This is the a top 80 t.o.p xt one now looking at the xt 1 and its controller you’ll see that it is very similar to a quadcopter that i reviewed recently the xpac, but there is one major difference and that’s why I considered reviewing it now: the Fans, tech x, pac had a fixed camera on the front that was angled downward um and it had a wasn’t a wide angled lens on that, and you get a nice close picture of the ground when you were flying it. This one has been improved folks. They have changed the camera. Now you got a swivel camera that you can move up or down 720p HD with a wide angled lens, so that should this should provide improved video as compared to the other one that I reviewed the other very similar one that I reviewed. In fact, they both use the same software, the app fort, the xpac app available on Google Play and iTunes. So you could tell these are both designed by the end product probably produced by the same company, which is probably a top and the other one is probably a rebranded version with a different camera. So what we’re going to see how this camera performs? Actually, in today’s flight let’s go over the quadcopter again, it is a. Let me put this on my landing pad. It is a folding quadcopter, as many are these days. I’M gon na have to stop these I’ve done so many of these, but let’s unfold it and see up, looks unfolded.

It does have that Mavic look to it. It really does, as you can see here. So if you’re looking for a maverick clone. This is another one of those clones of the Mavericks. Smaller lighter, cheaper, but don’t expect you know the same performances of a maverick as, of course, as this is a toy. You know this thing’s around 50 bucks. I believe so. Don’T expect to get the same performance. I’M, just always amazed people that you know quadcopter clone doesn’t perform the same as a Maddock. Of course it don’t it’s tight, so let’s go over. You know if you want to close the arms, you have to push this button forward to close them snap in place. When you open them, it does have a proprietary battery and a proprietary charger that you have it’s a little pin plug in charger. I don’t know about being proprietary, but there’s a charging port for it. So – and you put it in like so – and it snaps into place, let’s go over the controller. The controller is well labeled, very well, labeled all the buttons on it. So I didn’t really need to label this. This is take off automatic landing. These are trim buttons for pitch and roll this one here is emergency stuff or no. This is calibration. This is your onoff switch here, and these buttons here is: this is rate button. This is headless mode notice. There is no flip. You know button on this quadcopter, but you have camera and video and I’m not really sure if these work with this, since this is the Wi Fi version, there is no micro SD card slot that I could find so this one records directly to your phone via Wi Fi I’m, looking here and I’m, not seeing any micro SD card slot.

So you know I was wondering if there would be one. Let me look under here just to make sure but can’t remember if the other one had a micro SD card slot or not, but this wouldn’t does not have one, so it records directly to your phone, maybe that’s, why the price is so inexpensive on this one And that’s about it: okay, let’s, do a quick turn on of this quadcopter and short flight first thing: I want to check and we have the snow geese going over, but I’m not going to bother them. Don’T worry folks. First thing I want to check is to do an automatic takeoff. Let’S see. Do I got the quadcopter turned on. Probably you know I hold on my captors turned on. Do I need that struck the boat? I guess I got to start the motors first and then do the automatic takeoff and then turning off the boat. The transmitter transmitter off thousand 1000 2000. 3000. 4000. 5000. 6000. 700 descend to a landing when it loses reception of the transmitter. So but it is a slow descent, so you don’t want to go too high or too far away and you do go high. You want to go into the wind, the wind’s coming from that direction today, so I’m, probably going to be keeping it up. That way. When I do go high wait, why do I do that? Well, if you fly out of range of this transmitter and if you flying upwind, it should fly back toward you so that’s.

Why you do it and hopefully, it’ll come back into the range of your transmitter? So I’m going to restart this and we’re going to fire up the app and see how it flies. So you hope I hope you enjoy the second portion of this flight. Okay, this is expat Wi, Fi drone app. Now this thing plays a song, while your Wow it’s on I had to turn off that song, because the last video I did with this app, I lost rights to the ads to Google Adsense. So I got the sound turn off. We are not going to play that song today. Sorry folks, besides it’s doing one thing like, though I want to show you this there’s a game, it comes with this that’s PvE and you get these little helicopters coming at you that you can shoot. You really can’t fly the quadcopter and do this at the same time. So this is just a game to play while you’re sitting at home, so it’s. Nothing, really! You know it’s just an extra feature of this particular app, but we’re going to come out of that and yes, I want to exit and again we are back in the portion of the app where we can select fly and hitting fly and we want to first Thing I want to try. Does this take pictures if I press the buttons on the controller looked like it did, does it take stock video by pressing the video button? Yes, it does so these are connected to the app that’s good.

