So i bought it at a good price of 17000 rupees from flipkart during a sale and so i’ve already done a quick unboxing that you can see in the video and there was nothing much into the box apart from the charger and the laptop itself. So there is nothing much to show in that, but this was the box in which i received, and here is the hero of this video. So this is the avita laptop, okay and i’m going to show you the laptop. So this is the laptop. Let me just get rid of this thing. Okay, so, like you can see, i’ll just try to open it, so you can open the back panel and make it stand like a surface pro okay. So if you want to see a better angle, it stands like this and while keeping it down, you can just shut it, and this is your laptop right also, it is a detachable one, so you can get rid of this keyboard itself completely, and this keyboard is A very good quality keyboard it’s, not at all cheap. I was expecting that it won’t be of good quality at this time. But, yes, it is a good quality one. How long it will stay that’s. The question that i can keep on updating you, if you have any queries regarding this product, just leave your comments and i’ll try to answer it so here the keyboard is good. One it’s of good quality i’ll, just remove it and we’ll talk again about the tablet itself.

So this is the tablet. It has a very reflective surface. Okay. So this is a 12 inch tablet and the very first thing that will surprise you here is the display. The display is absolutely stunning at this price point now: it’s booting up, so you can take this much time. I have updated my windows and it comes with windows. 10. I have updated it to the latest version. 1204. So it’s a touch enabled so you you notice. This is the only time taken to boot. Up the colors are supposed bright and nice. I was not at all expecting at this point, this price point that i can get a good tablet like this. Above all, its full touch screen 12 inch screen, which is not 10 inch. Like you get in microsoft, surface go. You cannot compare it with pro 7 or pro 6, but yes, this is something you can compare with microsoft. Surface go. I have no issue, even if you guys look at my password, okay, see if you will now notice the display display. It is quite crisp, clear, clean. The resolution is 1920 uh into one two: double zero, so it’s greater than full, actually one nine two zero one, zero eight zero. So this is one of the advantage uh i have kept in the tablet mode, so you can see i’m just removing it from tablet mode and now it’s back into the windows mode, still uh. It can work no issues at some places.

You might need help of keypad, but still it is nice. I have installed dark premium in this because i like dark removal, white one, and this is the edge gesture if i’ll just swipe in like this see, if you will notice, the touch is also very responsive. At this point i was expecting this is a celeron device and i was not expecting much speed out of this tablet. But for this price point it is a wonderful tablet that i would really recommend, because when you go for an android tablet, you hardly get 3gb ram or 4gb ram, but price may vary between 14 to 20 k. At this price point i got that 17k. It has configuration of 4gb ram and 64gb inbuilt memory, which you can extend to a memory card. I have also bought a memory card 64 gb uh. It doesn’t come with external one while time of purchasing it, but yes externally, you can buy and it has a port. So i’ll show you the port also. So this is a usb port, headphone jack mini hdmi microsd card and the power button microsd hdmi. So these are the and this is the charger code. So another good part c. If you will see the responsiveness i took it to the portrait mode and everything changed now: i’ll switch to this mode Music. Now it has switched to landscape and change it to portrait mode. You can close it and you can use it as a laptop and one more thing i would love to share i’ll just remove it it’s quite easy to remove also it’s just magnetical, and when you remove it, it will ask you to go to a switch to Tablet mode you can see it switch to tablet mode.

I will say yes so now it’s in the tablet mode uh it comes with screen guard. So as it is a touch enabled and as you know that even when you buy a mobile, we need a screen guard for it, and fortunately it comes with a screen type so that you need not to worry about. You can see i’ll try to show you. You can see this something you can pull it off and screen that. I feel that i should keep it there so that it’s not easy to get a 12 inch screen guard. So whatever comes from the company itself, if i keep it so this is my whole review about this tablet. Avita magnus and in terms of specification, as i shared it, is 4gb ram, 64gb inbuilt memory, which you can expand it further to 1tb, no issues styleron and 3350, and i have not yet played any games. But yes, it can open apps easily. It is responsive, quite good. I have updated it to the latest to a windows version you can see, it is running full photo is not available i’m, not connected to internet. I have installed the latest version of windows. You can see how fast things are opening right. This is the browser, so there is no speed issue. At least i know that you cannot complete it with i5 and other processors. The places where i found challenge is the screen is highly reflective. Those is very nice quality and you can play good videos for video.

Also, it is something which which runs good frame rate vlc and everything you can play movies in this no issues. It runs quite good. I’Ll keep on updating about uh more how uh movies perform how youtube will perform. You can play 2k videos on this. No issues. It takes everything nicely i’m, not connected to internet, but i could have shown you otherwise the scrolling. So this even keypad it works very fine. You can use the clicking, so everything works perfectly. So this was a quick small review and i had a lot of queries before buying this product, but there was no reviews available due to that. I had to first purchase it, but i am thinking of you know, doing more reviews about it. I’M, just shutting it down right now, so the people who are planning to buy this they can get me help and screen is very high if highly reflective, but in terms of watching videos, i’ll put another video of playing video on this as a device, and if You will see it has a keypad like this behind you there’s, a bar which will help you to keep the things safe. So this is my small quick review and i’ll also show you my another laptop and to compare. You know how 12 inches look like compared to a 15 inch laptop. So this is my hp laptop 15 inches i5 and this is beta. So you can see the size difference and if you will ask me, i prefer avita’s screen over my hp’s screen, which is 15 inch, full hd to watch movies, because the color reproduction is very high on avita.

So if you have any queries regarding avita, please feel free to leave in comments and like this video, if you really like it, if you have any queries, just drop me a question. I would like to answer all your query so that i can help you out in purchasing this device. This is a really nice one at this price point now. I think the price is nearly 18 or 19 000. I bought it in sale, so yeah it’s a good purchase. I hope so it will last a bit long. This is very comfortable detachable good value for money. I hope stays like this for some time.