This is from the brand called by wire Ive already tested a couple of tablets from this brand, and those tablets were very, very nice and they performed quite well. Ive used them extensively. I could not find any problem with that, so this new tablet that they have is the one that comes with the full kit of accessories Music in terms of the specs. This is a 10.1 inch, full HD touchscreen tablet that runs on Android 11 operating system with 4 gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of internal storage, which can be expanded to 512 gigs with the SD memory card. It has a fast octa core processor and it can support full HD 1080p resolution output, its got a large 6000 Mah eco friendly battery and dual cameras, so a 5 megapixel camera on the front and a 13 megapixel main camera that we will test later on. In this video, but first lets quickly do the unboxing all right. So this is all we get inside this box. As I said earlier, this tablet comes with the full kit, all accessories. You get a screen protector, film, uh, now uh theres already a protector on the tablet itself. But if you want to change this in future, you can certainly do that. Its a nice freebie to have, and then you get a user manual. Then you get a power. Adapter or a power plug with a power cable, then you also have this on the go adapter or a converter, and you get a pencil stylus pen, and this is the best part about this tablet.

It comes with a case as well as a wireless portable keyboard. So this is the leather case or the cover for the tablet. Youve got a plastic base and the leather case, and you get a portable wireless keyboard and and then finally, this is the buy wire tablet, looks very similar to the ones that Ive been testing in the past um its again, all black, which I like not very Heavy youve got the front 5 megapixel camera here and then on the side. You have this 3.5 mm Jack for the audio, then youve got the power button. Volume up and down youve got the the mic as well and then at the bottom. You have the speaker here in the back, you see the brand name: youve got the 13 megapixel main camera, and then you have this cap, this area, where you need to insert the SD memory card in case you want to have additional storage space. So its very simple to open, uh just pull this cap, you get to see this area. This is where you insert the SD memory card, similar to the ones Ive tested in the past. I think the structure and the exterior of these tablets are is very similar. Um but all in all a very standard design. I like the way its not heavy at all. Now let me connect this or let me switch this on and then we will start testing the different functions and features of this by Warrior.

Tablet keep watching guys all right friends, so weve switched on this by wire tablet. This is the main home page or the landing page. This is the standard, Android user interface. This is your first page you swipe up. Then you get to see all the pre installed. Apps on this tablet and weve also installed some more apps just for the for the test today. So if you go to the settings we get to see all the standard Android settings, we can go and check out the details about this tablet. A 4GB of ram k118 Android 11 operating system um now for those of you who are interested in some geekbench scores, Ive also done that um and I can quickly show you the scores all right. So we get 147 on single core and 792 on multi core, which is quite decent score and you can in fact swipe up and get to see all the different results. So, as I said, Android 11 operating system 8 core processor split into two clusters. Then you get to see the single core score performance and then, after that, you get to see the multi core performance scores as well: okay, yeah, okay, coming back to the main home page, all right! So, in order to test the performance of this tablet, what we will do in this video is start testing some of the different applications and functions uh. So the first app I would like to test is the most frequently used application in the world, which is YouTube, and what I want to test here is actually the performance of the video in terms of the resolution in terms of how smooth it is playing uh.

So we can play some 4K video content, so this screen is a 2K screen, its not a 4K screen, but I just want to see if we get 1080p resolution on this tablet, all right so blow this up now. So this is 1080p and thats the maximum. We can get on this tablet and its already playing at 1080P, and you can see its quite clear. We can increase the volume now. This tablet comes with the two built in speakers very powerful speakers right here at the bottom, and we can increase the volume all right so yeah. As you can see, the volume is quite good, though the speakers are quite powerful. You dont really need to attach any external device, but if you want to, you can always attach this with your external sound system lets check out the Netflix app all right, so very nice in terms of the quality were getting on Netflix, quite clear or quite smooth. Lets see if we can skip it, yeah very, very fast when we skip scenes, so that tells you how fast this tablet is because thats one way to check the speed of any any device see its instant all right, so Netflix seems to be working. Uh fine lets close this now lets go to the next app all right, so the next app I would like to test is one of my favorite, which is the IPTV or the live TV app. Thank you, Music.

Alright, so the live TV app seems to be working perfectly fine, there is no lag or buffering of any sort. The picture quality is also quite nice. It doesnt take a lot of time when youre switching between channels on this, so overall, its quite good all right. So, as you can see, there are so many different applications pre installed on this. You can install many more apps. You can install kids, specific apps and set passwords on that. You can have a video calling applications as well and many more. You know I would not be testing everything uh today, but just just wanted to check some of the important critical applications on this tablet now. The other test I would like to do is try to check the gaming experience with this tablet. So weve got a couple of games that we will test so lets start off with the Subway Surfer Music, all right, so the gaming experience is okay. Now again, this isnt not a very heavy graphic file, but in terms of the flow, the the smoothness, its quite nice, it doesnt lag at all, which is quite nice, uh its bad to play this one Music. All right, you can use the tablet as as a tilting device to control the games. So all right, so the other nice thing about this tablet is: you can in fact connect your joysticks or keypads or game pads using the Bluetooth with the tablet, and then you can simply play games using an external device like this, instead of actually using the tablet To control the game so thats such a nice thing to have all right, so the gaming experience overall is its quite nice, quite quite decent.

I did not experience any issues while playing the different games. Ive tried a couple of games with different graphics and and it performed decently. Well now, and now, as I said earlier, this tablet has two cameras: a five megapixel front camera and a 13 megapixel main camera at the back, and in the next few seconds I will show you some images, a video that Ive taken using this camera on the Tablet, thank you foreign guys, so this was a very quick uh review of this by Wire full kit tablet. I really like this tablet in terms of the overall performance, especially at this price point. It comes with not only the tablet but a full kit inside this box. Youve got the case. Youve got the keyboard, the stylus, and so many other things so guys you can just go to the link in the description of this video.