I just received their newest device. This device is a combination of ssd storage and a mini docking station. This one is called the expand m and this particular one comes with 512 gigabytes of ssd storage. It comes with a manual thats in many different languages. It comes with a nice drawstring carrying pouch, okay heres the device itself. It is a b link, expand m. It comes with a usb c attached: cable, it has two usb 3 ports and a usb c port for power and on the end of it, has an hdmi port for connecting to a monitor or a tv. And here it tells you press the m button to switch the ssd indicator status, and here is what the led shows so thats. What the indicator looks like itll, either be green or blue. Be link. Is a leading company of innovation. Theyve created a lot of different devices b. Link has moved into creating many pcs, so thats pretty much. What theyre concentrating on right now is creating some awesome mini pcs for every budget. Okay, its time to find out what this thing can do. One of the greatest things about this device is the ability to back up everything that you have on your cellular phone. So i will show you how to do that now. Obviously, the first thing we have to do is connect the b link, expand m to our cellular phone, so thats what were going to do right now? Okay, now that were here, we go to accounts and backup.

We click on that and were going to click up. We dont want to samsung cloud or that we dont want to google drive right now. We want to transfer to this device, so were going to use external storage transfer so well. Click click on that. Okay, now that were back up and restore were going to click. The usb storage thats what we have connected okay now we dont want everything right now. All i want to do is just back up my photos, click next and, of course, we could get our call logs messages, etc. But the only thing i want are the images which ive got 1.21 gigabytes of images and videos thats. What i want to back up and my audio, so those are the ones i checked so ill go ahead and back those up. Okay. Now i connected it to a mini pc that has a usbc port, and this is what windows explorer brings up. So that is all my files from the videos and pictures that i recorded, and you can see here how it works. It only took about a minute or two to back up those video and photo files, and this way you can have them stored locally instead of in the cloud now, when you connect your cell phone, your galaxy cell phone to this device. This is the screen that pops up uh so ill go ahead and show you some of the things that this it can do.

Okay, this is netflix its playing in 1920 by 1080. that may be as high as it goes: 14.. Okay, heres the hd home red app now remember now these are running off my cellular phone using this adapter to connect it to my tv, okay, so thats hd home run app. This is the envy app okay. When it boots up, i have a black screen. I dont have any video okay, this is google docs, but its using my videos on the google drive. Okay, someone is planning to push things. Okay lets take a look at the google folder, we got chrome, gmail maps, youtube, drive dual and photos so lets. Take a look here lets see, let me try adding apps, so we got a whole bunch of everything thats on my uh phone. I can add it. Okay, i went ahead and added some apps. I had voodoo easy vis vlc, so lets take a look see what they do easy vis is. My cameras outside so lets. Take a look at this one: okay, thats, my camera, outside okay, heres voodoo lets see how it plays. Okay, we go to my library, my movies, okay, those are my movies okay, voodoo plays, but its in sd because of the connection between the cell phone and the tv. So it only allows sd. Okay, here is youtube. Okay, this app shows some of my other cameras. So look theres some of my other cameras right there.

Okay. This is how i can add any of the apps thats on my cellular phone at this time. So i could select any one of those, but this is all the these are all the apps thats on. My cell phone and i can add all of them so anyway, thats what this device here does when you connect it to a cellular phone thats capable of this dex. I believe it is capability and it connects to the tv as a computer. Okay, the streaming apps seem to work perfectly lets. Take a look at paramount, plus, okay took a couple of seconds to get there, but its playing now well. Take a look at pbs now ill go ahead and uh make a full screen see what that one is lets see if it plays took a couple minutes to negotiate, but it is playing now so that does play also Music Applause. Graphics are pretty decent lets. Take a quick peek at peacock thats. Another streaming app well go ahead and make it full screen. Now this peacock is always slow loading, no matter which device so lets, click on that see what it does. Okay, thats it right. There thats peacock in the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups, the police who investigate crime and the district okay. This is the hp home run. This is a fantastic little device and i think everyone should have one because its great for backing up your uh data from your phone, your precious photos that youve taken you can upload them to the cloud.

But you never know when the cloud is going to go. Corrupt so anyway uh its nice to have them stored locally. That way you have control over them, so this is a fantastic little device. Now, like i say this particular one comes with 512 k, gigabytes of storage for business people. This is great for presentations. You can put all your information on this device and plug it into your laptop and project it onto a big screen tv, so its fantastic for that.