Okay, i think this is the bill. Okay, okay, anyway, i have to cut this it’s. Not that easy. You can see everything looks like tata, so they are using this avita magus box, just pasting, one sticker, avatar cosmos, two in one. This is windows. Logo is how the box looks. This is the seal pack, you can see the sale is compact. This is the description. Okay, let’s open it i’m. Just thinking do i need to actually break the seal or i can open it through this side. Also, it looks like i can open it, but it’s better to break the seal and open it like how normal person will do right. Okay, okay, so this is the tricky part. I think i have to just cut it out, so i don’t know what is this? This is kind of black box okay, so this is one more box inside the box design, keeping the things apart. There is a very thin soft cloth which is in covering this whole setup i’m. Slowly picking this up keeping it here – and this is the manual book – i guess yeah. Oh things are written in chinese. I hope there is some english instructions as well yeah. So there is instructions in english. Let me see what else comes in the box: there’s, nothing! There is some silica gel to keep the thing dry. Okay, what is this? Oh? So this is the international to national converter. Okay, so i think that will have an interactions with them.

We have to use the converter to convert it into our national fields and we can use it in india, so this video is getting recorded in india right now. So you can see these are the pins. I don’t know whether this is then or not it’s, showing me some structure. Do it like this okay, this is how it will be inserted. There is one button push to open it. I won’t recommend to open it. Let’S be done for one time. So this is the thin pin charger which we have given yeah. The wire length is not that great, but i will say, it’s decent. So if i just make it a one turn it’s a two meter length wire, you can see um. This was somewhere. I guess. Okay, let’s put these things aside: okay, one more quick thing is this part: it is having celery on n4000 uh, 1920 130 full display 1640 emmc is nothing but the flash storage, so it doesn’t have ssd or hdd, so it’s, just kind of have a memory card Kind of thing in build within itself, and that will be doing all the read write operations here. Okay, so i got it in the black color. I guess this was the only color available here. So keyboard has a very good uh. I won’t say this is an insulation, but this is very soft. Touch material has been applied over here, and this is really good to touch it’s kind of velvet treatment they have given.

Okay, let’s place it beautifully i’m keeping this cover aside, because in the future i may need it for carrying it somewhere else. So let me keep it here so, okay before that, i think i have seen in the videos that this one pops out. I hope that will happen, uh yeah, so this comes out uh. There is some number and all that’s fine here, i’m keeping it. This laptop is okay uh like two hands: long: okay, Music. Okay, so the angle is good. However, the bristles, which you can see is lot more. The thickness is lot more. I could have a thin bezel laptop instead of this, but the thing is good. So let me peel this off. First yep i’m. Keeping this aside, so you can see how the laptop looks. Okay, now i am taking out this soft cloth. They have given good touch for this price point. I never expected that i will get so many soft touch materials. Okay, so keyboard is not that great quality. Currently i’m using msi laptop for my programming and for my office works, but so i have like six laptops with me and keyboard is, i would say, the worst of all of them, but it’s okay, at least. I hope it will work. Keeping the price point in mind: i think there is somewhere power button here, yeah, so i guess this one this one. Let me long press it, okay yeah! So i can see the light has come this.

This is like the first time, but it is happening. I know this video is getting little longer but uh. I thought this one is necessary to show you. So this is how it looks like this is the unboxing and in my next video i will be showing you how this thing works and how is it performing and all, and is it really worth taking it or it’s, just a waste of 18 000 good money? We will be figuring that out most of the things are mentioned in chinese man, so okay that’s fine, so i think it will take some time couple of minutes. Oh okay, i have to do the setup and all those things. So i will meet you after that. Thank you hope. I hope you guys have enjoyed and let me know if you have any questions.