. The product was launched together with redmi 10.. The tablet has been awaited by many people, as it is claimed to have greater specs and more stunning features, particularly for those who prefer using a bigger screen device. Xiaomi pad 5, indeed sounds promising more than that. The brand is also well known for its sophisticated podcasts with relatively affordable prices. So how is the product after being available in the market? Is it really as good as many people expect before? Here are the specs? You may need to know in terms of how it looks like xiaomi pad 5 may remind you to ipid pro with an 11 inch screen from apple. Not only is it about the very similar screen size, but also the shape in general, rather than being curvy. The corners of the tablet are at right angles: they are sharp and flat. Undeniably, this type of shape is highly demanded by smartphone and tablet users. Currently why it just looks modern, minimalist and simple sure it is still very fashionable as well. Meanwhile, there are three color options to choose: they are cosmic gray, pearl, white and green pick. One of them, you love the most. A tablet with a stylish design means nothing if it is not supported by good and up to date, specifications. Interestingly, it seems that you can get many things from xiaomi pad 5. here they are xiaomi pad 5 features an ips lcd screen of 11 inches with a resolution of wqhd plus the screen supports activities, including the refresh rate up to 120 hertz, even the pixel density Level is 275 pi, making it much better than the previous tablet series produced by the chinese brand.

Other features to support the screen performance are dolby von, true display technology hdr10 and the level of brightness that is up to 650 nits with some features mentioned above. It feels that the xiaomi pad 5 looks like a small laptop. The tablet is perfect for activities that need an hd screen, such as gaming or watching movies. Sure even the resolution is x 2650. The screen also has been equipped with the true tone feature. It enables the colors and brightness to adapt well to the condition of the room for photography. Xiaomi pad 5 has a rear camera of 13 mp and f 2.0 and a front camera of 8 mp and f 2.0 compared with some other devices launched recently. The application of both cameras looks mediocre. Moreover, many smartphones now have multiple rear cameras from two to five, but for tablets having 13 and 8 mp cameras have been good enough. Well, it is by remembering that photography is not the primary thing to do by the users with it behind its casing. The main processor installed in xiaomi pad 5 is the snapper gun 860 chip, along with a ram of 6 gb, as well as an internal memory of 256 gb. The use of this type of chip makes the device one of the fastest android tablets in its class. The ram is also big enough making you feel more comfortable when working with it xiaomi makes sure that its users will be free from problems like lagging when they use.

This latest tablet series. In addition, it is applied android 11., aside from the main features mentioned above xiaomi, pad 5, is also equipped with some other specs that make its performance better and more incredible. One of them is the battery capacity that is up to 8720 mah dont worry about the battery being used up too fast, as it can survive all day long. In addition, you can activate the fast charging feature that enables you to recharge the tablet. Only into 2.5 hours, interestingly, although it has a battery with a big capacity, the device is overall still lightweight and compact. Other features include dolby atmos speakers, wiki, 800, 2.11 and bluetooth 5.0. In the package, you can get some tools along with the main tablet device. They are a stylus, smart pen and a xiaomi keyboard. Both tools are designed in such ways to ease you more while working. Of course, it is expected that you can enjoy your work more with the xiaomi pad 5.. Is the xiaomi pad 5 worth buying? Absolutely? It is, but it doesnt make the product from the chinese brand perfect. It has many pros, but also some cons to consider. Therefore, you will not be disappointed when the product has been in your hands. There are some pros and cons of the xiaomi pad 5, along with the explanations. One thing that is really enjoyable and interesting about xiaomi pad 5 is the design. It looks modern and elegant with sharp shapes and corners for you who are bored of devices that are commonly curvy.

This one can be a good alternative. The rear body is made from aluminum as well as the frame the aluminum application makes the device look stronger and sturdier. A camera panel is installed to the upper left very similar to the camera placement of some smartphone series to make the product look compact. The bezel is thin enough, but there is still enough and comfortable space for gaming. As has been mentioned in the specs session. The product provides a larger screen. It is 11 inches thats why the xiaomi pad 5 slightly looks like a mini laptop. Such a screen enables you to do many activities more comfortably, starting from doing your jobs watching favorite movies to gaming. Dont worry about it being lagged or problematic when using heavy programs with a 1 600 x, 2650 pixel hdr 10, as well as a refresh rate level of 120 hertz. Those problems can be easily diminished, while many tablets may not be equipped with new series. Processors xiaomi pad 5 has it uses the latest android series android 11, with an interface layout of my e 12.5. It is also supported by a snapdragon chip for greater performance. The ram and internal memory applied are large as well. More than that, the table also has supported the 5g connection. Sure such a processor set makes this product more recommended than others among tablet series, as the tablet is intended to do many things, its survival must be the next important point.

Xiaomi pad 5 provides an 8720 mah battery. The capacity is considered big enough to enable you to do many multimedia activities. Yes, it is possible to use the tablet all day, long without recharging for recharging. It has a fast charging feature, also with a capacity of 33 watts. This way, you only need to recharge your tablet in around two hours until it is full if you are looking for a device that produces loud sound without maximizing the volume xiaomi pad 5. Is a good answer: it is mainly if listening to music and watching movies are your hobbies. Yes, this product features four stereo speakers that make all the things you do with it. Livelier tablet is indeed a kind of gadget that is designed for working instead of playing. Well, although many users must use it for gaming, also thats why it should feature accessories like a stylus pen that enable you to do your jobs easily. Unfortunately, not all tablets provide it so be grateful. If you choose xiaomi, pad 5, as a stylus pen has been provided in the package. Xiaomi pad 5 has many pros and benefits for sure, but there are also some lacks to consider. Also what are they? Unfortunately, the device only provides wifi for its connectivity feature. Yes, the processor has supported 5g technology, but the utilization has not been optimal. If you need to use the 5g network, you can try its newer variant. Yes, this product doesnt provide any card slots at all.

Indeed, tablet users rarely use sim card in it, but they commonly still use external memories to add more storage space. So, if you need more storage, you must add it to the device using an on the go usb connector slightly. It looks like all the features available in xiaomi pad 5 have been completed, but if you observe it further, the tablet needs more features like an nfc. Besides, it also doesnt have a 3.5 millimeters jack to plug some accessories in it. Therefore, if you want to listen to music privately, you can only use a bluetooth, headset or earpieces. Indeed, in new gadgets, there is also a new standard to minimize the use of wires. Generally, it can be concluded that xiaomi pad 5 is worth buying with all the pros and features it provides. Although some lacks are there, it doesnt lessen the fact that the product is still good and recommended. Currently, the status of xiaomi pad 5 is still pre order.