com to review here, it's powered by the Core i3. 5500. You yes, it's an old chip, but in my experience, even though it's old, it is actually better than the gym, and I like in 4100, in terms of single threaded performance and graphics performance. So the mini PC is actually a little bit smaller than I imagined it to be. I thought it might be a little bit bigger because it's van called 15 watts, so here are our accessories, so we're gon na find the power supply, obviously that we're gon na need to power it we have to, by the looks of it HDMI cables here so Yeah, we do ok, so a shorter one. I guess if you're gon na VESA mount it put on back of a monitor or something like that, you just need the short one and then a slightly longer here, HDMI cable, so it's great that they have supplied this. If you need a longer one in a course, you can easily source one of those. The power supply Zoe you and it is 12 volts, 3 amps, the output with the positive terminal in the middle right there – and here is our mini PC, ok, more accessories. So this must be right here, the mount for it VESA mount yep, ok, tiny little bracket right there. We have a user manuals, a basic operation after service and just what's. This internet mini PC user help they have, even so, the housing of this mini PC, it's, made out of a hard plastic in it seems a good quality and the finish of it so far, just looking at it and what the DC in there.

Of course, the power it this is our exit vent right here, so warm air will come out of this and I'll check on the fan noise. Later on in this review, we have two upside down: HDMI 1.4, a ports here to USB twos, also upside down, and then our Gigabit LAN, 2 again upside down. The motherboard seems to be flipped around here. For some reason and on the right, we have just an intake event here, one of two and on the left, more Vince, as you can see, and a micro SD card slot at the front of mini pc. Here we have what looks like a microphone. This little dot is in fact a reset switch here for the bios off it freezes up or you're running into problems. I guess you just saves you having to open it up and unplug the little battery in there. So 2, USB 3 ports, type c, USB 3, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with mic support and then a power button right here that does have a built in status LED to let you know it's on, as you can see right now. So it is very easy to gain access to the internals, just four screws on the bottom and then the whole plate just lifts right up, so we could upgrade the RAM. I don't think you can get though ddr3 spec, 16 gigabyte single stick. I think that's only ddr4 that we can get with that, and here we have a 22 80 m dot 2 set of three is his David.

You can easily replace us well and then right here on the lid. This is where you can attach they've got it taped to the top of it, so it doesn't damage get damaged inside there rattling around in transit, a 2.5 inch, hard drive or SSD. If you wanted to so good expandability and very easy to upgrade and swap components here, but you cannot change the wireless card, so the BIOS, as you can see right here, I've got full access to everything, so it's completely unlocked now with this low in CPU it's. Not really much use, we can't exactly do much here so under volting or increasing the Parliament, for example those particular settings aren't open to us. Even there, well everything here so on. First, boot, you will have to go through the Windows setup and these are the pre installed set up languages on the windows 10 image. So we have a hundred and three gigabytes free here on first boot, so I haven't installed anything just yet before I start my review one other thing: that's interesting to know that it's running Windows – 10 – Pro that I did not expect here and it's all activated. It doesn't seem to have any problems. I can go into Windows updates and it's working it's pulling through the updates there too. So the 8 gigabytes of RAM that is installed. If you're wondering about the speeds, it is running at well, it's, 1600, megahertz and, of course, it's.

Just single channel were the only single stick in there. So the boot time is quite quick. It only takes about 15 seconds or so and you're into desktop. As you can see so, I've switched over now to screen capturing. This just gives you a better look at everything. Now I wanted to show you the Geekbench full score from the system itself, but I've been running into a lot of problems. It just crashes all the time and installed reinstalled it. I even moved over to another SSD on Windows and it crashed in as well. So I don't know what is going on, but it doesn't seem to be instability of the CPU or anything like that, because everything I have been doing now using this for over a day no problems. But this is the kind of score you can expect. Okay, so a single core score here will be better than the Polo Lake and Gemini Lake. Many pcs, the multi core score, is less so the typical, the German a lake in 4100 that I have reviewed a lot of many pieces of pcs off you're gon na get a school here of about five thousand three hundred five thousand two hundred and about eighteen Hundred here so yes, it is a little bit faster and it does feel a little bit snappier to in and out of windows, moving about doing things here, the menu, the way it pops up here too and windows doesn't – have that typical Gemini Lake or polo Lake Lag that we typically see, even though that's a quad core the dual cores here: they're locked to two gigahertz, so there's, no turbo, there's, no actual adjustment in the frequency and all it just sits there.

