Probably uh the world’s first monitor light lamp. So interesting enough, i thought you know what let me actually unbox. This set. This up, give my initials impression initial impression on it and actually see how it’s, like so we’re gon na unbox. It we’ll go through some of the details in this that’s about it yeah. This is the benq screen bar monitor light, see again shout out to thank you for sending this over. This is not sponsored or anything it’s, just literally let’s send it over and um. I thought yeah, let me actually check this out and set it up, but actually before we unbox it let’s look around the box it’s the packaging here. Switching to the top, so we’ve got some stuff here insert the screen. So you’ve got some instructions here. So what we have is insert the screen bar lamp into the clip there’s a clip in there extend the um counterweight number two extend the counterweight and the rest of the clip on the top of one of her for optimal performance, ensure that the mounting arm is Perpendicular to the monitor, showing you some nice graphics and um things there. It says plug in the type c: connector, okay, that’s, good, so it’s powered over usb type c and then you’ve got a tab a or if you’ve got another type c to type cable. I’M. Sure it’ll work um into the computer, how to spot computers, um weirdly enough um.

If you have a phone charger, pan bank or use um, the outputs, five volts and you need at least one amp. Okay cool only use the provider usb cable for the power lamp. Uh use of an extension usb can result in our functions. Okay, let’s point out there, um cool, let’s unbox it. So this is meant to be a monitor now and what it should do is really aid in eye fatigue. So let’s unbox this, because if you’re a person like myself and especially a lot of us who work from home now, you know you spend a lot of time in front of the computer and um. This is meant to help manage eye strain uh. So, okay, what do we have? We’Ve got doesn’t, look like instructions, but um yeah. What this will most likely be is an unboxing and a setup. Video, so let’s see how this goes. Okay, so this is the um monitor lamp itself interesting, so it gives you instructions or actually like a diagram of the things that comes in so you’ve got a usb power. Cable you’ve got the clamp, you’ve got the um. What you call it the lamp it tells you the usb c, socket the power, the auto demo, the light sensor, so it’s got ultra giving technology as well so it’s able to somehow look at the ambient light around you. In that sense. I do like this, though. I think this is actually really well packaged in that sense, in my personal opinion, already just based on wow there’s weight to this, there is some weight to this interesting and you’ve got the usbc cable.

If there’s anything else, not right. Interesting interesting, interesting and i think in terms of unboxing that’s, it that’s actually really interesting. Let’S get the usbc cable. All right, it’s got a nice rubber band on there for packaging good put this aside, but yeah this clamp has got some weight to it. Oh, my goodness, yes, heavy it’s heavy, and that is Music. The light monitor itself very nice very interesting and you’ve got the usbc connector there, Music and yeah okay, usb c to usb a cable. I recommend you use it this. This clamp, my goodness, it’s a tank. It is a tank, definitely feels heavy, so this is just a quick unboxing of it we’re going to do a setup section and pretty much um get that put together so yeah. This is the light one from benq we’ll get this set up and we’ll just see how it looks so yeah. This is the benq screen bar and thank you are stating this to be. The first monitor light in the world and as you’ve seen with what i did with the unboxing, it does have a built in light sensor that does detect the ambient light and then pretty much just autodimms and just supplies. The correct luminance around automatically to around 500 lots, which is the light level that’s, as they say, recommended by the american national standard practice of office lighting whatever that means um the clamp itself, so it’s got weight to it and they’re saying it’s a painting to the Clam attaches to any monitor with different thickness and curvatures and as it’s the most far compatible design for any monitor.

Light on the market, as they’re saying unique lighting is asymmetrical. Optical design ensures zero reflective glare off the screen, no reflection, only precision lighting, as it say, and in terms of the color temperature as well. It does have different color temperatures that are in there and it’s, really more tailored to different lighting situations that really just satisfy your mood. That’S kind of the key mentions i’m gon na pretty much look at the experience of it now setting it up. In terms of you know, getting it in there and whatnot it’s actually really simple and easy. I do love the fact that it’s powered by the usbc and um yeah, literally the cable that comes in, is what they recommend that you should use and you pretty much plug it into one of your usb hubs. That gives it enough power or power bank, and it should pretty much do what it needs to do. It’S pretty good you’ve got about um 10 degrees of rotation once it’s in there because of the usbc cable at the back it’s good. I like it. There is one issue, one main issue that i have with it, though, that you just have to consider if you are using a webcam on top of your monitor, so i have a 27 inch lg. You know non curved flat display monitor if you’re, using a webcam at the top it’s going to block it. The webcam is going to be near enough useless, so that’s just something to consider.

Another thing i have a potential issue is when you’re using it at nighttime. Without a light being on it’s, only the auto dimming button that has some form of lighting illumination on there and it’s green. The rest don’t have any illumination so it’s hard to see the buttons and because it’s touch sensitive and it’s, not tactile it’s hard to see the buttons again the brightness, the manual brightness adjuster. I wish there was a way to see the different gradients of brightness that you’re going through you know, or potentially two buttons for dimming and increasing it just circles through and it’s hard to gauge, which brightness level you’re at as you’re going through it’s good. That you’ve got manual color temperatures that you can actually go through from warmer to cooler on all the different um kelvin spectrums that you’ve got on there um the ambient light sensor pretty much that’s what it needs to do. It actually works pretty. Well. I overall do like it for 90 pounds or 89.99 i’m, not entirely sure, but i do like it. It saves me from having my main light on at night time and if you’re, someone that doesn’t have a keep that has a keyboard that does not have backlighting. It does really good for it. So that’s kind of, like my unboxing impressions, mini review of the benq um light monitor, so the screen bar light monitor and it’s good it’s good. I don’t mind it at all: it’s, decent and yeah.

It pretty much does what it needs to do. Most of the time we’re at home, we are working, you know from home and in terms of just having something that’s meant to help with your eye strain and having a much more elegant solution rather than a table lamp that’s. Definitely something to consider just be warned that if you are using a webcam, yeah it’s going to be pretty much redundant and useless, that is it. Those are my unboxings impressions of the benq screen bar monitor light um. If you enjoy videos like this, you know exactly what to do. Man hit that, like button hit, that subscribe button hit that notification bell so you’re part of our team taylor’s tech level squad, so you don’t miss any future videos on the channel, i hope you’re all safe. During this time.