Well, it uses two aaa batteries. It has a usb dongle so to use this i’m going to plug this into my computer simply plug and play makes it a very simple to use design. So i got a usb port here, so the i7 ry mini. How does this work well, it’s, all a matter if it’s an air cursor that’s right off the bat but let’s? If you want to turn the air cursor off, i press this little thing that looks good, most jiggly back and forth, and now i turn off the cursor and on the screen. It stays in the same spot turn it back on press the button again. Let’S say if i want to right click, so we’ll bring up the little menu where you choose options right here. You can now see i have that menu on. So if i want to select something, i just use the air cursor and since i want to press personalize, what i did is i just press the ok button, so the slot and it’s going to go on here. So you can see me doing it in person. I’M gon na press, ok and now, of course, it goes that link so it’s, a very simple mouse, cursor, of course doing like this is kind of more difficult, because normally you use this. You want to sit back and use it as if you’re using it in a horizontal plane, just like so it’s like where it’s natural.

If i go to google search i’m just going to press this little home button, so let’s do that so now, i’m in youtube, and i want to go down scroll down and see what’s happening further down the page i press page down let’s say if i want To see what’s happening back where i was i press page up or let’s say if i want to watch something um let’s say i want to see linus tech tips. Well, i can open a new tab if i want to. If i want to stay on youtube, so i can keep on checking the rest of the videos. I press ok here to open a new tab, and now i can just select this so if i were watching a movie, i can sit back relax. I can either of course, click on it, like you would click on your mouse to play and pause it or i can press play and pause my videos, so if you’re watching a movie or whatever and just want to relax and watch a movie. This is something very, very simple, so if i press the ok button now right up in the top it’s not going to do anything except smut down here or play pause, the video right here off the side. However, i do have a play pause button that i press that play pause button well, it’s gon na work, no matter where i am on the screen, so a great thing for sitting back and enjoying a movie with or just simply listening music, and i want to Turn the volume up and down so your dad’s, your sister up and down all control through that remote simple way to simply do that say: i’m going to bed now i just want to relax and ah the computer’s on let’s press that power button turn it off.

It puts your computer to standby, so you’ll be right where you left off this one doesn’t have the picture on the top that mine has mine, says i7. I think they must change that because well it does sound like an intel processor with that i7 on it. The name of the company is rytek and is based in shenzhen china. So, as we can see the specs here, 2.4 gigahertz operating voltage, 3 volts, which makes sense because each battery, i believe, is 1.5 volts times. 2 is 3 volts. Okay, we see the weight 65 grams, so it works with a smart tv mini pc, android or raspberry pi, pc windows, mac, linux consoles, ps4 xbox, one playstation, 3, xbox 360, a tablet being android or windows, and this actually required on my windows: 10. No software interface. So flash blue flashing light if the connector is not in here the interface saying it’s not connected so the rye mini. Would i recommend it? Of course i would. This is a simple remote control for the computer, and this is what i actually use myself. I have the edifier 1850 db and the remote control that comes with it is one of those bubble, button remotes and it’s, not a very good interface. This works a lot better. I have not had problems with it. Not working the quality is actually quite decent. It doesn’t have much weight to it. Has a little bit doesn’t feel cheap. I can play around with it.

It’S not good, just doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart. This has usb interface as well. It works good. Oh, i guess, as a laser interface for your cat, uh cats love this uh for anything else, it’s pretty much um good for volume and that’s, a temporary remote cheap, for instance. This one stops functioning as it should, after several months of use and when it was plugged in long term, so that’s a thing, and this one has limited functionality: i7 rymany i’ll try to leave a link below here, at least in canada. You can search doing the same keywords on amazon and that’s, where i purchased this, and, of course, as always, i bought it with my own money. Have yourselves a wonderful day.