First of all, let me give a shout out to thank you lightning for sending me this light bar for me to try it. They asked me just for photos on my ig page, but i thought it would be a great idea to feature it in my channel. Light bars are a great and useful source of extra light for your desk, and in this video i will try to show you a little bit of my experience and thoughts with the benq’s light bar. So here we go Music. So, first the design and the build out of the box, you will get the lamp a 1.5 meters, usb type c to type a cable and the clamp. The design of the lamp is pretty great in the box actually says it won the iaf design war in 2019, for whatever that is worth, the lamp itself is pretty minimal and lightweight. It might seems kind of fragile and i was kind of scared to break it. It comes with this clamp, which has a surprisingly heavy counterweight in the back and goes behind the monitor, helping it to stay in place without moving anywhere, and i really want to focus in this clamp because i think it’s pretty clever. It can easily helps you to use the light bar with almost any type of monitor, compared with other options in the market, which seems to be restricted for an specific type of monitor. I have this huge 32 inch screen also from benq.

This is the ew3270u, with a really chunky around the back, and i had no problems mounting the light on it. This type of devices got really popular last year, with all the working from home situation and it’s well known the importance of working in a well illuminated space to get it working. You just need to connect it with the usbc cable mounted on the monitor and you’re good to go. The glare free system helps you to not have any reflection of tight on the screen, which is really great. This is possible thanks to the asymmetrical light pattern. As you can see here with this, it can easily illuminate the space under the monitor, either to write, read or use the keyboard while working the adjustable color temperature allows you to go from a warm light at 2700k to a cool one at 6500k, which is really Convenient depending on the time of the day, you’re working, it is adjustable with the touch pad on top of it, but i just use the automatic dimmer button which adjust the brightness and temperature throughout the day by itself. There is another version of this light with an external dial control which seems kind of nice, but i think that’s, one more device and cable on the desk and i try to keep it simple and minimal. So this exact light bar for me it’s a great option, an alternative for desk illumination and even more considering the design of my lamp, which makes really hard to control the direction of the light, and it just flashes light all over the space.

Adding this light or any additional light to your workspace, will help you to keep the eye fatigue to a minimum. From my point of view, you can use any lamp that allows you to control the intensity and direction on it. You don’t actually need this exact light bar, but in my opinion, it comes really handy and versatile, allowing me to save space on the desk and have an automatically adjustable light source to work with on the desk that’s. All i wanted to share with you today guys in the description you have the link of this lamp. If you want to check it out more in detail, do not forget to hit that like button and subscribe to the channel. As that really helps me out, you can also follow me on instagram for more content. Nothing more to say guys.