Another ultra mini pc, the one netbook, specifically the a1 intel m3 wow. I love my macbook and my xiaomi laptop theyre, still a bit heavy. When i visit local factories for meetings and such if im dealing with pdfs, spreadsheets or powerpoint presentations, i need a bit more than a smartphone can handle, but i dont need to edit video or anything on the full size notebook. An all too mini pc means. I can always get real work done, but i dont have to schlep around a big heavy bag. Normally i use my gbd pocket for this, but its been a few years and its getting a bit old, so ben good, very kindly offered to send over the one neck book for me to try out lets unbox it and take a look at this point. Its always good to take a picture of your serial number and your license number in case anything happened. You can have a track record of the information so that you can talk to the people who sell you this product Applause. So this is the instruction in chinese and english. This is the usb cable, and this is the adapter for charge for charging the laptop okay. On the side, we have a micro, sd slot, usb c port and on here we have uh ethernet usb usb hdmi and the good news is: they have rs232 its a very rare feature, its good for controlling robots and automation, im glad they have it and on The other side they have a headphone jack okay.

Now i just want to compare it with the gpd pocket. It looks similar in size. I would uh, maybe the uh one neck book, its a bit larger, but its hard to tell by dimension. It looks kinda similar to me. Okay, now, when its open, the one neckbook looks a little larger, but the keys on the one neck book is much closer. Let me see how they feel it feels nice, but its kind of kind of the same for me because i have small hands. Okay lets put it up now, i dont use any laptops. I can do both to linux and this does support it. But in order to give the one network a fair wheel, for now we are just going to be using style, windows, 10. ill, install ubuntu in another video im, not one for reading off specs. But just so you know its running. An intel core and free a10y has eight gigs of ram. A 512 gig solid state drive a seven inch 1920 by 1200 touch screen and a 6 000 milliamp hour battery, but numbers dont always tell the whole story.