Utilizing activated charcoal to whiten your tooth is the brand new craze! However does it really whiten your tooth? What are the advantages of activated charcoal for tooth whitening? Are there any dangers to utilizing abrasive charcoal toothpaste? Dr. Nemeth solutions these questions and extra!

Dr. Nemeth thinks that if it whitens your tooth considerably it may presumably be very abrasive. No long run research about what activated charcoal does within the mouth have been accomplished. It may trigger the enamel in your tooth to erode away, and it’s more likely to trigger notching, or thinning of the tooth.

It might additionally irritate the gums and trigger the gum tissue to turn into purple. Additionally in case you have crowns, veneers, or fillings in your mouth you must be very cautious with ANY tooth whitening merchandise.

The FDA spends a lot of time clearing medicine and different toothpastes. This powder definitely hasn’t been cleared for use within the mouth in any manner. We do not know the long run results of activated charcoal to whiten tooth, so Dr. Nemeth advises that you simply watch out and use this tooth whitening method sparingly!

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