Each product has been ranked based on customer reviews, price and quality ive embedded the links to the products in the description for more information. Please check them out now lets get started with the list. In this video we are going to check out the five best two in one laptop lets get started with the list. Music number one, microsoft surface, pro 7 2. In one laptop microsoft, surface proline has consistently demonstrated what an excellent 2 in 1 detachable laptop looks like that remains true. With the surface pro 7, which allows microsoft to continue holding the throne for this form factor, it continues to offer a pixel dense, display that measures 12.3 inches across it supports touch input as well as active styluses. That makes it as well suited for casual games and doodling, as it is for precise graphical work and when its time to get serious, theres decent power to be had from the intel core, i5 or i7 processors available, both of which offer intel iris plus graphics. Number. Two new microsoft surface go 2 2 in one laptop microsofts surface line has long shown what a 2 in one laptop could be with an excellent display and stunning design. It runs on a modest intel, pentium gold, 4425 y processor, though there are more powerful options available. The surface go 2 features. A compact 10.5 inch display to give it effective portability as a tablet, and that screen is a sharp, full hd panel.

It supports not only touch but also active styluses like the surface pen, giving you access to a powerful creative tool and just like the surface pro line, the surface go 2 supports microsoft type cover keyboards for the full two in one experience, number three asus chromebook, flip C: 436: 2 in one laptop, if youre looking for the absolute best asus chromebook this is it the asus chromebook flip c 436 touts the simple design asus is known for featuring a magnesium alloy body in great construction. The screen can be turned all the way back to reach tablet mode or you can get creative with a tent and stand mode. The insides are as impressive as some of the most expensive chromebooks out there. This laptop sports, an intel core i3 processor, 8 gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes of pcie m point 2, ssd storage and built in quad speakers powered by harman kardon. The 14 inch touchscreen display has a full hd resolution and the keyboard is illuminated number 4. lenovo chrome book duet 2 in 1. Laptop dont necessarily need windows. 10. Look no further than the recently released lenovo chromebook duet. This small 2 in 1 is exactly what google was hoping. The pixel slate would be as of chrome, os 81, which is installed by default theres. A dedicated tablet, interface, complete with gesture navigation included in the box, is a back cover and a keyboard all for under 300. You can quickly go from sudo android tablet, thanks to play, store access to a full, fledged chromebook, just by attaching the keyboard and with access to google, docs or microsofts office suite of apps.

The duet is an affordable and capable two in one detachable number: five hp, spectre, x, 360, 13t, quad core 2 in one laptop, its a flagship machine from hp, thats ready to stream 4k, as well as run your favorite games without breaking a sweat thanks to its Intel uhd graphics, 620 in crisp, uhd 4k ips touch panel display in its high end model. It even comes with the hp pen for sketching in quick note. Taking this laptop hybrid is also one of the few on this list. That features a fingerprint sensor for added security, plus it has a super long battery life of about 16.5 hours. It really seems hp tried to pack as many features as it could inside of this machine to justify its price point. If you need more information about those products, please check the links in the description below thanks for watching.