, I’m paulfp and with loads, more people working from home nowadays, either during the pandemic or just permanently. Now it’s never been more important to have a well set up working environment at home, where your desk and everything else is set up to keep you fit and healthy. And lighting is one of the most important things to reduce, stress and fatigue and protect your eyesight And help you work well. And, with that in mind, BenQ have sent over these two devices.. They are two different versions of the ScreenBar, which BenQ say is the world’s first monitor light. So I’m going to be unboxing both of these and trying them out. This one’s. For a laptop and this one’s for a desktop computer monitor., So thanks very much to BenQ for sending these over. Before we get unboxed.. Did you know that BenQ actually stands for something I didn’t before I started looking into them a bit more for this video …. You know how LG stands for Life’s Good Well, BenQ stands for something as well. And I’ll tell you what it stands for at the end of the video.. But if you can have a guess, then put your guess in the comments. Below. Don’t look at anyone. Else’S guess be interesting to see what you get. And then I’ll tell you at the end of the video what it stands: for., So first up I’m going to unbox this one, which is the larger one for a full size, computer monitor.

, So it’s called the screen. Bar. It’s a monitor light which attaches onto the top of your monitor without any other standard or anything needing to go on your desk.. So you can adjust the colour temperature. You can dim it manually. That’s the USB type C socket there. You’Ve got auto dimmer and that’s power there. So that off there looks very nice and smart. And then you’ve got the row of LEDs underneath there.. This is all that’s got some weight to it. That’s good. So that stop it falling forward.. This is the clamp that goes on your monitor, that’s nicely hinged on that., So that I see that attaches on like that. And then USB C plugs in let’s get the cable out. That’s a nice flat USB lead. I’ll pop that on my desktop computer, monitor and Show you that, but before I do that, let’s unbox, this screen bar light, which is the one that’s designed for laptops. And it looks like it – comes in a sort of carry case because obviously a laptop being portable you’re going to want to take this around. So have a look in here., So this should just be a smaller version of the other one.. This is all a little bit more self contained to go on a laptop and there’s an app to download. So give that a go. Let’s get that on there.. Oh that’s quite well designed I was wondering if it was gon na get in the way of my webcam.

, But if I zoom in on there you’ll see that doesn’t get in the way of the webcam. Because of the way that’s designed I’ve. Obviously, thought of that comes on straightaway. To get the proper benefits of this. Of course, that’s a turn off all the studio lights., But let’s just have a little play with the buttons on there., So that’s on off automate the brightness. And I’ve got now. These controls are fairly self explanatory.. So if I tap on that one it’s just selected all that increase and decrease the brightness. A tap on that one will change the colour. Yes, it will.. I think you can set your favourites. With that. There. We are. So that’s casting a bit of a light over the keyboard. Now. Does that make it easier to see the keys or I can move a bit forward like that to illuminate the working environment.? I can change the colour temperature, make it to more orange glow or make it a colder day light or press it on on automatic. front facing camera is blocked unless it goes to bear.. So if I’m, having a video call, I need to have it like that.. So the screen bar promises to help relieve the discomfort of eyestrain and irritation caused by spending long hours sat working as a computer.. It does this by gently illuminating your whole working environment to the perfect light level, based on current ambient light detected by the built in sensor, reducing the contrast Between your bright computer screen and the rest of your desk environment, which will be especially useful at night or In poorly lit environments, you could of course, just turn the light on.

, But something like this will provide a gentler, more focused light, which will be less harsh than turning the main room, light on., And one of the things that appeals to me most is that it’s, Like having a desk lamp but without the extra clutter of a stand, taking up space on your desk. And it looks really neat too. It’s easy to forget, it’s even there. – I aspire to have a clean, tidy and minimalistic setup, but struggle with clutter.. So anything which helps with that gets a thumbs up from me.. There are only four buttons and they’re very self explanatory. You can control the brightness and colour temperature with the two buttons on the left and on the right. You can press the auto brightness button and then next to that there’s the Power button to turn it on and off., Despite what its name might suggest, the screen bar light designed for laptops is actually a bit more feature rich coming with an optional software, app which You can instal and the option to save your favourite settings. As well as that. The app also adjusts your laptop’s own screen brightness as well. In conjunction with the screen bars light levels. When you select Auto giving you in bank use words, the ideally lit workspace. That’s, a really nice touch. And I’m, not sure why the app couldn’t also work with the desktop version., But sadly it doesn’t.. Both the screen bars that bank you sent me work well and did a good job of lighting up the work area to a comfortable level, whether that’s, my desk or elsewhere.

With my laptop.. The light is soft and gentle. There’s, absolutely no flicker or glare., And it was nice having my desk space lit up, even though my multi monitor setup spans a larger space than most.. Now, bank, you did ask for an honest review. And there are some negatives to share with you.. Firstly, there’s no Chromebook support for the app on the lite version., So you can’t use it unless you’re on either Windows or Mac OS, which, admittedly is most people and the key functionality is accessed via the hardware buttons anyway. But as someone who occasionally uses a Chromebook as well as my Windows, laptop, that would have been nice to see. I’d, also like to see the app work on the desktop version as well as I’ve already said.. Secondly, you need to turn the desktop version off separately. After shutting down your PC., If USB power is persistent., That’s, probably a very lazy complaint. And that was you’d only have to do the same with a desk lamp to do quite like the desktop version. And I think I’ll carry on using it.. But my biggest negative. Really, with the lite version, despite having held it physically my hands and used it, so I can see it’s a great product is that I can’t really see myself I’ve actually using it on my laptop.. It is a good product. Though. Don’t get me wrong. And I like the fact it comes in this hard plastic case because, obviously being for a laptop it’s, going to be portable you’re going to carry it around in your laptop bag and it is a bit fragile, obviously.

So could get broken.. I really like the the idea and the theory behind both products. The desktop one, especially I like the idea of lighting up your whole work environment in a nice even way and not having an actual desk lamp stand, taking up space on your desk.. Would I carry this one around with me, though? In my laptop bag It’s a harder sell., I think the screen bar lights for me personally, but maybe that’s, because I do most of my proper work on a desktop computer. That’s, the habit that I’m in.. Would you use one of these? Would you carry it around in your laptop bag, Or do you use a desktop computer? Do you like the idea of the screen bar for the desktop? Let me know in the comments below. And if you found this video useful, please give it a thumbs up and if you haven’t already do think about subscribing to the channel to get more videos like this. And before we go before you click off the video. I promised I’d tell you what BenQ stands for. And you definitely haven’t already cheated and Google it Well. It stands for drumroll …, Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to life. There. We are., If you don’t, believe me here it is on their website., But anyway, thanks for watching this video.