You will take it with you effortlessly. The ergo lift hinge is due to complex mechanism that allows the hinge to be used smoothly and a firm hold of the screen from any angle.