We have american from in depth tech reviews and in today’s video i’m going to review the benq ew32atu it’s, a 32 inch monitor with minimal and elegant design, great audio quality and the 4k hdr support, which makes it a great choice for entertainment and productivity. In this video, i will show you everything you need to know about this monitor to make a thoughtful purchase decision so without further ado, let’s jump in so let’s start with the box contents, and the first thing to talk about is the monitor, stand. It’S made of two pieces, the first one is the base. It has a bronze color it’s made entirely from metal and on the back, you will see four rubber bands to stick in place without scratching your surface, plus an easy to fix a screw. That doesn’t require a screwdriver which is a nice touch. Next, we have the arm and it can tilt your monitor up and down between 5 to 15 degrees, but it doesn’t support swiveling it’s covered with plastic, but when you remove the back plate, you will see it has an entire metal chassis, which is very durable. You can also pass your cables through it and then put the plate back to keep everything nice and clean on your desk. Next, you get the remote control, which makes it very convenient to adjust your monitor and it takes the cr2032 batteries that you can see right here. You will also get this rubber base for the remote to keep everything organized on your disk and, finally, you will get the hdmi cable and the power cord, which means it doesn’t require an external adapter, and this is one of the things i like about.

Bin q monitors so these are the box contents. Now let’s take a look at the hardware on the front. It has the speaker grille. That covers the full width of the monitor and it includes two stereo speakers. The black port in the middle has three sensors. The ir receiver for the remote proximity sensor and light sensor and at the bottom left corner it has a wheel to quickly control your volume on the back. It has a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, two hdmi ports, a display port and usb type c. That supports up to 60 watts power delivery and on the other side, you will get the power input. In addition to the front stereo speakers, it has a 5 watt subwoofer on the back, and the whole audio system is made by truvolo, which are known for their high audio quality, and it supports vase amount that you can get access to by removing this plastic cover. The back also includes the power button, a navigation stick and two extra control buttons and now it’s time for today’s sponsor this video is sponsored by bcdq.com it’s, an online digital key store that sells games, windows and office keys in very discounted prices, so let’s take windows. 10, pro retail key as an example it’s a price to add 15.76 dollars, which is a great deal already, but you can make it even better by using my special promo code, ind 24, to get extra 24 discount.

So you can get a windows 10, pro retail key for 11.98. Another great deal to show you is the microsoft office, 2019, professional plus retail key after using my special promo code ind24, you can get yourself the full office package for 41.64. So if you want to know more, all the links will be in the description below now. Let’S get back to the review now. Let’S talk about the key features of the aw32 atu. It has a 32 inch ips lcd panel with 4k resolution of 3840 by 2160 anti glare coating and a refresh rate of 60 hertz. It supports p3 color gamut, with 95 percent accuracy, it’s hdr 10 compatible with a peak brightness of 400 nets and for non hdr content. It can reach up to 350 nets. The contrast ratio is 1000 to 1 and because it’s an ips panel, you get amazing viewing angles with almost no color shifting at 45 degrees. Beside the hardware specs, you also get some exclusive benq features that enhance your visual experience like the hdri that improves the clarity and the details of the dark areas in the scene without over exposing the highlights. Even if your content is in a standard dynamic range, the display will automatically turn on the emulated, hdr mode. That gives you the hdr like experience from non hdr content. Hdri has three different modes to choose from display cinema and game and here’s a side by side. Comparison between the three i found the display hdr to look the best to me in most cases because it’s a bright with more vivid colors.

But if you want something easier on the eye, the game and cinema modes will get you covered or you can turn off the hdri entirely, and i recommend this if you’re gon na use this monitor for video or photo editing to get more accurate, colors one more Exclusive feature called eye care. This feature uses the built in light sensor in the display to adjust the white balance based on the lights around you to give you the most comfortable viewing experience something similar to apple’s, true tone technology. So, overall, i do like the visual experience i’m getting out of this monitor, while gaming watching videos or video editing now let’s talk about the sound. As i mentioned, this monitor has a 2.1 audio system by travolo, which means you have two stereo speakers and a subwoofer and that produces immersive sound compared to other monitors with speakers. So let’s put it into action: Music, Music, so Music, as you heard, it’s loud and the base is surprisingly strong for built in speakers. But sometimes if the base is too loud, you might hear some noise coming out of the monitor body at maximum volume, but the noise disappears at 90 volume or less. You also get five different eq presets to choose from based on your content. The only downside for me here is the lack of flat, preset or manual eq, but overall the sound quality won’t. Let you down you also get this wheel to quickly adjust your volume, which i see it very handy beside all these features.

What i do like the most about the benq ew32atu is the design and convenience first, this remote control. I thought at the beginning that i won’t use it that much. However, with a monitor like this full of features and settings that makes your life a lot easier. You also get all types of ports you think of like the displayport hdmi usbc and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, but i wish it had the 3.5 millimeter jack in a better place for easier access, instead of being located in the back panel next, the design. I do like the very thin bezels it has on all sides, except the bottom, that combined with the 32 inch size, you will get an immersive viewing experience. I also like the ability to cover my cables inside the stand, which makes my workstation look nice and clean, and when it comes to the price it’s available on amazon.com directly from bin q at a price of 700 it’s more expensive than others that share the same. Specs, but the ratings and demand are quite high and that’s because of its high quality. So these are my thoughts about the benq ew30 atu and if you want to know more, all the links will be in the description below please. Let me know in the comments: what do you think about the monitor? Is it a good choice for you or you think there are better options out there? So i hope you like my video and if you do, please hit the thumbs up and subscribe for more videos.