This mini pc by aol model is al34. It has a built in 8 gig ram and 128 gig ssd, so internal memory, and you can also expand that a supports 2.5 inch, notebook sized ssd hdd up to 2 terabyte. So you can actually open this up and extend the memory if you want – and it comes with the mains plug here it comes with a user manual which is just the basics of how it operates some screws. If you want to put it onto the side of a monitor or etc – and it comes with a hdmi cable here and this bracket and that’s for if you want to screw it onto the side of the monitor or anything like that now, this is brilliant, because It’S lightweight compact and it’s portable. You can take this wherever you go, you can see the design here, the amount of evidence he has on both sides, so it doesn’t overheat. So you can use it for a long period of time without overheating. He also um takes a 3.5 millimeters headphone jack. It takes two standard usb ports here with the power button here on the back. It has two hd hdmi ports there plus another two standard, hd usb ports, ethernet port and that’s, the mains plug port there on the left side of it. It also takes a microsd memory card, so you can insert microsd memory card and use it that way. You’Ve got grips on the both corners there as well, so it doesn’t slip side to side.

It has a built in intel, celeron, n3450 2.4 gig, plus a 5g wi fi built in with a dual hdmi display that i’ve shown you at the back here and with dual efficiency as well uh, so that’s all the features he has i’ve done, a quick demo. Just um switching this on connecting it showing you exactly how it looks when it’s um started up it’s very smooth, operating and it’s a it’s, a brilliant mini pc worth purchasing okay, so once it’s all set up. This is how it’s going to look. You have to select the languages there’s, not really that much of the languages that you can choose from um. These are the only few languages that you can choose from so i’m going to click on this, and then you just have to go for the setup. So setup might take a bit of time um before you go to the main menu. So i want to pause it here and i’m going to go to the main menu, and this is where they would ask for a few information about you and i’m here to help you so here then we’ll just ask you a few questions and stuff and we’ll Have your pc ready for all you plan to do use your voice or the keyboard along the way and if you’d like me to stay quiet, just select the little microphone icon towards the bottom of your screen. If you need an assistive screen, reader press, the windows ctrl, once you have set up everything, it comes to the main menu here.

This is how it looks and it’s really smooth operating as well. If you go to the settings on the left, you got everything there as well, so you go from office to skype. You’Ve got all the windows uh things here: you’ve got the microsoft of store, there’s whatever and because it’s already connected to the ethernet internet. So everything would be set up as soon as you click on it uh. For example, if you go to the webinar, you will get that saved up so, as you can see now, just loading it and it’s going to get that saved up and that’s how it is. So, let me just wait that is you just set you up? You take the launch kit, location and stuff, and once everything’s done uh you have, you will have the weather there and then you got the rest of the other features as well from alarm. Clocks 3d viewer um access, all the calculator camera. So if you’ve got a camera like a webcam built in um, you can use the camera as well, but cortana as well. That speaks or you can speak to cortana, and it will do things for you. So you can actually do that as well. You’Ve got excel and you got a few other features below there as well. So there’s. There are quite a lot of good features. The one you can see, there’s the intel graphics command center. Then you’ve got the linkedin all the messaging services, the movies and tvs.

One drive here: they’ve got the paint 3d and then you go to settings, go to skype, snip and sketch sticky notes voice recorder, and then you go. If you have xbox, you can connect it to this mini pc as well. So you’ve got that option there and you can connect your smartphone as well. So you got all those features built into this: a smooth operating and it’s worth warfare as well, because it’s compact, and it can take you around with you anyway as well. So thank you for watching my video.