You can also record what you are going to do with your HDMI and USBC inputs. You can also live stream, make some live stream directly on Wi, Fi or Internet connection. We will see that you will have a lot of things in the package and for uh fourth solution: the fourth solution: you can also make a live stream directly on your computer on OBS, for example, or you can just use it like a webcam with the USBC Output with application, like Zoom teams, um Skype whatever, so you can also mix some audio and videos and put it directly on your computer and everything on the device will be the same on your application or on your live stream. You will see you can put some pictures, some logos, some lower third, some overlays. You can also put some picture in picture between the HDMI and USBC input, so everything you will do on the zato connect will be on your live stream or on your application. Like Zoom, your teams Etc, so you can show you can show something to your community on live stream or you can show something with two cameras for a person, a little group on Zoom or gyms, its pretty pretty cool and everything with not so expensive price. You know 400 euros for all of that, its very, very its very, very cheap, its very, not expensive. I dont know the the right term so lets see what we have in the box and lets see the connection of the zato connect, so that will connect can be plugged with a power supply with the USB here.

So but you have to have a more than 20 watt, adapter or 20 watt power bank. You need that, if, if not, it will not open, it will not power on you know or you can also use, but its not included, but you will have um in in your favorite um shop. You can have it an AP November Papa NP battery, and you can you see you just have to put it like that you clip and disengage with that and click like that, so battery or power cable directly. Here we talk about units to power, your zato connector. So lets talk about battery life, so I tested with a NP battery 7.4 volt 6600 milliampere hour for 48.8 watch ER and with this battery I add little more than seven hours with first the live stream and second recording on the SD card. At the same time. So lets say: if you put some picture on pictures on Lower effort, Etc, you will have more or less five or six hours, I think, but seven hours more of a set of seven hours with live streaming, recording at the same time its pretty cool with those Batteries so what we have the USBC, of course you will have two antennas because you can stream. With your alternate connection, you will see you will have an adapter and its pretty cool, because you can also use it with your computer if you dont have internet connection on your computer, so you have two antennas and I will show you, but I will not need That in the video, because I will go to the internet connection, you add the little screw like that.

So two antennas, you will have little thing like that to put if you dont use the antennas here, you have the ethernet USBC adapter its inside its pretty cool. You can use it on your computer use it on the, and I will show you on this video. With this adapter. You have little stickers, you have a quick start guide with a QA code. You will have little pocket to put your antennas inside and you will have a pocket to you to put the device inside to transport it and a little sleeve I dont, I dont know the word in English yeah sleeve yeah. You know to clean your screen and I think its done lets see the connection so on the back. You will have the place for the battery, of course, so you can have little one bigger one Etc. But you have to take in your mind that you will have less time or more time after you will have two USBC Port here. The first one is to use a webcam or a camera with you know a little adapter for HDMI USB. You see in this video. I will show you that, with this cable and a little USB a to USBC adapter and it works, so it works sorry. So first USB C, second USBC USB 2 is for um multiple function. You can plug your device like that. Ethernet connection for return connection, you can also put it directly on your computer on USBC to USB a or USBC to USBC and make the device like a webcam into your OBS or into your Zoom, Etc the power adapter.

Of course you have on the right. You have two HDMI input and output. The output will be the same thing as you will see on the screen. If you put a camera you with your camera, two cameras with picture and picture, you will see two cameras and if you put some logos, Etc, you will see that too and at the end, little screw here to put on your dsll camera, Etc or just on The on the foot and, of course inside you will have a little option, allow you to. If you put like that invert it you can invert on the screen. So we were on the back lets see on the side this side. First, the left side. You will have the mic line: input with the Jack little small, the smaller Jack, the you will see on the mixer pad. You have a lot of settings, so its pretty cool, the audio part is cool after you will have headphones output and remote to. Maybe it will record something but youre not just front your unit power button SD card. Allow you to have some pictures some lower third whatever, and to recall your um, your picture so lets put everything um. I will choose to take the power adapter, not the battery. The battery is just here to put like this and being you know like that: okay, Im, not putting the video camera my LGB link first, because I want to show you the screen.

When you have nothing, I will put my little camera with the adapter by GoPro and at the end, the ethernet adapter, because the video will be with this. So I will open it and you will see you have. The same screen has an over ninja an over assassin, whatever on your um on your zato connect the same thing and you will see it, it will appear, it will appear that there is not senior if Im, not plugging the camera. Of course – and you see no input so lets put something my LG building camera and voila so on the screen. First, you will have this little menu here. Allow you to flip left right, flip up and down uh the zoom. If you want to see if your focus focus everywhere, little green, the video format, etc, etc, you can of course, record, like I said, on the SD card on the side, so you can record like this or lets see if Im yeah Im. Okay, like that, so you can record your video or you can play an over Im Im saying that without any connections you know without Wi Fi without internet, just when you take it from his book its box, so you can play to a video. You recorded another time you see like that. Lets go to record and you have little picture here and icon here. Allow you to um, put some a clear view or not, and here is some option we will see after the setting part.

