Is it past year or six months past? I guess it’s last year we discussed about the basis dz01, which it was a really kind of perfect headphones. Talking about the beziers d01, you can see how much i’m wearing the d01 here. This is the d01 there we go. This is the d02 pro as how they’re steading it the beziers, and let us just unbox it what’s packed inside i’ll do a full comparison between the d01 and d02 after we have unboxed this kind of b02 pro so guys right now, we’re gon na unbox, the Beziers and coke d02 pro i’m gon na keep this box aside and see on the top layer. It’S a plastic looking looks like glass if you don’t pay close attention getting um. What is this? Is this a sticker? I’M gon na keep aside this kind of sticker. To be honest and let’s, see what’s inside paperwork, nice it’s really kind of great arrangement of paperwork to keep it on this kind of small box, and you can see guys. This is how much it shows you. How much you can use your beziers and cork d02 pro let’s jump in to this kind of headphones here really kind of well packaged. I kind of adore this not bad, but i want to see the build quality that’s. What fascinates me a lot? The build quality! This is not quite bad material, it’s, plastic and it’s, not quite different than the first gen of the plastic.

But let me keep it aside first and see what’s next on the box and we’ll discuss about the headphones. So what you get throughout here, i think you’re getting a usb charging a type c. So this is not a micro like the first gen had a micro. This is usb type c guys. You can see here it’s a usb type c, which is really kind of great keeping it aside another kind of stuff. This is a headphone jack to jack. I think yeah headphone jack to jackpot, which it’s really kind of great, because the first gen they kept it micro to jack, which it’s really kind of not great, but this one. I think they did it greatly so i’m talking about the build quality. To be honest, if i keep it heads towards d01 there’s, quite difference, as you can see this red one it’s, a d01 and it’s really really great looking the plastic, they did it perfectly well, and you can see adjustments. You just suggested by doing this way and it’s really kind of awesome. The buttons arrangement really cool, but this one uses the micro and this one it’s really sparking out, because the led indicates for you and shows you that the headphone it’s, on which it’s really kind of great throughout the d01 this year, one it’s really kind of more Compatible throughout um compatibility and more flexibility and more minimalistic to be honest, this d01 – it outrocks the d02 pro, but this d02 pro it’s really kind of pro, because i think the the the target mainly is all about the form factor of how they kept the cushions And how much it enhanced throughout your ears, there’s quite difference between d01 through that digital one doesn’t! Do that a lot because it’s just a normal, looking um cushion and it’s, not that much inside this one goes directly inside on the cup.

You can see how much it is, but this one is just more like a cushion top which it’s music it’s. Quite not that much great when you listen that much because somebody can hear the type of music you’re listening. I think on this kind of question. So these kind of headphones of basis and d02 gives you, 10 meters of stable transmission and you’re getting a 40 hours of battery life man throughout this it’s really kind of dope, because you get 40 hours of battery life, so do whatever you got to do 40 Hours of battery life it’s here and this kind of bad boy gives you all that in need. You can see how much it is by just doing that way. Flexibility, it’s, really kind of perfect to be honest, it’s, quite not bad. I love that they kept it. The type c button wise no bad, that clicky same as d01, but i love the button of d01 to be honest, they’re more baldish. I can call it baldish and more styled out compared to the d02 it’s a little bit kind of different and for the jack side, it’s, really kind of impressive and on on and off button on and on what i mean on and off button. You can see you just click on the blinking of light it blinks and it starts to pair, which is quite impressive. I cannot like that it’s really kind of new kind of game change throughout uh, bezier’s, d02.

Pro so guys right now, we’re gon na test it. How much it’s gon na stay on our ears? You can see how much it’s it’s really kind of massive staying, because it’s the cup, the cushion cup, takes a lot of spacing. You can see how much the cushion cup looks like now check this out. I’M. The moment i’m just keeping them they take the whole spacing. I can even talk out loud because i’m hearing a little bit of sound in my ears, so let’s connect or pair this kind of um basis. D02. I, like that kind of sound it’s, usually have that kind of beep and it does connect throughout your phone. If you want to whoa lane to be honest, it’s it’s, it’s immersive to all the ears because i’m listening to the music – and i cannot hear anything i’ll be honest with you guys the d02 pro it’s really kind of great. But the only thing i think the only slightly thing is the build quality compared to the d01 there’s a little bit kind of differentiation of test. If you use the d01 and you use the d02 you’ll see a bigger, bigger kind of differentiation there. To be honest, at the first glance you just see it, but after using throughout d02, pro you’re kind of like trying to switch to a different kind of zone and you enjoy that kind of flexing throughout this kind of d02 pro. To be honest, it’s really kind of great thing, uh basis what they’re doing throughout their headphones it’s really kind of great.

I want to share with you guys how much the sound it plays. So let me just Music whoa really nice. To be honest, the d02 beziers, you nailed it because these kind of headphones, they’re, really kind of budget they’re, not quite expensive. Talking about this kind of basis, d02 pro it’s, really kind of budget, and if you’re living in a russia tanzania, you can get it at gadgetronix, which it’s really kinda, awesome so head to gadgetronix there and grab your d02 pro, which is really kind of working. And you won’t get disappointed. I’Ll, be honest with you guys. You won’t get disappointed because of one thing. First of all play time: it’s 40 hours, just man it’s like almost two days for you to charge it and if you know the heavy duty user i’m talking about even five days of usage up to six days. So this kind of bad boy may be rocking up to seven days for normal user if the person is just playing the music right now in tons of the headphones or uses only the jack. So if you’re using the jack you’re not using any kind of battery side, so it might be lasting you much longer, but the functionality of the button they might not be working because everything will be controlling throughout your phone that’s what’s up about the uh bezies d02. Pro, i really recommend these kind of headphones their budget and they did it greatly, but the to consider the quality of material it’s really kind of harder, but the way they kept it it’s not that much decent but it’s really kind of standing out.

To be honest, i really recommend throughout the beziest d02 pro another kind of stuff i’ll be seeing your smiley faces on the next one, as always: stay sharp and creative and kudos guys peace.