It is one of their latest mini pcs called the ser 3. This one is powered by a ryzen 7 3750h, its a quad core chip. It has eight threads and the maximum turbo is four gigahertz. Yes, it is now a few generations old. It does come with 16 gigabytes of ram 512 gigabytes of mvme storage, and you can even add a 2.5 inch drive to expand upon that capacity, which you wouldnt think so seeing as how small this particular mini pc is. It can literally fit in the palm of my hand inside the box. You will find our 51 watt power supply. We have a user manual, a long, hdmi, cable, a short hdmi cable. If youre going to be using the visa mount, which is right here, thats the bracket that they do include and then some screws for a 2.5 inch hard drive and that mounting bracket and first up our bios. So we do have with b link just like their other mini pcs. Ive reviewed in the channel. All of the advanced settings are available to us, so its a completely unlocked bios. This is great, so lets go into windows now, so pc here does ship with windows. 10 pro, you will need to run windows 10 updates and if you wanted to know, does it support windows? 11? Yes, okay, it meets all the requirements. We have the tpm 2.0 thats there, the secure boot and, of course, this spec of mini pc, even though it is a few generations old, still fine to run windows 11.

If you wanted to upgrade and do that its all possible. So now i do have 32 gigabytes installed, just to make sure its in dual channel here to show you the best performance were able to achieve out of the vega 10. That really gets that benefit. So you see with this particular chip that it can run up to 35 watts, and i have noticed, though, that b link just have it configured to 15 watts, so the performance isnt, quite as good as what you would expect. Now it does have the four cores. Eight threads, the maximum turbo with this one is 4 gigahertz, and the vega 10 graphics, with its 10 calls there for that one. So what about our performance? Well here is just one benchmark, which is geekbench ill. Show you a few shortly showing that i mean the performance is reasonable: all the documents and spreadsheets, and things like that will open up quickly its reasonably fast. For that, the vega 10 graphics can handle vp9 code, its hevc with ease no problems with those, but its not exactly a super good score is it. It could actually do a lot better. This particular chipset here and the internal storage, so we do have 512 gigabytes and these are the speeds of it which arent bad theyre, not the fastest ive seen for a nvme drive. But still, this ssd is faster than a sata 3 ssd, which would cap out about 550 sequential reads and writes so a lot better here.

So thats fine, there good speeds not going to be slowing down the system and then the networking on this one weve got gigabits lan here for the controller, which is very, very common and then just wi fi, five spec here so its the intel wireless ac 7265. I would have preferred that they use intels ax 200, which is just a small little extra cost there. They could have done this now. It looks like we cannot upgrade this wireless card unless its on the other side of the motherboard, which i dont think it is. I think its actually part of the motherboard considering the size of it so thats a little disappointing. They really should have gone with a better wi fi six card, and that would of course, have bluetooth five, which was this one does not. This only has bluetooth for spec, so your general light computing stuff, like documents spreadsheets right here, thats all fine on this particular spec of mini pc, the ryzen 7. The 3750h handles this all wow, even at only 25 watts. So i double checked it. Its actually 25 watts, as per the bias that is configured at now, video playback im just going to play a couple of files here. This one is jellyfish 4k hevc 10 bit. It is a demanding file, but you can see the playback here is great its smooth. It does not drop any frames there and thats what we want. So video playback really quite good on this machine.

It handles it just find that vega 10 graphics. This here is a demanding 4k clip 60 frames per second sony, swordsmith and again no drop frames there. Just plays that fine. Now, how was that vega 8 performance, so i have run a few benchmarks here and, as we suspect, its going to be low right, because its only 25 watts not 35 watts. So this graphic score here for time spy is below average. Okay, the same for night raid, which is our integrated graphics, benchmark from 3d mark again graphics score here should be higher. This is a good thousand or two thousand points lower there, so below average, again limited by that 25 watt tdp. We have five strike again limited now. The thermals and the fan noise as a result are very good because were not getting up to the full capacity, so stress testing it gaming benchmarks. Everything like that for two hours now it will not go over 70 degrees. The chipset, which is great sorry, 80 degrees almost so 79, is the maximum, and average temperatures seem to be pretty good fan. Noise, for the most part, is quiet, unless you stress test it. If youre running cinebench, r23 or youre gaming, you then hear the fan and it sounds a little bit like an ultrabook, because basically it is well. Its a laptop processor in a mini pc. Latency monitor does show that the audio here should be good for handling real time audio without any dropouts without any clipping or any problems there.

We normally do see this with amd chipsets. That audio is quite good intel, on the other hand, with the audio latency can be a bit problematic, but not this particular mini pc 4k video editing. Now it is possible with this particular spec of mini pc. Now ive noticed that the performance with the timeline can be a little bit laggy at times when selecting different clips in the beginning. It was now at a quarter, playback resolution here, its fine, its not dropping any frames, but if you do run half you can even see now that the timelines, sometimes just a little bit slow. So if we select another place here takes a little bit there, we go a little while to catch up. This is the optional app here once its going that really isnt too much of a problem. But how long will it take to export here a minute of footage at the youtube 4k preset, bearing in mind that its got that limitation with the power limit? So you can see? I do have one minute of footage: im going to hit start on the timer and export. Now this, i believe, is going to take probably over two minutes because again, its just a little bit restricted that ryzen 7.. So here we go, it is about to finish up and it came through a little bit faster than i was expecting so 1 minute and 37 seconds approximately 135. If you factor in my little delay there isnt actually too bad at 25 – watts grand theft auto 5.

Now so gaming performance with the vega 10 graphics is not too bad. Here i mean were getting in the mid 40s grand theft, auto 5. I do have set to 1080p the resolution and then the normal settings and the view distance is in the middle. So this performance for vega 10 for the 3000 series is not bad, considering that it is yes again, im gon na say its a little bit limited here with just 25 watts, but still doing a fairly good job. Lets have a look at counter strike now after this, so this is a game against bots here with dust2 1080p lowest possible settings and it sometimes gets down to 30 frames per second. So you can. I mean game. Okay, like this um, but really not ideal kind of performance, lets see what happens when theres a few enemies on screen. Oh no theyve gone the other way. This is the game against a bot so thats. How im able to get a few kills with this one. So not too bad for the vega in graphics. Lastly, linux support no problems at all because it does have a dated wireless card. It did not have any wireless issues running linux, mint and the audio controls. They are working just fine there. So linux support with this mini pc good. It gets a thumbs up. Okay, so its now been a few days with this im gon na go over the good and the bad of this mini pc after using it for that long.

So i like the build quality. Its excellent, very good, typical, b link. I like the fact that we can add an additional 2.5 inch drive. If you wanted to do that, you can upgrade the ram you can swap out that wi fi five card with a wi fi six one honestly. They should have shipped it with the wi fi six one, i believe with bluetooth five, i mean it is 2021 and it is yes, a couple of generations old now this chip, so the performance for general kind of computing, so spreadsheets internet video files documents that kind Of thing, even a little bit of light gaming like video, editing its all fine thanks to the quad core, eight threads and the performance is good. But, as i mentioned quite a few times, it is limited by that 25 watt tdp. It should really be 35 watts, but this form factor being so small. I think at 35 watts with this cooler, probably would run into thermal throttling. That is probably why b link have done. That fan. Noise is good until you push it hard. You do hear it a little bit, it sounds just like, then a a loud ultrabook or a laptop, and really, i think its an okay mini pc its just that power limit. That is really limiting the performance. So thank you so much for watching my review here.