I will introduce you this. Another graphics tablet uh! Well, technically! Yes, this is a graphics tablet, but this one is different. You can see what you’re writing on the surface here. Look at this, so my annotations appear on a tablet and it also appeared digitally on my computer screen. It’S amazing right let’s get started. This is beaver. Pet 10 inch size, electronic notepad. It is about 75 us dollars and the links are in the description below guys. I definitely recommend you to check the current prices by the way this video is not sponsored. Beware pad sent me this tablet for an exchange of my honest review. So i’m really excited to try this guys because it will be the first beaver pad review on youtube and also, i know a lot of teachers. They struggle writing on classic non screen. Graphics tablets. I don’t have any problems i like using them, but you know classic tablets have no screens. So, in order to see what you’re writing you have to look at the computer screen, you also need to position the cursor, so it is kind of hard actually it’s kind of weird when you first try it and beaver pad, shows what you write on its surface. Would be the solution we will see, but first let’s start with the quick unboxing and then i will test it and review it. I did not receive the original box, so i have no idea how the box looks like, but i have the tablet.

Of course, this is a 10 inch tablet and it has in about 8 times 5 inch detective area like a medium size, graphics, tablet. This is the back side. There is no rubber feet. There are three buttons here on the front side: save power on off and erase buttons. We have a pen attachment here and there is a lock function, so it gives you an erase protection by the way, i forget to show you in the video guys. There is also a micro usb charging port and we have a pen. It looks good. There are two side buttons on the pen, the tip is replaceable and you need to charge the pen so here’s the charging port. It is micro usb. This is the micro usb charging and connection cable. We also have some extra nibs and nip remover here in the package, and this is the manual. Let me quickly show you how this electronic notepad works, and then i will connect it to my laptop and my phone and use it as a graphics tablet. Basically, everything you right here stays on the surface of the tablet, so it’s an eco, friendly solution to everyday use of pen and paper. When you write it push pixels on it on the display and it writes it. Doesn’T consume any power, that’s good and i like the palm rejection guys, so you can place your hand on it and it doesn’t leave hand marks on the surface by the way you don’t need to turn on the device to write, because writing does not consume power.

But erasing does so you need to turn it on to erase to turn on. You need to press the on off button for three seconds and then you can tap twice to erase button. There is no partial race, it raises everything tapping once doesn’t do anything. It is just like a safety feature. There is also a lock here on the side which prevents accidental raising, so you cannot erase if the lock is on so by using beaver pad a 10 inch electronic notepad. You can do simple calculations operations, write some notes, it’s a good pen and paper alternative, and it also works as a graphics tablet. So you can connect it to your computer or your smartphone and teach online let’s start with connecting it to my computer. This is the cable. You need to connect it to your laptop as soon as you do. It works as a mouse. So it has a plug and play option. You can start using it without downloading the driver. Let’S quickly, try it with microsoft, whiteboard it’s, a very basic software i’m, not going to look at my computer screen by the way, i will just look at the tablet and let’s see how it works. Okay, i really like it guys. This feature is great. Look at this, it is exactly the same amazing. If you want to use the buttons on the pen, you need to download the driver. I left the driver link in the description, so you can just click and download it here is the website i downloaded it installed.

It and here’s the driver, it has all the settings about writing, area screens and express keys. You can, of course, make changes. Now i am going to try another software pdf annotator 8.. It is more professional than the previous one. You can check the review. Video of the software on the right top corner i’m not going to look at the computer screen to write. I only do that to change color or tools. Yep. Look at this. I really like it it’s a great device for many people. I assigned the pen side buttons as eraser and the pen and you need to know the shortcut in order to do that. I know for this, software p is the pen e is the eraser. I just changed settings assigned letter p and e for the side buttons. So let’s check it. Yes, it erases when it erases, it creates a mess on the surface you see and the pen key yeah it works as well great after you are done. Writing on all the surface. Don’T forget to clean it double tap and, of course it does not erase your orientations on your computer. Okay, let’s use it with a smartphone. You need to download e draw app, just search for idrow and here’s. The software on google play. You can use any other platforms or ios smartphones to download it by the way don’t forget to leave your bluetooth on, because the connection is done with bluetooth.

Here it is click. I drove the first option, then plus sign on the right top corner. Choose a third option: handwriting drawing after you do that they may ask you a few things about the connection. I already completed that step, so it is connected. Now we are ready to use a tablet. Let’S use it now. Okay, that is good uh. By the way you can use all the servers here. Let me show you yes, this is the active area and you need to choose the tools by hand. Let’S continue. Writing great. Okay viewer pad electronic notepad. I like the device guys, if you struggle writing on a classic non screen, graphics tablet: you can try beaver pad. I believe it will be a good solution for you. You can clearly see everything all your annotations on the surface, so you don’t need to look at the computer screen. You don’t need to try to locate the position of the cursor. You can also use this device guys with your smartphone, android or ios. It supports both systems, generally speaking, it’s a really good product guys. This tablet surface is a little bit different than classic graphics tablet surface, but it is really convenient to write. Palm rejection is great, so it doesn’t leave your palm marks on the on the surface and also i like the mobile app um either. Oh it’s, really good it’s really easy to use cones. I can tell you two things.

The first one is um pen it’s charging. You know we all like battery free pens and the second one is. The connection, is micro, usb, it’s kind of old. You know, usb type c would be better and that’s it other than that it’s a really really good product. I definitely recommend you to try this out guys and, if you’re a beginner, if you want to teach online with a graphics tablet, if you want to use a graphics tablet to write to draw to do you know anything um, you can start with a beaver pad. It’S much easier to use, so i left the link of the links in the description below you can check the links and you can check the prices.