Now this product is uh from aki and it is an rgb gaming mouse pad – and this is an extended mouse pad here. So let’s go ahead and unbox and review all right, everybody, so uh. As you can see, this is the product right here. I did have to zoom out a little bit because i know that once i unfurl this uh, hopefully there won’t be any uh issues unfurling. This this time, it’s gon na, probably take up almost my whole table here. So let’s go ahead and unfurl this all right, so it did come with its own cable. There user manual and the warranty card let’s go ahead and flip this over and there we go so let’s go ahead and take the usb cable here and plug it in all right everybody. So here is the product it is plugged in now. The usb cable is a braided cable, which is a huge plus there. I don’t know if you can see this here, let’s go ahead and move the light a little bit like. I said it is braided, so that is a huge plus. It has less of a chance of getting frayed or even being destroyed, so it does have a longer lifespan there now. Another thing that i liked about here is that this cable is actually, i would say, almost or, if not over five feet in length. That is a huge plus there in case you need to run this cable uh behind your computer desk or if the the nearest usb port is far away.

So, like i said this, is it plugged in let’s go through the the different colors here? Okay, so now it has like a cycling through all the colors and we’re gon na go ahead and leave it back to blue. Since blue is my favorite color, so i’ll go ahead and turn off some of the lights here and we’ll see how this looks like uh. You know with some low light settings all right, so i turned off all my lights here, except for my computer monitor and from the mouse pad here. Just so, you can see some of the colors more clear let’s go ahead and cycle through the colors once again and there we are back to blue alright. So for some quick measurements here now this is the extended uh extra extra large rgb mouse pad. Now it does have a length of 35 inches and a width of around 15 inches. So a couple of things right off the bat that i really like about this product is that from unboxing it and unfurling it there are no bends or any bumps on this mouse pad at all i’ve owned some previous rgb mouse, pads here normal and extended. Unfortunately, most of them came with bends here along the led light strip that i had to try and bend back to its original position, as well as having uh random bumps here on the mat itself to where it was not sitting flat. As you can see here now, it sits perfectly flat and i know it’s a minor inconvenience.

You can always just put something heavy on the uh bumpy or unflattened part and just wait a couple days for it to flatten itself out. But you know, like i said, right off the bat. This came almost immaculate here, no bumps and no bends on the led light strips. Secondly, what i like about this product is, like i said earlier, it does come standard with a braided, usb cable. Now the braided usb cables do have a longer lifespan uh. It is uh pretty much impervious to fraying. Another plus here is that, like i said earlier, it is around five feet in length five feet couple inches. I would say so you know if you do have a usb port that’s, far away you’ll be able to reach you know, whatever port or whatever outlet you want to plug this into, so that pretty much wraps up. My unboxing and review of the aki extended rgb gaming mouse pad here now, if you like what you saw, please, you know go ahead like and subscribe uh that way i can go ahead and create more unboxing and reviewing content here for you all.