I am going to go ahead and you know put you guys on to the website back Market um for the girlies or the guys who are not familiar with black market Im. Gon na give you all the details and its about what they sell and how to find the perfect product for you. Okay, so Market is a website where they sell refurbished items. So iPads MacBooks switches beat you name it. They got it. But one thing I love about back Market is that its a refurbished website, so anything that you are purchasing from back Market um. Somebody else had it, they fixed it and theyre reselling it I wasnt Best Buy. I dont know what I was looking for exactly, but you know Im just scrolling. Looking at you know refurbished items on Best Buy because refurbished equals cheaper. You know I was looking in there refurbished um section and came across a few items, but when I clicked on it, it brought me to a whole different link called that market, and I was like why is Best Buy doing that. Why yall sending me to a whole different website, so I kind of looked into it because I seen that website pop up a few times. So I was like you know what let me go ahead and do my research so thats exactly what I did. I went on tank top search the back market and I was just growing this girl, this girl and looking at reviews just to see like what the hype was about, because why am I seeing this website? You know, I feel that its a sign like okay – let me let me let me find out God trying to put me on so you know I come across back market and Im, like hmm looking at The Tick Tock Rivers online.

Let me check out that market and see if they have. You know something I may need for a cheaper price, so thats exactly what I did. I went on bag market and I found me three items that I never thought I would buy in like such a short period of time, but I did and Im so good at it. So one of the items that I did buy you guys is my top. My beautiful beautiful laptop with a beautiful case, honey, if you guys can see it is slow focus, is so cute, its so cute. So this is one of the babies that I got my first baby that I got from back Market um. This was a big girl purchase. If you guys are not familiar with, you know, MacBooks, they run like a thousand dollars up wow its expensive, and I always tell myself, like I always tell my mom and my boyfriend Im like I want a Macbook. I want a Macbook. I want a backflip thats all I want no HP on my little Chromebook like I just want me, a laptop thats compatible with my phone with my airpods, like its so much easier for you to get you a laptop thats compatible with your phone, because when I Tell you honey when it comes to um, I didnt know videos and you know Andrew magic magic. Let me go ahead and pull up the app and Im gon na go ahead and give you guys.

You know the details on the laptop, how much I paid for it: um shipping and all that good stuff, so Im gon na go ahead and screen record. Of course I still got the app on my phone so go ahead and hit that back markets. Click on my profile and were gon na click on my orders, so were gon na go and scroll down all the way to the one at the bottom, which is the MacBook Air 2019. I ordered this um laptop on September 12, 2022 and I received it on the 15th yall. I received that cap in three days: 13. 14. 15 yall three days out of my laptop and I do have Tick Tock videos of me, unboxing, the laptop so Im gon na put the video up here and, of course, Im gon na put the link to my Tick Tock down in the description box. So you guys can you know, follow me on Tick, Tock, okay, so Im going to go ahead and click on the MacBook um, it shows the grade, which is excellent. Im gon na get into that a little bit later. The price that I paid for this laptop was 543 dollars, 543 dollars for this laptop right here. Youre welcome and it goes to the search bar and Im just gon na put in that book. I want to be a Macbook, so I typed in MacBook next um, how I kind of narrowed it down is that I went to filters and picked the year um, which is the release date, and I wanted something that was, you know 2018 and up.

So I clicked on 2018 and up so it narrows it down to 190 results, so yall Ive been sick recently. So all this is still yeah so dont. Mind me so I narrowed it down to 2018 to current and basically just scrolled and trying to find the most reasonable price for me, um Im just gon na click on a random one. Would you click on the item that you want use a little click on customize this model, and this is where it kind of gets like not really tricky, but it Bears it down for you so for colors, the only color that they have available is space gray. As you guys can see now, when you go to capacity, obviously that means gigabytes. So you choose how much you gigabyte you on your laptop, obviously, four gigabytes that you get the more expensive the product is going to be. It did last but not least, its conditioned. So earlier, when you guys see the laptop that I purchase, it said um excellent thats, the condition I got it in. Let me tell you guys how the condition goes. So fair, is you getting even scratched up product? The product is going to be scratched up, may have some dents on it. Um, a few scrapes, not a few, will have scrape somebody thats visible, but if youre a type of person where you know youre going to slap a like a case on top of it, then you straight now: good is its better than fair, but its still a Few noticeable um scratches or dents on it so be aware of that it is excellent.

