I’M. Sorry, i didn’t post many videos in the past few months, as i mentioned in the past i’m, very busy at work and uh. I just hope that kovid will end, so things will get back to normal, but for now still very busy, but don’t worry i’ll be back. I have a lot of project in coming. Okay, and i worked on many things. As you can see, i did um, invest in a professional microphone and audio consoles, so it will be, it will improve my audio. I hope if you like my audio, please let me know in the comments below, but you know everything is still a lot of project here. So don’t worry i’ll be back very soon with a lot of new things. But for now i wanted to talk to you about the avita magnus 2 portable laptop tablet, pc okay. This is a windows 10 tablet, pc that i bought to include in my kit for portable am radio operation. So i want to use this with the lc192, which is the backpack for the ic705. It fits perfectly and i can use it for digital mode and logging, while i’m out in the field. This is not a performance pc, but it it does a great job. It is reasonable uh as a performance. It will operate your icom remote software or your wws gtx logging, software it’s very good, actually it’s, not that bad and for the price it’s under 200.

canadian. I paid 169 canadians that’s around 140 usd or 115 euro, so that is very cheap and this is a full functioning pc. It comes with this case and it has a keyboard with a touchpad. It is touchscreen hd monitor 1280 by 800 ips touchscreen it. It has a removable, and it says a tablet when it’s like this so and you have it, you can use it as a laptop with this kit. There is an inch in the back that goes like this, that you can actually put it on a table. Very small lightweight 1.1 kilogram, ‘ ounces, it’s 10 inch 10.1 inch it’s the size of an ipad. As i mentioned, it has four gigs of ram. It has 64 gig of internal storage, but you can add some storage using the micro sd slot right here. You also have an output mini hdmi output for an external monitor. You have an headphone jack and a usb 3 port that you can put it up because there’s only one, but this is perfect to connect to the ic705 and do digital mode. When you receive this unit, it’s very well packed it’s, double boxes and it’s just feel like twice and maybe three times what you paid for so it’s, very an incredible deal, and also when you receive it, it has the windows 10 s tablet os that’s mean you Can only install the software that are available on the microsoft store, but if you wish you can convert it to a windows, 10 home edition 64 bit very easily log into your account.

You convert it and then you can install whatever software. You would like just like a normal laptop that’s, what i did and it worked great let’s, go to the spec and the unboxing and we’ll be back after for a final Music dreams. Music. This little laptop works on a 12 volt 1.5 amp power pack, okay, that’s included with it so that’s mean you can. Actually i didn’t try it, but you can work with it on a battery which is great out in the field. The internal battery will last. They say six hours, but it’s more three between three and four depending of the use, but that that’s okay for the price under 200. What can you ask more? This is perfect for portable operation, doesn’t cost too much. What can i say just very good on that? I’Ll say 73 and catch you some other time and don’t forget to subscribe and click on that notification bell to be notified.