This here is a jasper lake mini pc, so its low powered a 15 watt processor, the sauron n 50 5095 has a maximum turbo of 2.9 gigahertz intel, uhd, graphics and four cores. Now this configuration from b link, which is the u59 mini pc, comes with 16 gigabytes of ram and dual channel and a 512 gigabyte sata 3 ssd. It does have gigabit lan. It can run two displays at 4k 60 and you are able to install an additional 2.5 inch drive to expand upon that sata. 3 m.2 storage now lets have a look at what we get in the box very small package, so theres a user manual here at the top there we have the mini pc and ill go over the design of that shortly and all the ports we get with It accessories so they have included this its a bracket, okay for visa, mounting this on the back of a monitor. If you wanted to do so, there are some screws so both for a sata, 3 2.5 inch drive and for that bracket and an hdmi cable, a short hdmi, cable, so theres, two of them and our power supply. Now this one, its rated to 36 watts only maximum but remember its only a jasper lake in this its the 5095. So it doesnt need a lot of power back of the u59. Here weve got power in two hdmi 2.0 ports, so they support 4k 60.. Unfortunately, theres no 4k 120 support, i did test it and it ended up being all scrambled.

It wanted to do it. I could select the option with my lg cx tv, which does support 4k 120, but no, it just would not run it. Two usb 3 ports, gigabit lan – and this is the exit vents. All the hot air is going to be pushed out of this vent here at the back fan. Noise is very good. You occasionally hear it ramp up to a higher rpm and then it cuts away very quickly, so no real complaints with that either side. We do have intake vents, okay, so thats, where its getting the fresh air, then blowing it out the back and up the front here. Weve got our power button and there is a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with mic support there, a type c usb 3 and another two type, a usb 3.0. This right here is a little hole with a switch inside for our bios reset. If you happen to mess up any of those settings, because this does have a completely unlocked bias, so the housing and the top of it is all made out of plastic, and we can see an intel logo right. There b links logo and then the underside weve got four rubber feet and four screws. If you want to gain access to the internals to add a 2.5 inch drive, which i will show you just after this – there are two screw holes there or mounting points for that visa bracket. The good news weve got upgradeable ram here.

So two sticks of ddr4 8 gigabytes here, giving us a total of 16.. This is our ssd, which does have a heat sink over it. So the wireless card is the 3165 thats wireless ac. Only it should be wi fi, six spec that they use with this and the drive itself. The ssd is just sata 3 and im pretty sure that this spec can also support mvme, but we dont get it with this mini pc, which is unfortunate. They have also glued the antennas onto the wireless card, so it could be a little bit tricky to swap this out for an intel, wi, fi, six ax, 200 or 201., and if you do remove the motherboard flip it around, you can see the tiny little cooler Its got its got plenty of copper here and two little copper transfer heat pipes, file settings in typical b link fashion. We have every single option available to us, which is great. That also means you can get yourself in a little bit of trouble. Now you will see that listed down, there is nvme configuration, but no, it does not support it. I triple checked this. I did test out some drives in it and none of them would boot. So its only say to three from the m.2 slot. Unfortunately, ramdas configuration so thats handy for those that want to set that up. You can adjust things like the power limit, thermals pound performance, but ill be keeping everything of course stock.

So you know what its like, how it runs just out of the box when you first power it up youll be greeted with the following installation languages right here. So these are part of the windows 10 home image. You dont need to install them separately now, on. First boot, you do have approximately 441 gigabytes free on that 512 gigabyte ssd. I dont know the brand of it uh. But these are the speeds here: sata 3. The reads checkout for sata 3 are the rights they could be a little bit faster, but overall, its okay, but really they are missing an opportunity here, not using pcie 3.0, which would have been a lot better. Nvme drives, of course, much quicker than this, and it does support it. The jasper lake, so i dont know why they didnt use it. Probably something to do with with cost saving is why they have not done that. So youll find that its shipping with windows 10. Pro and its all activating everything windows 11 support. Yes, its going to support it. Okay, ive checked it out, so weve got the tpm 2.0 that needs secure boot and the spec of it is going to be enough uh only just though, because its not a super powerful mini pc, the processor being, of course, that uh sour on the 5095 in 5095 – and you can see here, maximum speed of it is 2.9 gigahertz and it does support up to ram speeds of 2933 megahertz.

Although ive just checked it out – and we are running here for the ram 2666, even though it says 2667 – so it could actually perform a little bit better there. The chip itself is 15 watts, and what did i get here with geekbench well ill? Show you nothing. Amazing single core score: just over 650 multi core score: there 2107., it is only a quad core, its not multi threaded, so its just a four cores, thats it and really not a powerhouse, its all about low power, consumption and thats only been a 15 watt processor. You know general day to day performance its okay. Sometimes you see the start menu loads in a little bit slower than i would ideally like so for spreadsheets documents. Your general kind of windows work its going to be fine, for that. This is really a mini pc for just basic media consumption documents. Emails stuff, like that you wouldnt, be buying a mini pc like this to play. The latest aaa titles like call of duty vanguard and expect to get 60 frames per second at 4k. No, its not gon na happen, and you would definitely be disappointed so things like that basic kind of documents and all that is running fast. So what about video files? Now we do have native vp9 and hevc playback weve had that since well, since the gemini lake – and i think maybe it was before that no gemini lake so ill start out with this – is jellyfish file here 140 megabits per second 4k 10 bit its super demanding And look at that: it handles it just fine with ease, so all the video files that you throw at it.

