Maximum turbo is 4.6 gigahertz, it has vega integrated, graphics and so far this thing is the fastest. Yet that i have checked out when it comes to these mini pcs, with the integrated graphics, that is so. This particular model here from minis forum is called the elite mini hx90. Now it can output four displays at 4k, 60 hertz. Its got a lot of ports on here. Weve got room to add an additional two 2.5 inch say to three drives: it supports mve and this configuration they sent out to me thats. Why i have it early? Has 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram at 3.2 gigahertz and a 512 gigabyte mvme drive with windows 10 pro? What is in the box? So we do have a power supply, of course, the power of this. Now this one is 120 watts rather large. As you can see, there is a base, you can light flat or you can stand it up on this base. Now the base is quite solid, its made out of plastic, it has rubber on the bottom, so its not going to slide off a table or anything like that. We get some sata 3 connectors to install two additional 2.5 inch drives. If you wanted to do so to expand upon the storage, four rubber feet, a euro power cable. So if you order for other regions, then youll get either a us. A uk australian, new zealand, new zealand or euro plug there is a visa mounting bracket and also we do have an hdmi cable so for the ports on this one.

We do have a reset here, thats for the bias. If you do mess up any of the settings, usb 3.1 type, a weve got separate audio jacks here so mike in and audio out, usb 3.1 type c and the power button with a status led and what i really do like about this mini pc is four Display out options here: okay, so two display ports and then two hdmis. Now this is hdmi 2.0 spec. However, i am able to run my monitor, or, should i say, my tv, which is an lg cx at 4k 120, here its a desktop with absolutely no problems here. The vega graphics can handle that, and here we do have another set of audio jacks, which you dont normally see: 2.5 gigabit lan there only the single port and then four usb 3.1 ports here too, as well. So plenty there, including a kensington, lock slot. If you were going to use this as a point of sale machine, then you can lock it down and then of course, dcn to power. All of this, which is the standard barrel, connector size that i normally see on gaming laptops and pretty much all of these mini pcs. So the top here we do have a little bit of metal. The outside is all plastic. This part is plastic, and this is all intake vent. The sides are also intake vents, big ones too, as you can see its the whole side of it and ample space to get that airflow going in.

You can even see the bios battery inside there. The main board and the cooler on this one is quite big. That is also on the other side, exactly the same so left and right of it, there are no ports, just huge vents. Lastly, on the bottom of it, we do have some torx screws that are holding this rear on and the mounting screw points there for the vesa mount. So if you did want to put this on the back of your monitor on your tv, you can do that. Even though yes, it is a rather large mini, pc still gets it out of the way, its still small enough and great. If you want just a more streamlined, looking setup without having the mini pc sitting on your desk. Now the size of torque screw were talking about here is the t15h, so you might have to go to an electronics store it specializes and say tools and equipment and things and get yourself like a jewelers set in order to get one of these. So the four screws there im going to undo these now, which are torqued up nice and tight and well take a look at the internals and upgrade options. So the back was a little difficult to pry the lid off, but not too bad the top of it. However, to get access to that, it looks like weve got some screws in here. We have to remove and possibly remove the motherboard here in order to gain access to those components, and then the fan for later for maintenance, so 2.

5 inch drives. If you want to fit one of those, then they actually go just in here. You can see so you screw them either side thats. Why theres only four screws, even though there are two drives, so you would think you would need eight screws, but no thats. Just on one side that youre going to be placing those in so there is a little hook here, so its going to be either sides just going to hook into that and then youll be able to fit the two drives there. So you can really increase and expand upon the storage. Now weve got our pci 3.0 drive right here mvme. This is a kingston one below that. If you remove it, if you want to upgrade the wireless card which is intels ax 200, its wi fi 6 bluetooth, 5 combo card there, you can change that. Actually, no, it was not as hard as i thought it was to pull the whole main board out of it. So you can see our cooler right here and we have two copper thermal transfer pipes there with all the fins cooling on this one. As you see later on is very good, considering the power weve got on this one with this particular eight chord chip – and here we are able then to swap out the ram and upgrade it first up ill. Show you our bias, so we dont have every single option available to us, but the important ones are there.

So if you go up here ill, just tell you quickly the power configuration if you did want to use this as a server or youre going to put it on a switch or something you can set it to resume on ac failure. Thats, a very handy setting to have so im glad that that is available. Now, all the tweaking settings, the ones that you probably want, are all found under amd cbs, and this is very easy to go into this and tweak a few things now. The ones that i find the most interesting wolf you will find under this one, which is the nbio common option. So when you go into this, you see weve got a lot of different options, so options for graphics configuration, so you can here decide that you could go and change it to what they have a game optimized one – and this is where you can dedicate more ram To that vega graphics, so if you want to increase it now, normally what would happen if youve got 16 gigabytes, itll dedicate then 2 gigabytes. If youve got 32, it will then dedicate for helping boost the lower frame rate average and was ive seen that actually in tests that ive done before, but im going to keep that just by default. Okay, there audio configuration smu common options is another interesting one here. So weve got fan control. You can tweak around with that. If you want to system configuration this one is really interesting.