Yall is going to be this baby right here, this laptop, I got it in excellent condition, which means yall not like not one scratch I see on there like, and I was looking I was searching. I was looking for it, but not one scratch on there at all um. I will show you guys the laptop without the case, but I dont feel like taking it off like yall. Could just look on my Tick Tock for the video you guys will see exactly how it looks because I went into detail and I put people up on the game. So if you guys are coming from my Tick Tock to my YouTube channel, then I appreciate yall, because yall been had like youll, be in my comment section like whats the buyers name, how many gigabytes, even though I am purchasing a refurbished product, I want it in The best condition I can get it in um I dont care. If Im gon na slap a case on it, I still want it to look fresh out the box brand new and thats. Exactly what I got I received my laptop it didnt come in the Apple box. It came like wrapped in bubble, wrap in a regular white box that they shipped out to me um, which was fine when we about to be five months stronger this next month. So such a great investment for the girlies and guys who do not feel like dropping over a thousand dollars on a laptop great investment yall go get it okay.

So the next item that I purchased off of that market is my iPad. 10.2 inch. Ninth generation 2021 64 gigabytes in the color space Gray, with the Wi Fi no yall. Seen about my laptop on September 12th, do yall see the date that I bought my iPad. I was obsessed so it was sold by by back world that is the buyer, so thats the person who uh I bought the product from um. One thing about background kit when youre buying something from Black Market youre buying it from different buyers. So dont just think. Oh youre buying a Macbook youre buying it from the same person. I bought it from theres some different people selling different items so thats. Why? You always want to make sure that you look at reviews, because there are some people who will be like? Oh, no, the buyer is trash. The buyer, the buyer, is not responding back to my messages or this and that yada yada, so its very important for you guys to pay attention to the reviews. Look at them read them and see if you trust it um, because there are some people that just you know, they see something they buy it and its not exactly what it seems. The price that I got the iPad for was 289.12, so thats not bad at all. For a 2021 iPad yall, basically, 280 dollars, thats, not bad here. She is well shes, beautiful, well thats. My case case I got for Amazon yall.

I had to buy my little stickers for it, but its a composition: outfit like its so cute, my iPad, the girls who got them my iPad. You just know they got their life together. If you got the pistol to go with it, then honey. I dont know what to tell you: what are you waiting for? Go get a pencil now you got the iPad, but you got the pencil what youre doing Lori? What are you doing so running into the pencil in a little bit, but with the iPad? I am going to take it out the case, so you guys can see like Brave, Louie off brand new, so I can show you off see a little bit like literally I dont know if the characters really any justice, but let it like no scratches at all That they look brand new um. I do have a screen protector on the iPad, so it looks a little smudge but yall. It literally came brand new like no scratches at it at all, like it. Dont look like it got any scratches. This doesnt look like a refurbished iPad at all, and I did receive my iPad. It did come in a iPad box, so the um Apple iPad box and I was shocked because because I didnt think so when I did receive my iPad, it did come in an Apple box um. Of course it was run down, beat up, but I didnt know back Market did that so itd be feeling a little special because I was like.

Oh me, just buy or care about me because I really think its the buyer, its not really the company. I feel like its the buyer, so if youre buying it for the person – and they give you an Apple box that originally came in the with the iPad – and I feel like thats great, but my laptop didnt come with that, but my iPad did so. I was happy both products did come with a charger and thats about it. The product itself isnt a charger um. The iPad also came with an adapter for the iPad, so I was happy about that too, because usually they just give you the charger, not the adapter, but I have both. So I love the celery. Thank you celery same thing with my laptop no issues with my iPad at all. The only thing about it is that its 64 gigabytes, so um not a lot of storage on it, but I mainly just use this iPad just to organize um digital plan thats. Why? I have my pin with me as well um it edit videos like this is the Holy Grail to editing any of your videos, its just so much easier on the iPad than a laptop um laptop dont. Get me wrong. I like editing on this too, but its just something different with just having it like just edit it with this. It just feels better, so iPad, 10 and 10.. I knew what the pink one, though, that pink iPad lets get into the apple pencil.

So fun fact. You guys this is not the apple pencil that I purchased off of Black Market, but I did purchase one though um. So, as you guys can see right here, I bought it was September 25th. I bought the apple pencil Second Generation Um on September 25th um. It was sold by Swift Tech Vibe. I got it in excellent condition if the price for it was a hundred dollars. The iPad that I have was not compatible with the apple pencil second generations, and I bought me the first generation apple pencil um from Best Buy, because I was able to pick it up the same day. I didnt really need too much to explain about the apple pencil is self explanatory, so yeah guys so thats pretty much it with this. Video is what you are on back Market pay attention to reviews. It is so crucial. Obviously, if youve seen a lot of bad reviews, then that just means that thats, not a buyer, you need to be buying your products from be sure to follow me on Tick Tock, because all the products that I have um bought for back Market will be on There I usually do my reviews on their first anyways. You guys.