However long this video takes, i won’t keep you waiting, though i am going to be reviewing this bad boy today, but first i want to give a shout out to all of my followers, all of them um. Unfortunately, i can’t say who followed me, but shout out to the two of you for sticking around between uh bad minecraft videos and me playing call of duty, anyways let’s, get to the important stuff. This is the hp spectre. X360. The newer laptop that was re released in october of 2020. i’m gon na stop myself here. I know absolutely nothing about computers, so if you don’t either just stick with me and if you do not computers. I’M. Sorry so, as i said, this computer has been re released with all the new processors and that type of stuff. You know the computer gets to make it all fast and good um. As far as processors go, i again know nothing, but i can tell you that i have not had to wait over like 30 seconds for anything to load on this computer it’s extremely fast and for a student that can make all the difference. So processing speed gets five deaths buttons if it’s so fast, doesn’t that mean it’s going to get really hot and overheat. No. The fan on this computer works wonders i’ve been using this computer for like up to three hours in my classes. It is not once overheated, however, the fan could be like a little bit on the noisy side, but i’ve only ever heard it turn on, like maybe twice so.

Cooling fan gets a 4.5 rating on the dust blending scale. One of my favorite things about the hp spectre is the size of this computer. It weighs maybe two pounds it’s extremely slim, as i just showed you it’s tiny. I hate trying to carry things my backpack and thinking i’m, carrying like a three story building because of the weight, but i haven’t noticed this at all. So i give this a 5 out of 5 dust bunnies for the portability, slimness and weight factor battery life on this computer is just amazing. After a full charge, you can work for up to 10 hours without needing another charge. The hp pavilion another school computer only lasts six to seven hours on a full charge, but on this computer there is a huge range of battery saver settings that can extend the battery life and honestly it’s more than i’ve ever seen on a computer before so five Dust bunnies just for reference: this is my old computer, and this is what the battery saving settings are compared to the hp spectre. A nice feature that i use all the time is this little fingerprint scanner and while i love it and it’s so much easier than typing in a password and is it picky uh, the scanner can be really picky about how you place your finger, but it’s still Really fast and convenient so overall for dust bunnies, a big selling point for me was this amazing switch.

I don’t know if you can see it, but it turns the camera on and off now. Is it really turning the camera on and off the world may never know, but it gives me some really nice peace of mind. So five dust bunnies all right now, not all this computer sunshine and rainbows Music. First, it is rather expensive coming in a whopping. 1, 300 that’s not right 1, 11′.99 uh. To me, that seems a little astronomical, especially when looking at other school computers. The hp pavilion x360 that i mentioned earlier is quite similar. Looking to this one and it’s almost eight hundred dollars, but again i don’t know anything about computers and prices and that stuff, so it might be reasonable. I guess because it is a little bit expensive, especially for a student. This is getting three dust bunnies if you’re. Looking for a super amazing quality camera for your computer to really really optimize that zoom university learning, this won’t be the one for you uh. The camera is just mediocre. If i’m being honest um, i wasn’t blown away by the graphics, but it is still pretty nice. It’S average it gets the job done well, so 3.5 dust bunnies for the camera, probably the worst thing about this computer for me so far – is downloading apps. I tried for what seemed like hours and years to figure out how to download canvas for my classes, which is like the program that we use.

I tried the google play store. No, i tried the app store. No, i tried the microsoft app store, let’s guess no! Um, even my dad, he works on computers for a living. He couldn’t figure it out um. So, instead of just downloading the app, i had to figure out how to use it online, which was also quite a hassle uh. So programs definitely work well on this computer things such as google, like office programs uh like docs and presentations, so i can wholeheartedly say that downloading this, like downloading apps, gets two dust bunnies. I just can’t stand how hard it is to download apps on this computer. Now i don’t want to end this video on a bad note, so i saved some more positives for the end. Uh display is amazing, it’s, large and colorful, and the graphics are amazing. This computer is also a touch screen, so that’s a huge bonus, even if it’s a little finicky at times, but overall, five full dust bunnies the keyboard is different uh. It has home and end buttons that are an interesting spot. I keep hitting home instead of backspace. Even after a few weeks of using it, it also has page up and down keys, which i love. The idea of don’t get me wrong. I just know i won’t use them realistically, my favorite part about the keyboard is it has two different backlighting settings that’s my cat um, sorry about that. So two backlighting settings, uh it’s extremely useful, especially because of you know like in the class.

The lights turn off. You need to see your keyboard, you know those types of things uh one is just like the normal brightness for hp. Here comes my cat again and the second one is just dimmer uh. However, the keyboard is getting a 4.5 dust, bunny rating. For me, i just wish it was arranged a little bit differently. The touchpad works well and it’s pretty responsive, but the edges seem to not pick up movement very well. So i wish that can be improved upon there’s a lot of personalization settings with touchpad that i enjoy a lot so that definitely helps you can change all these settings very easily in the touchpad settings on the computer, which helps to bring this up to a 3.8 Dust bunny rating Music pleasing to work on. I can confidently say that i believe this computer deserves a solid 4.8 dust, bunny rating. So if you’re looking for a computer for a young student or your favorite tenured uh employee, i would highly recommend the hp spectre x. 360., Music anyways is the end of my review. I hope you non computer people got some good insight from a fellow non computer person and i really hope that your computer people just didn’t, laugh at my pleb nonsense too much um i’m brianna griffin go check out. My nerdy game clips like this video. If you learned something, please feel free to comment and ask questions, i will be responding subscribe to my channel if you laughed at me.

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