So this is where we can adjust the power limit for that ryzen. 9. 5900 h, so we can set it from the default is 45 watts, but we can stick it on to 54 watts here to boost the performance of all of those eight cores. The trade off is, of course, we will generate a little bit more heat, so the fans will be a little bit louder as a result, so by default it is set on auto and im going to actually change this over to 54 watts im curious to see What kind of performance and thermals we will get out of this? So this chip is an absolute monster, the ryzen 9 5900 hx. It does have eight cores 16 threads default. Normal power limit is 45 watts, but you can see that that change that i did in the bios did actually take. So the parliament one is now 54 watts 65 for the short burst power limit there and the ram timing. So it is running dual channel 1600. Megahertz so thats times two so 3.2 gigahertz in total uh, 22. cl22 is well its terrible. My intel machine that ive got im running cl 16 and i really wish we would be able to tweak these ram timings. But anyway, the chip here monster its seven nanometers. Maximum turbo is 4.5, which, when you think about it with the 8 cores, is not bad at all and ill get onto the performance figures of this soon.

A lot of benchmarks, gaming, performance, thermals and all that, of course, so just wanted to point out too device manager. It is intel for our lan port there, 2.5 gigahertz and intel as well for wi fi 6, as mentioned that does have bluetooth 5 support with it. Now, im able to achieve my typical 1.3 gigabit transfers with my wi fi six router. So if youve got a fast wi fi six router, then you can get really good speeds and possibly even better than that out of this so that kingston drive this particular one. Ive got is the 512 gigabytes its pcie 3.0 spec speeds are okay, certainly not the fastest ive seen some drives like the samsungs can achieve 3 000 reads and write sequentials and well the random 4ks arent too bad with that cinebench r23. So it runs for 10 minutes, and this is the average score over 12 000 points, not the best ive seen for the ryzen. 9. 5. 900 hx. However, this is still an impressive score, very, very good for a mini pc, geekbench 5, very good single core score here, multi core score. It doesnt actually do as well as some of the intels ive. Seen like the 11 800 h is able to get 8 000 points or even close to 9000 normally, but this benchmark does tend to favor intel. This is why were not getting the same performance like the other ryzen 9 5900 hx is because of this just single sided ram.

Okay. So what im going to do now is swap it out just for the gaming part here in that 3d mark test with some g skill rip jaws and that you can see is double sided. They do have better timings, but it will still fall back. Unfortunately, on cl22 timings, instead of this cl 18, that this does support with intel chipsets. Now the pc mark benchmark here very good. Over 6 000 points, thats a really strong score for a mini pc. Here we have night rate, so night rate is underperforming a little bit and its due to the ram, because its single rank, if its dual rank, which ill show you soon does really increase their performance, especially with the vega graphics. So here is fire strike and that score again underperforming a little bit. Then, when i swapped out the ram look at the difference, that is, the single rank. Okay right now versus dual rank thats a big step up in performance there. So this then performs more or less exactly like the last mini pc. I reviewed with the same exact chipset and night raid 2, so that performance went right up again with the single rank right there and then dual rank ram. So if you want to step up the performance, you want to gain a little bit extra squeeze the maximum performance out. I do recommend changing the ram on the 16 gigabyte version, make sure it is dual rank on to video editing now with adobe premiere pro.

So i have in the timeline here some 4k 100 megabit files and its not showing any lag at all. Now ive only got the playback resolution to a quarter, but even at a half here it runs fine and you can run this at full and it doesnt seem to drop any frames. It doesnt seem to lag at all and the timeline at least with my basic edits here. So this is very, very basic. Uh. Fine, absolutely fine here so lets have a look at the export speeds and the last mini pc with the same chipset. Did this in really record times for me just under 40 seconds, so what i do is set it to the 4k preset right here and one minute of footage, and we shall see how long it is going to take here to export this okay, so that one Just finished up now, and it was about approximately 45 46 seconds that is slower than the last mini pc im, not too sure why now it could be to do with ram dedicated to the vega graphics, probably more to do with the ram timings and the ram Quality, i would say it must be that on the other mini pc, we did have better ram than what is in this one: grand theft, auto 5 here and the performance of this for integrated graphics, the vega graphics from amd handling this great so theres, some screen Tearing because ive got vsync off, this is 1080p, the normal settings, so in the middle with the traffic density population whatnot as well, and it really does perform well now, ive seen the frame rate get up to 100 frames per second too.