A lot of apps don’t. Do that, but this one is – and I can see I’m recording so I’m going to start the motors by down and up doing Auto. Also, I want to select headless mode and this mode selected automatic takeoff, my wife and dog, coming toward me here and I’m, going to turn the quadcopter toward me and say hey sure today, folks yeah, this is a nice, stable, quadcopter. Look at this thing going up a little bit higher right. There, I’m just walking slowly with it. I like that wide angle lens it looks. It gives lots of a very good view. Okay, stop it there and I’m gon na come out of a headless mode now, which is the button to do that headless mode, and this mode is gone. We should be normal mode now. No, I am gon na go since the wind’s coming from that direction. Let’S go upwind a bit and take it up I’m, going just try to stay upwind, actually, I’m gon na get right under dit and once we’re up there right about there. The wind’s coming this way now, okay, so let’s go up this way. The counter of the wind I’m going there plop it there and do a rotate showing the area showing there yeah yeah. This one seems to be better than the I got ta go this way, folks being blown a brat by the wind, then the other one, and I reviewed that’s similar to this.

I like this camera, it looks cool, but it still has that on off on and off the thing here see that flicker. I had that same problem, or I saw that same issue when I was flying over at the pinnacles trona pinnacles with this. So unfortunately, it’s got that but let’s bring it down close again sure if that happens and bright, lighter or you know, or on a cloudy day, that’ll still happen too. Let’S turn off the camera for a second, which is the video I’ve tried to press that button, and it looks like the app crashed there. So I’m gon na bring it in for a second and reconnect the app, and I want to see how hard it is to reconnect the app let’s. Do it automatic landing not hard at all, do an automatic landing. What so let’s do an audit or take off starting motors, and this time I want to increase the rates. We’Ve got third rate, let’s see how good of a flyer. It is reasonably good fire. Actually, nice flyer, but the other one was also so you know what they need to do. You only think I don’t like about it right now. Is the flickering camera I’m not sure why it flickers flickers, like the other one, did the other one flickered too, and it doesn’t reconnect. If you lose connection, how am i doing? I got connections here? Let me stop the video. While I still got it going and starting the video once more to make sure I don’t lose any video yeah, okay, so it’s a good flyer for the remainder of the flight, that’s yeah let’s, take it up wind flop, it up win a bit turn it around.

Let the wind blow up by me turning it toward me, turning it toward me. This is a nice shirt up. I like this shirt. Okay cover your ad when you’re out that way going up I’m just gon na stay close, because I don’t want the app to lose that app connection again now, the other one that I reviewed as the battery got weak you, the app would crash the Wi Fi. Would crash, I don’t know how well, if this that’s the same thing but will plop it there again when blowing it by a wind blowing it by without wide angle, lens there’s, a wide angled lens video camera, making sure I got the videos starting the video one. More time, videos recording it is a good flier. This could be tuned into an ice collector if they would fix the flicker and probably use a better app than this Wi Fi expect app does when it crashes you can’t reconnect. Oh I like that flyer. No flip button. You wish I had a flip button of their a top that’s good finals done it I’m amazed. It still connected its its Wi. Fi, actually has very little lag, let’s see if I can go down between these trees right between the trees because I’m. Looking here, it’s Wi Fi is very little lag. Just got that camera flicker trying to go between the trees, let’s see if I can fly between, I actually can do it.

I think. Oh, oh, oh, got a little bit lag there, but I did it. You know. No hesitancy at all to try to do it. Come back to me. Come back to me, got a haircut there. Look at it discreet! Let’S, hit that record button again catch that video start dude back up again, but yeah. Look at that flicker! Oh there we go that’s its flight time, folks, so that’s in that flight. Stop in the video, so cool, looking quadcopter looks like a mavica. It flies very well. I like that wide angle lens and the image quality looks good it’s just did it flickers. I don’t know how they, if they can fix that or not the xpac. This app does not reconnect automatically. Even if you do hit your Wi Fi connection to the quadcopter, you have to reboot the quadcopter if you do lose Wi Fi connection, but other than that you know it’s an excellent flyer. So let me turn it around here.