. Of course you want to be played at some point also record to make others happy with it or to do it yourself, listening to audio radio or anything else. that’s. Why we want to go to the the next videos will deal with recording our keyboards., yes, hello, and welcome to the tips and tricks about music with Rico.. How nice said in the next few videos we want to deal with the recording of our keyboards. There are many diverse possibilities. today we should first look at the internal possibilities on our keyboards and then in the next few weeks. I want to start a small series where we look at the whole thing in the DAW, in my case, in cubase., so let’s start first of all, with the internal options and then go straight to the keyboard. on. Is it going so and here at the keyboard? We want to take a look at the whole thing now. we have So here in this area, where we have our players, the recording button.. When we press, we come to the song recording menu and it is divided into one on the left page here in the midi recordings and on the right in our audio recordings.. The Midi recordings are recordings that we can make that we can edit at any time. So midi are pure tax data. that control our keyboard.. The keyboard is used here as a sound generator and audio. Of course, the finished song data are, then that we record so our ready made music can and, of course, these data can no longer be accessed.

The individual components dismantle but can then only be prettied up as a whole. want to start with the midi recording first. now here internally in the genos.. So now I press Quick recording. I’m getting into this now midiplayer or this recording function.. The recording flashes as I play now, wear or play on the keyboard my recording starts, so I now have my style in. It is ready for, recording and can now start playing on the keyboard., and so now I would have made my midi recording. We can listen briefly again.. We can of course, save the whole thing now so we say save I go to my working folder, so I want to save the whole thing here.. So now I have saved my midifile, the next variant we now here. We know, of course, to record an audio file., So we want now so we’re going to make an audio recording again in our recording this time in the area of audio and go to the quick recording there. Now. We can see that when we speak into the microphone A rash can be seen here and, of course, we now have to adjust everything accordingly. So now we level everything exactly just let our midi run for a short time. We can see that it is overdriving here.. So we have to go back with our level., So we see that we have about 55 here which we will now set as the next want.

When we start recording., We are now starting. Our recording here can now just sing something to the midi file, so we want to stop the whole thing now and just start listening to it, again. and so on.. So we see here from the level it is quite difficult that’s why i prefer recording on the pc, but we made an audio recording. If we now leave the recording area here, we can then open our hard drive go.. We give our player go in such a user memory and see here all the audio files that have now been recorded one after the other. So the title 30 here is the medley of the Bellamy Brothers.. I can, of course save it. Accordingly, I go to file rename rename and would now like to take that as a medley.. So now we had gotten to know some possibilities and recorded directly on the keyboard. the next time. We’Ll look at the whole thing in cubase., so i want a small series. Start in cubase, where we want to get to know the program from the beginning until we then at the very end, the final mix of our song, which we create there once complete, get ready.. Yes, if you liked this little video, I would of course ask about one Thumbs up. Please subscribe to my channel and see you next time.