So you see here live is gray because I have no connection and the link between the website and the device is not done, but you will see it will be white first, after a little like, yellow and red when you are live so lets go to the Setting mode, so I hope, is the input in the output so input output audio is the mixer. I told you, so you can arrange the gain. You see pretty cool, you can mute them. If you want so now, Im talking with the GoPro, you see there is some sound on the GoPro. So if I you have your master here, if I mute and talk you will have gray meters, but not green meters. So you mute your camera. If you want or your line in extra so for the mic line, you can choose if you have a mic input or line input here – and you have your master output here so mixer part pretty cool Network. We will see after connect to overlays, so it could be picture it could be pitch on picture with an over camera lets see just first with a little picture. I will put my logo straight on the middle to show you, but of course you have to take your logo on the top right or something like that or top left. So lets choose one. First, slot logo double tap proceed. Okay, I will put another. You will see you can put several picture on the same time.

Browse file test proceed, yes layout, so here you can choose up to four presets and you can apply when you want so first lets see with just my logo, maybe on the middle just to show you so logo save after lets. Lets put my logo on the top um logo on the top and the I have an over picture to test something on the middle lets, save it, but I dont apply now because it will appear on the screen. So I dont want that right now and at the end lets do just the test. Icon save and now I can apply you see. I have three and the fourth is not um its not on the go. You know so, first one I have just my logo on the middle, just to show you that I can put a logo, but of course it will be on the top right on the second slot. You see second memory. I have testing on the middle and my logo, you cant see this but its on the USB. You know just behind Okay and for just testing, so I can put first Etc, but I can put three picture or four picture directly inside one preset after you will have picture and picture. So I you can engage different inputs, but I prefer making this here so lets see here, so you can have a picture with an SD card, so you can choose a video directly on the SD card, so lets see maybe on the top.

No on the bottom left here, SD card, you choose the video and you have it here so lets see you can have bigger one smaller one and you can put it where you want. Okay and you can put it in a loop in the loop. So it will never end after the USB corresponding to my GoPro, oh lets, because you have little things like that. Okay, so I can put it here here, whatever little one bigger one where I want and its done so overlays with picture lower. Third, whatever what you want, you have to um you have to construct, you have to make them directly on Photoshop or pixel matter or whatever and after secondary. You have picture and picture everything you saw this here. You will have on the HDMI out on your live stream, Etc. Without all the description here, you have a clear, HDMI and live stream output. Of course, lets see the next Network part, so ethernet connection on lets, wait for the IP address and after we will watch how to connect your device. Oh hes, you know its better with the cable la la la better, with a cable, so lets wait. The real IP address – I I just said it into my mind, but why there is no connection yeah IP address, okay, so after connect, so network is okay but atomos Cloud not so lets pair. You will have little uh little things like that. To put it on your computer, next lets say: review for the name: okay and after you have just so.

The connection will be okay. Now and after you have just to take. Your YouTube account YouTube stream, key Facebook stream, key twitch whatever so lets see twitch. For example, so copy return to the cloud twitch lets put T like twitch copy past done, and now you have a live White live because its ready, it is ready to to stream. So lets see a little picture in picture, for example on number but um and bigger, so lets suppose that Im making a demonstration on this device. So I have my main view with my face and the second view with my little GoPro like that and after lets push oh lets, connect to the video like that, go to the main Channel, okay and push you will be on red and on Twitch it will Appear and Im live directly here. Everything is going, the picture is not fine, but if I click on it yeah I I have that. So everything is okay and you have a great picture on everything you say on the you you done, you have done on the zato connect. Lets push live like that and reduce this okay, like that, well its just that um on the zato connect its easy. Like that you have just to plug your cameras, you can make picture and picture you go to recording you go to live stream or you go directly on your favorite app like uh, Zoom or teams, and you can have your community or a group, and you can Show everything on the zato connect just with the webcam or camera or your phone.

If you want, if you take an iPhone, for example, with filmic Pro, you can have a clean, HDMI output directly on your zato connect. So if you have any questions about this product feel free to ask under the video in the comment section. Thank you for watching this video. I hope you like it and see you next content.