So I wanted to do a little bit of a real world test here. So here we have Geekbench sorry speed, test. Okay – and I want to just run this now and to get the idea, what kind of wireless speeds to expect so I'm, not having any problems with the wireless range and the performance seems to be good because I'm, through a couple of walls here before the router That'S in the like the lounge of the studio apartment here and it's performing well, as you can see, I mean there's a lot of ads on this this site. Now the throughput, if you're, going to connect up to say an FTP server with the wireless here, is going to max out about 380 megabits per second, so I do recommend using the Gigabit LAN port there for maximum speeds. Of course, if you can so see, that's fine right there, so no problems there with the speed. So I wanted to just jump into Google I'm gon na. Do my tab test here and we'll just followed up with something random. Okay, I will just search cars and just bring up a whole bunch of different websites here and we'll check on the low time of that. One of them is YouTube, so we'll check out the streaming performance and YouTube okay, so they're all loading in there and we'll swap between these tabs so that it performance that is good. In fact, I'm gon na have to say again that this yes it's definitely better than the gym, and I like, and the Apolo like many pcs.

The way this is loading and oarsman's, even though it's cause versus for cause. This is cause for threads. So this is a little mute that right there see if I can string this and 4k no it's, only 1080p HD, so we'll go to a fork. A demo clip here see how it handles it, see that loads and really quick. In fact, it's seems to be very fast here, set this to 4k, all right back on to play again and we'll, enable those stats and take a look at the drop frames, because there probably will be some here in chrome. It will probably continue dropping okay. It is, as you can see so, 21 dropped and it's chugging away a little bit. This isn't, quite as smooth as I would have hoped for now. If you use edge, then it's completely different. It just gon na be nice and smooth so that's good. In that regard, so this was really what a low end a little mini PC like this is good for okay, just document edits, and things like that so I'm, not really having too much of an issue right here, doing the edits, copying and posting, and things like That scrolling I've got quite a few pages 83 here, and you see that performance that is good moving over now to Excel spreadsheet and search and replace, and things like that, it's gon na be fine as long as the spreadsheets and absolutely huge.

Of course, loading off the SSD is definitely helping here, so I'll close right right down. I won't save that and a couple of videos here to test out. So this is a 4k clip that was recorded on, I think my Galaxy Note 4, or something of yeah back in the day. Okay, so this should play just fine, as you can see. That is very smooth, however, worth video files I'm in Cody. Now this tends to be actually a lot better at playing the more demanding files like 4k, and you can see. I'Ve got one right here to 10 bit let's just play this and see if it's able to do it. So there are some stutters here at the beginning and it's getting a little smoother, but not really even the mouse pointer is just completely lagging out, so that is just way too demanding for this particular hardware. I mean that is 140 meters per second, so we'll just try now HD, okay, so maybe it can handle this HD one may get a little better, but still even with Cody. Here not not great performance, and then I do have gravity right here since a 2k trailer this at least it should be out of handle just fine. Okay, I can see that at least is playing back so for HD files and ones that aren't HEV see codec or vp9. Then it will work out and a quick look at it now running Linux Mint, so no problems, everything's working bluetooth.

Wireless performance is very good here as well, so that is good news for anyone wanting to run Linux on this particular mini PC now on to gaming performance, so lighter older titles such as counter strike here. This is global Offensive we're, getting ok, just over 30 frames per second it's, not ideal, but it is just playable here. This is 720p on the lowest settings too by the way, and it will dip below 30 frames per second. So the performance is similar to the Gemini Lake, but slightly better. I find all right so we'll take a look now at the thermals. It is good. I haven't really noticed it fluctuate too much. The call frequency might dip down a little bit when you're gaming, but there's no thermal throttling here or power limit throttling. You can undervolt a little okay, but it's probably not really needed just for this dual core, because the frequency is always stuck at 2 gigahertz. Here now fan noise, it's on it's, cycling on and off, and it is a little annoying and you definitely hear it when gaming. It is about 45 decibels for those interested so differently, audible if it's inside a case or in a TV case, or something like that. You might not hear it as much, but if it's out on your desk, you will definitely hear it. This is a mini PC for light tasks like computing. It does feel faster than the Geminoid Lake mini pcs for browser performance for general computing, spreadsheets Docs there.

It feels faster gaming performance as well a little bit faster than those particular quad core low end, CPUs and let's, not think that this can do really more than the low end tasks or what the CPU is it's a core i3. You have to remember it's, an old one as well it's a little bit dated so no demanding work on this, otherwise you're gon na be in for a bit of a lag fist. It'S gon na be very slow, so no video, editing and hardcore gaming and triple a titles, and things like that. Of course, you're never gon na be able to play this on a chip like this it's just going to be a slideshow don't, even bother to go there whatsoever, so it does come with the RAM, which is good. It comes with the hard drive. You can add a 2.5 inch hard drive. The build quality is very good. Thermals as well are really good but it's lacking in the video decoding performance, so that's. Why it's hard to recommend this because for khe VC Timbit files? Absolute struggle for this particular hardware to play that back even at a hundred megabit or even 80 megabits encoded file, it will still be very choppy and not great so that's when I would say if you be playing back videos on this, go for a more modern Chipset something that has the hardware decoding support like Intel's nook, the 5005 Gemini Lake, one that I reviewed as well.

You'Ve got two RAM slots and that, but you have to supply the RAM, have to supply the hard drive. So it will be a little bit more expensive but overall, probably a much a better purchase there.