It should be able to play them just fine. Now a couple other things. I wanted to point out that i did in fact install some faster ram. I wanted to see would it support what intel claims and that is 2 93 megahertz, and you can see it is running that just fine, so b link have installed slower ram and this they should have gone with faster ram. That would aid the graphics, the intel uhd performance. A lot now, a little chrome test here with youtube playback. So, im just going to look for a 4k demo clip this one will do the sony one okay ill, just make sure that that is muted, enable the stats for nerds and well make sure that this, of course, is in 4k and well see if its gon Na drop frames, it probably will end up dropping some frames here. Okay, two four occasionally dropping frames, but it doesnt seem to be too bad, but thats not full screen lets put it into full screen and there we go its steadily dropping frames there. Although now it has settled down, oh and its doing it again, so thats not ideal performance there is it watchable. Well, it looks a tiny little bit choppy there, then just how many chrome tabs could we have open and safely swap between them without it getting too laggy. Well, this is 10 at the moment or so that ive got open well approximately and its okay.

This is fine, so you can swap and go through different tabs here. In chrome, weve got the 16 gigabytes of ram and our cpu load. At the moment it did spike to 100 opening everything up at the same time and at the moment, its not too bad. Okay, so i just get this to stay on top, should be there floating where it is going through these different tabs. You can see its peaking at about 50 now and just scrolling through this. Some of the pages uh do feel a little bit laggy. You can see weve maxed out the cpu here at 100, depending on some of that content, when i switch between all these different tabs. So this is uh not perfect performance here, but its still okay counter counter strike. Now i do have it set to 720p on the last possible settings frame rate, not ideal ive seen it get down to 20, even 18 frames per second, which is incredibly laggy and choppy at 720p. So you really probably want to have to run something like 800 times 600 resolution, which is terrible, oh and im getting shot at there. So this is not. I wouldnt really call this playable, so you want to. I cant really lower it down. Only the resolution is what i can do with this and yeah. He got me there. Of course, he did so not good for gaming. Really, this is just spreadsheets emails, youtube, chrome, thats.

Basically, what i would do on this hardware? There was fan noise and power consumption. So it only uses around five to six, sometimes seven watts at idle, which is not a lot, its just sipping away power, maximum power consumption. What ive seen from the wall is just 24 watts, which is well thats, not a lot really at all, and it only gets up to 71 degrees celsius. Thats it thats after benchmarking, gaming, stressing it out thats all were gon na hit there uh the fan noise. Well, its most of the time quiet, but when it is under load, you do hear it ramp up to a high rpm, which is slightly annoying. That disappears quickly, which is the good thing it doesnt just lock on that high pm and sit there. It will ramp down what about our linux support, so i did try to boot a live disk from the usb ports on the rear of it and the front of it, and i could not get it to recognize it. So i dont know whats going on there. Normally this usb pen drive that i use with linux mint on it would boot on other mini pcs and laptops, and i wouldnt have any issues so thats one thing were going to have to find out whats causing that problem. If you want to run linux on this, so as i showed you the good and the bad about this, i think the performance isnt amazing, okay, so this is just for light computing.

So, as i mentioned, like spreadsheets documents, uh, google chrome, better youtube and youtube 4k. 60 frames per second would end up. Dropping a few frames now gaming performance, not amazing, as you saw from my quick little test of counter strike, that its not great there. The thermals are good, so it wont go over 71 degrees celsius. Power consumption is low. It idles around five and a half to six, sometimes seven watts, which is not a lot and then it doesnt seem to go over and use more than about 24 watts. So it is yes, a low powered mini pc here. That is not going to be using a lot of power if thats your concern, something you want to run all the time constantly, with light tasks, good things about it. Well, it does have the unlock bias, which i really like so theres a lot of settings in there we can tweak, so we could, for example, increase power limits. There is a little bit of thermal headroom in there for that. You could also dedicate more ram to the uhd graphics that might help boost a little bit. The lower uh frames per second average, but im not too sure on that, because really, the uhd graphics isnt exactly a powerhouse there when it comes to performance. So theres a couple of areas that definitely be linked. I feel they they could have improved upon what they didnt go with the faster ram. Now, as i tested it out, i put some of my own quicker ram in this and i could run 2 93 megahertz of ram instead of the 2666, with the ram that they give us supplied in this one.

We only get a wi fi ac card. I do believe that now, in 2021, all manufacturers, even in such a spec like this, they should be using wi fi, six, its cheap enough, the intel ax 200 or 201 card, which also comes with bluetooth, 5 support and then mvme its only a sata 3 slot. M.2 and i did test out and try to at least boot, some of my nvme pcie ssds, and they did not work okay, so it definitely does not support the slot there thats another missed opportunity, because the jasper like does support it there. So really it could have been better than what it is and yeah. I do find it a little bit disappointing. So if you want a better mini pc from b link thats, a brand youre looking at do check out their ser3 sur 3. That ive reviewed in the channel that one has a ryzen, 7 3750h 8 cores with vega graphics, much better performance than what is on offer here from intels jasper lake. Thank you so much for watching this review do hope to see you back in the next one.