So this is great – and i just get one of my guns out here – shotgun and to start randomly causing some havoc and very very playable. So it is not really going to be slowing down at all, and this is great at 1080p for integrated graphics. It can still do a bit of gaming but ill get onto a slightly more demanding game now, which is the witcher 3 and well see at 1080p. How is it going to handle that okay, so this is low settings, but its 1080p, normally with integrated graphics? I would be running this 720p and look at the frame rate, so were getting around 40 frames per second. This is playable, so its well similar to what you get with a console right, but probably at a slightly higher view. Distance, better looking visuals here and even around this port area frame rates going up a little bit too, and this is in the city where it is the most demanding here. If you go into the countryside with this game, the frame rate will increase at least another 20 frames per second or so so excellent performance from the vega graphics im impressed. I mean this is so far the most powerful mini pc that ive tested out and well almost exactly the same as the last one i reviewed with the same chipset, but this one is just a fraction better due to the slightly better thermals. Lastly, just checking out counter strike here.

This is on the lowest settings, but at 1080p and were getting well over 100 frames per second and when there are not a lot of teammates on the screen, then its actually over 200. So yeah, you could probably run a high refresh rate monitor with this, and a competitive game like this is pretty good. The performance that im getting out of this. It really is the best actually for integrated graphics that that i have seen here in the channel, see how long i last out here i didnt even get any killer at all, probably bad time to reload. I still got one kill but uh here my team is dominating right here. Oh seven, health left. I am basically gone: yep, okay, but yeah excellent gaming performance for integrated graphics. Now the thermals for 37 minutes ive just been non. Stop stress testing it. That is including, of course, cinebench r23, and these thermals are really good, so it maxes out at 91 degrees celsius. My current ambient temperatures are 25 to 26 degrees and it is pulling here. You can see 50 watts not up to the 54, even though i have 54 set now at the wall im seeing an idle power, consumption of six to seven watts, which is really good and then a maximum of 69 watts. That is gaming and stress tests and everything thats. The peak im, seeing with this particular unit here now fan noise is very good on this many pcs, so under idle and very light loads, you dont even hear it.

It ramps right down to a very low rpm that its almost dead, silent, which i do love now, if you stress it out, which im doing right now, cinebench r23 or gaming. You do hear the fan, but compared to the other mini pcs, ive reviewed and the other ryzen 9 5 900 hx mini pc its actually not bad at all. Its quieter than a gaming laptop has a little bit of a whine noise to it. But here is a sample now. I know this question is going to come up. So what about that more fine or morphine? However, they want to pronounce it mini pc, with the same exact chipset that i also reviewed in the channel. This one, as you can see, is a lot smaller. However, it is more expensive because this one they sell as a bare bones. Okay, the hx90 and i dont think they sell this as a bare bones. At the moment moment, you need to buy it with 32 gigabytes of ram and with one terabyte drive for about a thousand us dollars, it doesnt have as many ports at the front. Its only got three usb 3 ports. The four ports on the rear are usb. 2 spec, but otherwise, very very similar performance. They are using the same chipset and this one does take just a single 2.5 inch drive in it. So those are the real key differences. There, however, fan noise and thermals, definitely and even slightly better performance, probably because of the thermals and and the fan and the cooling.

The hx90 here is the overall winner. So this, like the title of this video, this is the best now that i have seen and really good. So the pros are the fan noise, its actually very good, although when it is working really hard, you hear like a little bit of a whine noise because its drawing in that air through around here and it kind of makes a noise when it does that. But thats me being a little bit nitpicky there with it other performance with the vega graphics, really good, so the best ive seen for integrated graphics for gaming and then the eight core monster that is, that ryzen 9, the 5900h hx very potent chip. We can configure it with this one to 54 watts, as i did. We can even dedicate two to four gigabytes. Okay, so 32 gigabytes of ram will allow us to dedicate up to four gigabytes to the vega graphics, which is actually what i did for that gaming test. It doesnt really boost the performance that much so i wouldnt worry about it too much, because it is dynamic memory, its shared and it will just allocate it and scale it up when needed anyway. So 2.5 gigabit lan, wi, fi 6 ticks lots of boxes. This really is the best one yet, however, theres a couple of things that i wish were different, so, although its great to have the two 2.5 inch drive bays in there, i would have preferred to have another mvme slot that i think would have been better.

So one nvme and one 2.5 inch drive bay on here instead of the two we have on here. The other thing is upgrades, are i wouldnt say its super difficult, but not for everyone, because you have to pull out the whole motherboard and flip it around to install the ram, even though, when you just take off the rear of it, youve got access to the 2.5 inch sata drives and then nvme drive in the wireless card, but not for the ram. So if you buy the bare bones version, i would actually probably do that and that way make sure you buy 16 or 32 gigabytes of ram. That is dual rank. So not just the one side with the chips on the ram, because thats why we are losing about ten percent well, eight percent or so performance because of the ram. So if you get and install your own ram, then you can get the maximum performance out of this, and most people would actually probably want to do that right. When you buy a pc like this, you want to get the best performance possible, so thats, another common con that it comes with the 16 gigabyte version, single rank memory, sodums, which are a little cheaper, and otherwise this is a fantastic mini pc here. So thank you.